Aunt Agga Issue #162


Q What’s 5 Yellow and 3 Killings? How do I counter the misfortune stars? What NOT to do to avoid it?

A The Five Yellow and Three Killings are feng shui afflictions that need to be addressed as a matter of course – otherwise they have the ability to wreak all kinds of havoc in your life. These afflictions change location each year, which is why at the start of every year it is so important to update one’s feng shui.

In 2019, the Five Yellow flies to the SW and you need to place the Tri-coloured Five Element Pagoda here. Don’t “activate” this part of the home with too much activity – and certainly no renovations, digging, knocking etc here.

The Three Killings moves to the West – place the 3 Celestial Guardians here, and make sure you DO NOT SIT WITH WEST BEHIND YOU this year. Ie. Don’t face East this year, even if it is one of your “lucky” directions.


Q Should I follow the monthly star or yearly star or daily star of the feng shui diary? Say I purchase the victory banner? It is said to be placed at the West in the year of 2019 but if the monthly star says place in the southwest, which one should I follow? And when should I start placing the feng shui items for year 2019?

A The flying stars with the most influence are the annual stars, which is why it is so important to update your feng shui at the start of each year when the yearly stars change direction. Place all your cures and enhances according to the annual stars. The monthly stars change from month to month, and if you want to “capture the good luck” or mitigate transient bad luck, then take note of these as well.

For monthly stars, the most important stars to take note of are the #3 and the #5. Especially the #3. Often, if the monthly #3 quarrelling star flies into a sector you use a lot, or flies into your main door sector, you will find yourself arguing with people, people picking fights with you for no reason, and petty household bickering between family members can arise much more frequently. To fix this, display a pair of Red Apple.


Q I appreciate learning about the good and bad days to cut hair. I have two questions. First, does this cover all types of hair removal (such as shaving)? Second, should the timing be corrected for the country one lives in (such as correcting for Pacific Daylight Time in the US)? Thank you!

A No, you can shave any day because shaving is a daily grooming exercise. This calendar applies more to proper hair trims and haircuts, especially those that involve using scissors. And no, you don’t have to adjust for time zone. Follow your own time zone.


Q Dearest Aunt Agga, For sure you’re not new to a same sex relationship. I am bi-sexual and dating a handsome man older than me. Based on my astrological sign, I was born in the Year of the Dragon and he is a Boar. Is there possible feng shui to be applied so I can have him forever? Based on his animal sign, what can I expect from a Boar? Would he be too playful? I hope you can help me, I feel that he cares for me too, but the thing is, I get deeply hurt whenever he goes along and play with others. Please advise.

A The Dragon and Boar are not especially compatible, but neither are they incompatible. In 2019, the Boar is energetic and the Dragon has the Loss Star. If this Boar is “playful” like you say, chances of him straying are high, and perhaps there is nothing you can do to change that. If his infidelity hurts you, may be best to look for another relationship.


Q If you want to put birds with a rolled-up dollar bill in its mouth, where do you place them? Do you hang them right inside your door flying into your home or do you hang them right outside the door facing inward?

A You can hang the wish-fulfilling bird either just inside or just outside your front door. Either will work. But if you are going to put a rolled-up dollar bill in its mouth to symbolise money coming to you, make sure the bird is flying INTO your home, not the other way around.

If you want your bird to help you fulfill wishes, write your wish (as specifically as you can), roll up the note and place it in the bird’s mouth, then hang the bird flying AWAY from the home to the outside world. So the bird takes your wishes into the cosmos, which will then work its magic for you.


Q My husband is a Horse and I’m a Snake sign. We’ve been together for 7 years and until now, I have not managed to get pregnant. What shall I do? Thanks.

A Have you tried energizing your West sector? This is the sector for Children and Descendants Luck. Light up the West of your living room, place pomegranate and a pair of elephants here. Best of all is to call on the help of the Fertility Tara. She is the Tara that grants your wishes for children and to start a family. Invite her into your home and make offerings to her daily.


Q I bought the large Tri-coloured 5 Element Pagoda at the Singapore Feng Shui 2019 Extravaganza. It had a roll of mantra for me to insert into the base. The rolled mantra has a directional arrow drawn… am I to insert the roll with arrow facing up or down?


A Place the mantra with the arrow pointed upwards.


Q I am a kind person as people tell me. I always smile at work, am kind to all my customers, but I do not understand why my manager is always against with me. I come to work each day, but I always get nervous and worry. I do not know what will happen to me. I always tell myself to do the best I can, make no mistakes, then nobody can give you hard time. This is the only job that can give me good money for my kids and family. I cannot give it up but am afraid that if I make even a small mistake, my manager can fire me anytime. Please help!!!!

A You need to harness the support of your manager / boss because that is what seems to be causing you the most stress, and what is making working life unpleasant for you. Carry the Gui Ren Talisman – this will get you the support of the Jade Emperor, and in turn, the support of your boss.

Activate the NW of your home / office by placing a Sapphire Boar in the NW – this will ensure you have the support you need from the powers that be, and also activate for wealth luck so that you do not have financial worries. And lastly, get yourself a Red Apple with Peace Symbol and place in the South sector – this will keep others in your side and help to prevent others getting irritated or irritable or finding fault with you for no reason.


Q I think I lack support from my boss and would like to place the mountain painting to give me support. I am seated facing north, with my back to the south. However, as my office is an open concept, I do not have a wall behind me to put the painting, how else can I solve this?

A Get yourself the Heaven Seal and place on your desk instead. Place in the East to harness the luck of the Heavenly Star, or anywhere on your work desk will work as well. And carry the Heaven Luck Activator.


Q I want to buy a new wallet in this coming year’s Wealth colour Red! Should I buy only a red wallet? Or can I buy gold or silver colors? When is it better to buy a wallet?

A The start of the new year is the best time to change your wallet. In fact, it is an excellent practice to change your wallet at the start of each new year; but transfer a little bit of money from your old wallet to your new wallet when you start to use it. This year red is the colour of wealth, so a red wealth wallet would be excellent if wealth is what you want. Silver and gold are “Metal” colours, and Metal in 2019 is important too – it stands for resources.


Q I am a female born on 28 Feb 1972. Recently, I came across a saying that if the Kitchen Wok is built against the toilet wall, it is actually bad feng shui. Is this true? How to counter this? Thank you.

A Yes, not good for your kitchen wok to be on the other side of the wall of the toilet. Best if you move the placement of your wok, since is would be harder to move your toilet.