Aunt Agga Issue #158


Q When choosing colours for house exteriors, are there any recommendations based on a house’s facing direction? My house faces NE and my Kua number is 8. The house is very old but sits in an auspicious spot on a small hill, with no apparent poison arrows around. The house is currently yellow, which is dull, and I want to refresh it. I feel like keeping it a tasteful, cheerful yellow; or should I change it completely to a blue or white?

A No. The best colours for houses are the Earth colours. Any colour that suggests Earth is wonderful. So your house has a good colour. You can just revitalize it with a fresh coat of paint.


Q My youngest brother keeps getting subjected to black magic and bad spirits. He is kind-hearted, hardworking, liked by his superiors, and does not talk too much or gossip. He likes to help others and to befriend people, but he is not good at distinguishing between good and bad company. I see him as a loyal friend, and try to advise him to be careful who gets too close to. What can we as a family do to protect him from bad vibes from bad company? His animal sign is Rooster.

A The best protection is for him to wear an Amulet. Any kind of sacred amulet blessed by a High Lama or Temple will work. Even if it is not blessed, if the amulet is given to him by an older person with good intentions, it is extremely powerful.

You as his older sibling can buy him an amulet and give it to him with sincere thoughts. Or you can get something for him from a High Lama.

If you don’t have a High Lama, priest or similar person, what you can do is to offer incense. I offer incense every day to the local spirits that protect my house. Call on the local spirits to protect him. The offering of incense is one of the most powerful rituals.


Q Is it OK if my main door is facing a mosque and I live on the 4th floor?

A When you face a mosque, a church, a temple… all the yin energy from such places of worship will come your way. The Chinese in the old days used to put the Pa Kua amulet, to reflect back to yin energies. Churches and mosques are “yin” places – yin is “other worldly”. And that’s why I prefer not to live in front of sacred places. It’s like you’re confronting the sacred place. Much better to put your entrance facing another direction. So if you want to be protected by these sacred places, rather than confront the sacred place.


Q What does it mean to dream of being in a church? What does it mean to dream of being in a toilet? I have these dreams from time to time. Is it good? If bad, what can I do using feng shui? Thank you. God bless WOFS.

A I actually don’t believe in prophetic dreams. To me, when you dream of anything, good or bad, it is merely a reflection of your subconscious state. So I do not assign much prophetic meaning to dreams. As to whether a dream is good or bad, some people they say the meaning is the opposite. I also do not believe that. I think a dream merely reflects your state of mind. If your state of mind is happy, you will dream happy dreams. If your state of mind is worried, you will have dreams that tend to disturb you. They are simply a reflection of your subconscious.



Q I am an avid follow of Lillian Too and have been practising Feng Shui as much as I am able for many years now. I sit facing my best direction at work plus my house is facing an auspicious direction too. Both my wife and I are Rabbits and our Kua numbers are 7 & 8 respectively. We have two boys and live a happy life. Our only big gripe is having tight cash-flow every month even though both of us earn well. As much as we save, it flows out as unexpected expenses month after month. Hoping you can advise on better cash flow, and perhaps on how to earn a bigger income. Thank you.

A Everyone has the same problem these days. The cost of living has gone up. We are living through hard times. But from the sound of it, you are coping very well. Take comfort from the fact that your health is good, and that you have enough money at least to keep on living. These days, because of the bigger feng shui of the country, everyone is suffering and everyone has to cope with tighter cash flows and having cash flow problems.

I would suggest that for the coming year, wear plenty of red, because red represents wealth next year (2019). And every year, look at what represents wealth luck, and emphasise that colour.

If you can, pick up one of Lillian Too’s Feng Shui books, and look for three wealth rituals. 1) Have a Wealth Vase, 2) Have a wealth ship, 3) Wear the wealth colour, 4) Display the wealth element, 5) Create a mountain of gold outside your house by painting a few rocks gold.


Q There is a shared rubbish bin placed about 5 metres directly in front of my front door. I stay on the ground floor of a condo. How can I effectively block any bad chi?

A The best thing you can do is to block it from your view. What you don’t see does not affect you. So plant some plants, or place some potted plants in front of the trash can so you cannot see it from your front door.