Aunt Agga Issue #163


QMy close friend recently underwent surgery and chemo for lung cancer. I was reading Lillian’s old book about using the rice cooker to tap his Tien Yi direction. He was born in 1959 and his Tien Yi is West. The problem is that rice cookers nowadays don’t have the same sites for pressing the cooker on as the wire that brings in the power. I don’t understand how to position his Tien Yi direction. Is it the one with the ON button facing West or the wire that brings in source of energy that needs to face West? I don’t want to make his illness worse by not being sure how to do it. Many thanks.

A So sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he is doing OK. To position his rice cooker correctly, it is the energy source that is important. So the direction of the wall with the powerpoint (when you stand looking at the wall) should be to your West. So that the energy that is drawn from the powerpoint to cook the rice comes from the West. You can also position his bed with head pointed to the West to tap his Tien Yi sleeping direction.

It is greatly beneficial to call on the help on Medicine Buddha. He is the Buddha who has made a vow to help all who call upon him when severely ill. Your friend can invite him into the home, better yet to learn up his mantra and recite regularly:



Q What direction should I place items to attract love, happiness, joy, protection, fortune and so on?

A Good fortune symbols placed anywhere within the home attract the kind of energy they exude, so there is no “wrong” placement of any enhancer items.

But different sectors bring different kinds of luck depending on the influence of the visiting stars. The most acutely felt energies are those brought by annual flying stars, which is why at the start of each year, it is important to be mindful where the different stars have flown, to fix unlucky stars, and to activate good fortune bringing ones.

So a quick answer to your question – To activate for love this year, place love energizers in the North. For general happiness, place wealth energisers in the center sector of the home. For protection, wear sacred syllables of carry the 15 Hums Protection Wheel. Place cures for the #7 star in the SE and for the #5 star in the SW. Good luck!


QI recently moved my son’s piano from his bedroom (NW) to the living room located near the main door (after the shoe cabinet, facing the South wall). Kindly advise.

A Pianos anywhere in the home create fabulous yang energy and are just so wonderful. BUT, this year in 2019, the South sector plays host to the #3 Quarrelsome Star, and so too much noise and activity here will cause disharmony within the household. If the piano gets played regularly, and you are finding family members fighting with either each other or with others more frequently than usual, it may be a good idea to move the piano out of the South, just for this year.

Good sectors for the piano in 2019 would be East, North, the Center or West.

It is also beneficial for the piano to be positioned such that when your son sits at the piano to play, he is facing one of the four directions that are lucky for him. (Check what these are by finding out his KUA number). This will bring him much success in his piano studies and help him make beautiful music.


QI sit next to my co-worker who got hired a year ago. Everybody is blaming me for everything since she got hired. I can’t quit because I am too old to look for another job. It feels like she put a curse on me to be hated by everyone. Please help! It’s draining my energy every day at work! Thank you.

A Office politics is probably the most unpleasant thing to have to endure. Your best bet is to arm yourself against projectiles of this kind by firstly getting yourself a robust Rooster and placing on your work desk – this removes the harmful element of the gossip. Secondly, don’t play into this co-worker’s hands; make your own allies in the office.

While it is never nice to have to get pulled into someone else’s office intrigues, when you become the target, you have to fight back! The Luohan with Crab is an excellent symbol to display for this purpose.

You can also get yourself Red Tara’s Home Protection Amulet – carry in your bag or place on your desk. Having Red Tara’s support wins you friends and allies and improves relationships with all you interact with. Don’t let a new kid on the block make you lose your shine; work hard to get it back!


QI am a local college student studying for my Diploma in Accounting. I am looking forward to further my degree studies in Australia next year, but my financial situation is not strong enough to support me in my tertiary education. I really hope I have an opportunity to study overseas. My animal sign is Dragon, born in year 2000.

A Good luck in your studies. I strongly believe that if one wants something badly enough, is prepared to work for it, and stays very, very focused, one can achieve just about anything. Luck plays a factor but first you have to put in the hard work. For a student – make sure your results are stellar, then spend time and effort looking for possible scholarships to apply for. You already know your family cannot afford an overseas education for you, so you have to work to find the funds yourself.

Get yourself a wealth amulet, or the Sage on Tiger, who represents scholastic accolades but also honours and scholarship. Wishing you all the best.


QAs long as I have been working, I have not had enough money for a decent life. I do not look for millions, only to live on my wages, and they are miserable. What can I do to improve my money luck and get more money? I am born 23rd Sept 1965.Thanks in advance!

A You’re a Wood Snake, and unfortunately for the Snake, this is a challenging year. You play host to the Loss Star in your sector, so money luck gets afflicted. You can carry the Good Fortune Lock Amulet to mitigate losses, but if you have dreams to make big money, it is unlikely to be anytime this year. Things improve in 2020 when better flying stars arrive for you.

This year the advice would be – work at making connections and widening your network. Opportunities open up next year but you can start laying the groundwork now.

Don’t fall for get-rich-quick schemes or be tempted to leave a stable job for a higher-paying unstable one. Your luck will not hold, and you could end up losing a lot more than you gain.

To boost money luck, get yourself the Wealth Bull. The bull is your astrological ally, and this sacred bull will help you make smart decisions for your financial well-being and future.