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Written on 28/03/2018, 11:53 by ericlee
good-feng-shui-has-to-be-maintainedIn This Hot Weather, Do Beware Your Patio or Entrance Floors Cracking!
Written on 27/03/2018, 16:21 by waikit
flying-star-feng-shui-update-3rd-month-of-the-wu-xu-earth-dog-year (5th April 2018 - 5th May 2018)
Written on 07/03/2018, 16:20 by ericlee
choosing-auspicious-date-to-ensure-your-marriage-will-lastThis Year of the Dog is a good one for marriage, especially the Peach Blossom Star appears again in the Paht Chee chart of 2018, boding well for all couples planning to tie the knot this year.
Written on 14/02/2018, 09:30 by ericlee
feng-shui-world-latest-issue-april-2018-is-out-get-your-copy-nowWe enter the 2nd quarter of the year even as Donald Trump engages in a trade war with China. Definitely the Dog barking at the Dragon is causing lots of collateral damage, but this is the nature of the barking DOG year. It is timely then to look at the concept of balance as we move forward.
Written on 21/12/2017, 11:47 by waikit
2018-year-of-the-dog-annual-forecastHighlights of the Year of the Earth Dog and the Feng Shui Chart of 2018
Written on 06/12/2017, 10:30 by waikit
your-luck-and-lucky-symbols-for-the-year-of-the-earth-dog-2018Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar
Written on 04/12/2017, 12:05 by ericlee
aunt-agga-issue-106Aunt Agga Answers questions about Paht Chee charts, noisy neighbours, rocking horses and dining under a toilet!
Written on 06/10/2017, 12:18 by ericlee
lillian-too-teaches-the-three-dimensions-of-feng-shui-in-moscowLillian Too journeys to the blue skies and warm greetings of beautiful Moscow to meet her Russian-speaking fans… and share important highlights on space, time and spiritual feng shui over two incredible days! Here is the recap of her insightful seminar… and amazing photos of her gorgeous fans from Russia!
Written on 12/09/2017, 12:10 by ericlee
notable-nose-of-our-timesThe NOSE is one of the six most important features on the face, the other five being the eyes, forehead, cheeks, mouth and jaw. Each of these features reveals our character, our success potential and many other interesting facts related to our destiny. Of the six features, it is the nose that is the best indication...
Written on 22/08/2017, 16:18 by ericlee
the-month-of-hungry-ghost-from-august-22nd-till-september-19thThis year, the Hungry Ghost period starts from August 22nd and ends September 19th in the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. The actual day falls on 5th September 2017. In the month of hungry ghost, it is said that the yin overpowers the yang. The yin forces are thus very strong during this period.
Written on 09/08/2017, 10:28 by ericlee
the-guy-in-your-life-8-ways-to-know-if-he-will-be-good-for-youNo matter what your answers are to these aspects of the intimate relationship you have with your boyfriend or fiancé, they are not very reliable indicators of how your future with him will actually turn out for you, for him and for both of you together…
Written on 07/08/2017, 16:35 by ericlee
your-bathroom-is-more-important-than-you-thinkThe bathroom is typically the first room you use in the morning and the last one you use at night. So how you design the bathroom becomes more important than you think.
Written on 22/07/2017, 17:17 by ericlee
feng-shui-for-harmonious-relationships5 Feng Shui practices to create harmonious relationships.
Written on 10/07/2017, 14:20 by ericlee
aunt-agga-issue-105Aunt Agga answers questions about tattoos on the back, moving cures, friends moving away and activating your luck for a baby!
Written on 05/07/2017, 11:08 by ericlee
design-concepts-design-magnetismIn any design, it is important to remember the fundamentals behind the thought process and the understanding of why we design the way we do. So no matter how complex a design may be, it always boils down to the basic fundamental concepts that drive our thought process.
Written on 13/06/2017, 15:42 by ericlee
jump-start-your-career-to-higher-successJust like how a Feng Shui practitioner creates harmony with the surroundings while removing obstacles, we should also apply the same principles to our jobs and for when we would like to upgrade our careers.
Written on 06/06/2017, 10:28 by ericlee
black-dog-syndromeAre black dogs (and cats) unlucky? Do they bring misfortune? Do they symbolize all things evil? Lillian Too puts the spotlight on this stubborn belief and attempts to explain how this misinformation came to be...
Written on 21/05/2017, 17:35 by ericlee
the-power-potential-of-your-eyesThe faces we show the world reveal many things about us and depending on how we choose to display our face at any moment in time, how we enhance or adorn the face definitely influences our success potential and also affects the state of our health.
Written on 08/05/2017, 16:20 by ericlee
time-to-renovate-creating-changeAs time passes, we will always at some point find an itch to want to change and revitalize our surroundings. It is easy to get bored looking at the same interior setting throughout the year. So a little change would add immense value to how we appreciate our living space.
Written on 07/05/2017, 12:36 by ericlee
harvesting-power-from-a-glass-sphereIn December 2013, German architect André Broessel, of Rawlemon released a video on the Internet explaining how his newly-conceived glass sphere could well revolutionize solar power on Earth; in so doing, he might very well be describing how we can all have easy-access, affordable, renewable energy.