Aunt Agga Issue #63



I understand that sleeping under a beam brings bad energy, but what if the beam is covered up with a ceiling? Are there any remedies to rectify this?


Generally, what you can’t see can’t hurt you; so overhead beams that are covered up are not as harmful as those in plain view. But if you are living in a high-rise apartment and sleep beneath a structural beam, and your apartment is located on a low floor, imagine the number of beams (multiplied by the number of floors above you) pressing down on you each night as you sleep. If you are experiencing headaches or sleepless nights, and you know for a fact you are sleeping under a beam, try to move your bed so you are no longer in direct line of fire, and see if that helps.


QWe met a feng shui master in Shanghai and were told that we should not put lions in the house. I have placed our lions on the landing of my staircase overlooking the main door. According to the feng shui master, it is bad luck to keep the lions in the house. What is your opinion on this?


Generally it is not advisable to keep wild animals in the house. Fierce animals, and lions in particular, are better used as protectors outside the house than inside. I don’t know if you mean actual lions, or Fu Dogs. Protector Fu Dogs can be placed just inside the home looking outwards in a protective stance, but they are more effective if they are displayed outside. Make sure the male Fu Dog is on the left and the female Fu Dog is on the right of the door (inside looking out) for them to be most effective.


QI’ve been wearing my ammonite stone for months, and lately it has turned very greenish (shiny green). When I bought it, it was not like this, until lately I have been observing it and the green part is getting brighter. Is this a good or bad sign? What does the colour mean?


It is a good sign! When an ammonite stone changes colour to green, it is said to bring good luck to the wearer. It is difficult for the fossil to change colour unless the wearer has the luck for this to happen. The colour change means you have excellent affinity with the ammonite and it is bringing growth energy for you in all aspects of your life.


QIs it true that placing a blue ribbon on the tip of the mouth of my wooden turtle brings good health and money? The turtle is facing the front entrance of my apartment.


The turtle is regarded as an auspicious creature as it symbolizes stability, support and longevity. It is fine to display the turtle near your entrance, although the best place for the turtle is behind you, as then it would bring you strong support. As for the blue ribbon, I have not heard of this before, but it is common to see a turtle figurine depicted with an I-Ching coin in the mouth, to symbolize ushering in wealth luck for the family.


QI bought a few amulets as advised in Fortune and Feng Shui 2006 for the Rat, Ox and Sheep. I have a few questions. Can I remove the black string that comes with the dragon citrine pendant and wear it with a gold or only silver chain? Do I wear the pendant 24 hours a day or only when I go out to work? As for my son’s coin dragon amulet, can he keep it in his front trouser pocket or in a pouch in his shirt pocket?

ASure, you can wear your amulets any way you like. In fact, wearing gold or silver this year is very beneficial, as it will help suppress the quarrelsome energies of the year. You can wear your amulet as much as you like, but it is not imperative you keep it on all the time. Just when you go out will do. If you do not like to wear things around your neck, keeping the amulet in your wallet, purse or bag is also fine.


QI’m in love with a guy, but this guy doesn’t love me at all and just has sex with me for fun! How can I have his love?

AIf you’re adamant about pursuing your love with this guy, the good news is feng shui can help. You can create marriage luck in your life by using your Peach Blossom Animal, thereby getting the guy to want to commit. You can use mandarin ducks , crystal swans and red glitter lamps in the SW, the relationship corner. All this will help make your love life more stable. But then why would you want to stay with a guy who doesn’t love you for who you are? The golden rule for any girl looking for a husband is to look for a guy who loves her more or at least as much as she loves him. If that’s not the case with this guy, and worse, you say he is using you for sex, then my advice is to drop him. There are many more and better fish in the sea.


QI have a small water feature with water flowing downwards on steps of rock design. It is placed in the Northwest direction. Is it in a good location and is it good for the family?



The Northwest sector is governed by the element of METAL, so water in this sector exhausts the energy of the sector. The Northwest is thus not the best place for a water feature UNLESS your water star 8 is located here. The location of your wealth star (water star 8) depends on the natal chart of your home. You can obtain your natal chart by taking the facing direction of your house using a compass, and looking up the relevant chart in Lillian Too’s Flying Star Feng Shui for Period 8 . The safest sectors for water features inside the home are the North, SE and East sectors.


QRecently I found some birds building their nest on the ledge of one of the empty rooms of our house. My husband loves animals so he asks me to not disturb the birds. However, I find it dirty because it looks ugly. Is it a good sign for a house to have a bird’s nest?

AYour husband is right; you should not disturb the birds. Birds symbolize new opportunities coming to you, and by removing the birds and preventing them from nesting there, it is like kicking new opportunities that come to you in the face. Leave them be if they are not causing you any harm. Birds will only nest in homes where they feel secure; by building their nest in your home, they are placing trust in your family, so please do not break that trust. Instead, rejoice as this is indeed a good omen for you!


QGreetings! I’m a female Fire Dragon (East Kua 9). I understand that Southeast is the Dragon’s direction, but in 2006, the illness chi is flowing from this direction as well.

AThus, my questions:

1.) What should I do to get the best of the Dragon’s direction and to ward off the illness chi at the same time? The SE corner of my house is at a corner of my living room.
Hang a 6-rod windchime in your Dragon direction of SE, but also place a Pi Yao to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter in the opposite direction. In the SE, place a small water feature to prevent the Dragon from being thirsty and also to keep the Dragon strong.

2.) Is it better to place the water fountain at the SE corner than at the SW corner? Will it mistakenly accentuate the illness chi if it is placed at the SE corner?
Water in both SE and SW are excellent. No, you will not be activating the illness star, as the illness star is an earth star. Water in the SE brings good health to the Dragon and water in the SW brings wealth as it is activating the indirect spirit of the period of 8.

3.) My cousin is a male Fire Dragon (West Kua 6) and he is occupying a room at the NW corner of the house. He sleeps facing East. Is it better to relocate him to another room, which is at the East side?
It is fine for your cousin because although the NW is the place of the Dog, it is also the place of the patriarch. And assuming he is the patriarch, this should be OK. Also, his KUA indicates that NW is a good direction for him.


QWhen you want to determine which direction your main door faces, must you look at the sector where your door is situated i.e. in the NW sector, or look at the direction your door is facing i.e. facing North?

AThe facing direction of your door should be taken standing just inside the door looking outwards. This determines whether the door is good for you personally and this depends on your personal Kua number. However, if you are taking directions to calculate the Flying Star natal chart of your house, you need to take not the facing direction of your door, but of the whole building. Some houses are built with the main door NOT facing the same direction as the building. When undertaking Flying Star analysis, it is important to get the facing direction of your house correct if you want an accurate analysis.