Aunt Agga Issue #94



 I need help for improving my health. I noticed that I get sick easily – with minor illnesses such as colds and sore-throats, and I often feel very weak. I think it is because I have been working the “graveyard shift” for almost six years now in a call centre. Please advise me how feng shui can improve my health… and how I can find a new job where I work in the daytime. My birthday is Jan 18,1980, male. 12:04pm is my birth time. Thanks a lot for your help.


Your work is definitely a source of your illness. When you don’t have enough exposure to the SUN’s energy, the source of ultimate YANG energy, you can succumb to illness. Start by activating the East location of the home which represents Health. Place plenty of healthy plants there and a Wu Lou next to your work table and your bed to absorb illness energies. Your Kua number is Number 3, so face North while working and when sleeping as this is your Health direction. This will bring the “Doctor from Heaven” into your life, giving your energy a boost.

It is also a good idea to wear the Medicine Buddha Watch to bring healing energy. Medicine Buddha is also very powerful for helping those who want to find jobs… so look at the watch daily and ask Medicine Buddha for help in finding a job and blow into the watch. The moving mantras inside the watch will carry your wishes to the Medicine Buddha.

In addition to this, visualise yourself walking into the sun each day when you first wake up. Let the powerful rays of the sun (in your mind) enter your crown and fill your body completely. This is a powerful method of bringing the Sun’s energy into your chakras.


QWhat do peacocks represent in Feng Shui? For some reason, I am attracted to these images and have started to collect them. Is it okay to have more than one image in my living room area?


Peacocks are incredibly EXCELLENT feng shui especially for the year 2012! The Peacock which resembles the celestial Phoenix, also represents the bird, which in the Astrological Wheel is shown as the Rooster! Among all twelve animal signs, it is the Rooster that is the most fortunate this year, as the Star of Prosperity comes from the Rooster direction in the West. Hence, having a Peacock in the West is very auspicious, and yes, you can have more than one in your home.

From a Buddhist perspective, the Peacock actually represents the powerful energies of the SUN. Buddhists have come to revere the Peacock not only as an auspicious symbol, but also a powerful guardian who fulfils wishes… you can find many images of Buddhas such as Kuan Yin, Chenrezig and Mahamayuri who ride on the Peacock. In Hinduism, Lord Murugan is also depicted riding on the Peacock.

In Burma, you will find in every pagoda a special shrine where the Wish Fulfilling Granting Buddha sits, and each is flanked by the Peacock and the Rabbit as its chief emblems. Burmese people who have a special wish will often visit these shrines, bringing offerings as a homage to the Wish Buddha and these two animals. Hence the Peacock and the Rabbit bring the solar and lunar energies required for wishes to come true. So my dear, what you can do now is to invite a WHITE RABBIT into your home and place it in the East. When both the Peacock and the White Rabbit are present in your home, it causes wish fulfilling luck to manifest.


QDear Aunt Agga, I live in Paris and my house is missing the Southeast WEALTH corner. My husband is a Wood Boar and his Employer has not paid him a salary for ONE year. Is there a way to make him pay? Also, my husband’s son borrowed a lot of money from us years ago, but is in no hurry to pay back. We have chased him for the money but to no avail! Can feng shui help?


AMy dear Parisian friend, the first thing your husband should do is to find a new employer! The second thing he should do is to GIVE HIS SON and the EMPLOYER the money. Don’t ask for it back anymore. You see, the Boar has the number 7 star in 2012, which brings cheating energy… and what has happened to your husband is a result of some past karma with others.

To end this karma right here so that it does not reverberate back, he has to change his mindset immediately. He should think that since he has already been cheated, the luck of the Number 7 has already ripened and so it is finished! And then, transform this event into something even more positive by thinking “I give the money to you generously” and this creates the karma of money to flow back into your lives. This is very powerful way to send the universe the right messages… so you must start changing your thinking now!

In the meanwhile, let’s tackle your Southeast problem. Strengthen the Southeast of your living room by placing a Water Aquarium there. Rearrange your living and study room so that your husband faces his Sheng Chi direction. This is his Success direction which brings prosperity. The Wealth star is in the West this year, so you must activate it with a Dragon Water Feature. Also activate the career corner in the North with a water feature! It is also a good idea to chant Tara’s Mantra “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha” 108 times each day and dedicate it to bringing good income and a better job. Tara helps everyone in need!


QDear Aunt Agga! Please help me! My boyfriend just broke up with me after two years together. He is a Snake and I am an Ox. Astrologically, we should be the perfect pair! But I am trying to save our relationship and he is not giving me a chance, and I feel that he thinks I’m being over-bearing and this is pushing him away. I have tried placing mandarin ducks in the SW corner of my bedroom, photos of us, couples, etc. I’ve even placed a wishfulfilling bird facing in…. but nothing seems to be working! Please help me, I hope it is not too late!


My dearest Ox friend… this is a year where relationships for everyone is problematic. The presence of the External Flower of Romance in this year’s chart fuels infidelity… and for you personally, the Ox is sitting on the Yearly Conflict Star! Your boyfriend unfortunately is also going through a bad patch, as the Snake is being afflicted by the Five Yellow, making him feel very low and aggravated, so he is probably in no mood for any romance. Hence the feng shui of the year is not favouring your relationship this year.

My advice is to start by suppressing these difficult stars in your home. Place the Five Element Pagoda in the Southeast and also place the Flaming Crystal Ball in the Northeast 1. Remember that the Southwest also has conflict stars and this brings problems with all relationships in 2012… so please ensure that your Southwest lights are turned on and that you place the Red Omani Crystal Ball there. Having said all this… I do want to tell you that the Ox has much better luck than the Snake this year, and if your boyfriend does not appreciate you and cherish you, then I feel that your feng shui is perhaps helping you find someone more suitable for you.

Even though the Snake and Ox have a natural attraction, he might actually not be the one. The Ox is someone of very steady character, so don’t sell yourself short…. My advice is to save yourself for someone who truly loves you and will cherish you. Singles have much better luck at love this year, so perhaps you should let it be… and let someone new and more worthy enter your life! Love Aunt Agga!