Learn How to Make Your Own Period 9 Wealth Vase

Learn How to Make Your Own Period 9 Wealth Vase

Date: Sunday, 28th July 2024
Time: 10.30am to 1pm

Venue: World of Feng Shui Flagship Store, T-016, 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fee covers:

  • Workshop
  • Period 9 Wealth Vase Kit with all the necessary basic ingredients for making a truly amazing Wealth Vase.

The Wealth Vase is one of the most potent feng shui energizers for protecting and attracting prosperity luck into your home. This simple ancient Chinese ritual is so easy to do, but the benefits are enormous! This used to be something only the wealthiest and noblest of families of China were privy to. Today, secrets associated with the creation of a family wealth vase have become available through the teachings of contemporary Taoist and Buddhist masters.

The practice has origins in these two major Chinese traditions, and if you visit some of the older family homes in Beijing, Shanghai or Xian, you might be able to view some magnificently huge wealth vases belonging to the noble families of another time, vases that have lasted through the generations. These wealth vases were credited to bringing continuous wealth and power to these families through the days of the Ching Emperors and Communist rulers, allowing their descendants to successfully weather political and economic changes. Not only does the wealth vase protect your wealth, it also ensures that your resources needed to create new sources of wealth are also protected.

As we have moved into the Period of 9, the meanings of the stars change, and their energy states alter, making it is important that you create a new Period 9 wealth vase. This vase will protect and multiply your wealth, and helps your assets grow.

Come join us for this “Make a Period 9 Wealth Vase” workshop, where we will teach you how to make your personalised Period 9 Wealth Vase, as well as all the necessary empowerment rituals and incantations to activate for increased wealth.

Register today at World of Feng Shui Flagship Store, 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall or Email us at connie@wofs.com