Aunt Agga Issue #93



 Please help me! I want to find love…I am already 47 years old – A Rabbit and I have tried everything! Blue Mouse in the north, Double Happiness, now wearing two gold dolphin necklace, but how to find and where to find love? I am hoping the new year will bring me many opportunities for finding my perfect partner…Please help me.


My dear… have you checked whether you have a missing Southwest corner? Missing Southwest corners are deadly for relationships; I know many beautiful and lovely single women who just can’t get hitched because of this problem. If you have this problem you need to find a new house to live. Now Rabbit ladies all over the world had a tough year last year, but this is about to change. In the Dragon Year you will be radiant and glowing, very attractive to all who meet you! Make the most of it – dress well, and make yourself pretty by applying blusher and lipstick! If you are overweight, lose weight! Let your yin essence surface as this is what attracts males, who are the yang essence! This is a good year for single ladies as the Flower of Romance star is in this year’s chart – this benefits singles but not so good for married couples. Place a new BLUE RAT in the North to activate Peach Blossom Romance. Make sure the Blue Rat is large, and decorated with jewels… otherwise you will attract the wrong kind of man!


QI feel very disappointed with my elder sisters. I respect them and always try to accommodate their demands but instead they back-bite me. I am a Wood Horse. After I help them they will turn back and tell my uncles and aunties I take advantage of them. I am trying to avoid them but they contact me when they need me as scapegoat or to carry out their demands.


I’m very sorry to hear about your argumentative sibling situation… Perhaps you are sleeping in the “quarrelsome” room in your house. This is the case if the Flying Star #3 is in your room. The best way to deal with this is to place a Dragon holding a flaming sword, and also some Crystal Balls with mantras in your room. And while you are visiting your siblings, wear the Anti-Evil Eye scarf. This special scarf contains the Evil Eye, a very powerful emblem that protects against jealous friends and siblings who gossip about you. The Rabbit year has also been a difficult year for young women of the house but in the Year of the Dragon things will improve. So cheer up, the year will improve!


QHi, I’m pregnant with our first child and would like to know what to do to make sure everything goes in the best way possible…, is there anything I could do or should avoid to ensure that I have a healthy baby?Thanks Aunt Agga!

ACongratulations on your pregnancy! Wow a Dragon baby – so very auspicious! Yes there are things you can avoid and things you can do to safeguard your pregnancy… While you are pregnant you must take care not to “chong” something, or what the Chinese say as “clash” with something… so firstly, avoid going to hospitals, and attending weddings, or funerals. These events absorb a lot of spirit essence from a person… and it is for this reason that very ill elderly people are also not encouraged to attend such events. It would be prudent to disallow anyone who has just attended a funeral to come visit you while you are pregnant. As your pregnancy progresses, it is very auspicious to read a sutra for your unborn child – for example – the HEART SUTRA (Use google to find this sutra!). Read it just before going to bed at night, as loudly as you can so that your child can hear it! You can also chant Kuan Yin’s heart mantra – OM MANI PADME HUM – at least 108 times (1 mala) a day and dedicate it to the safe delivery of your child! If you are having a troubled pregnancy, invite the image of Kuan Yin into your home and chant her mantra 10 malas a day – this is VERY powerful for overcoming pregnancy-related troubles.


QI heard that if one was born in the morning, he or she would have a difficult, hard life, compared to someone born in the afternoon or after midnight. Is this true?



There is no truth to this at all! Whether one has an easy or hard life depends on many factors… not just the time of your birth! For instance, the Year, Day, Month also plays an important role and together they make up the Eight characters of your Paht Chee chart. If you wish to learn more about your Paht Chee, then get Lillian Too’s new book – “Secrets of Your Birth Chart” as she teaches how to read your own 8 characters. Your chart will reveal whether you will have an easy or difficult time in life. Also remember, the better your feng shui is, the easier your life becomes! That’s why you learn feng shui – to make your life better and easier! It is also useful to remember that having an easy life does not necessarily mean a happy life! I know lots of very happy people who have to work very hard for their success… but it makes their life meaningful, and surround them with plenty of good friends! I also know many trophy wives of wealthy men who have it easy, but they are emotionally tormented by unfaithful husbands and jealous friends! So my dear, don’t get hung up on having an easy life – strive for an abundant, happy life instead!


QFour birds flew into my home and stayed there for quite a long time before they flew away. May I know that what that means?


My dear when birds fly into your home it always means something good! Birds bring messages of opportunities and good fortune… this was a sign that good news was coming your way. Normally, when you get four birds, it is a message that romance is coming… perhaps your daughter could receive the attentions of a new beau, or if you yourself are single, it could be a sign that you would meet someone new. If you are married, then perhaps your husband will start showering you with more love. On the other hand if you receive the visit of six birds, then it is a sign of income luck! When this happens to you, take advantage of it by energizing your wealth sectors with your water feature with six birds.


QHi, I am planning to go to England from Malaysia. However I am west group Kua number 8.. and if I fly from Malaysia to England I will be coming in from Southeast direction which is my Total Loss direction. So, can I fly to Scotland and then to England so that I can enter England from my good direction?


Yes this is a very good solution for you! You can definitely fly to Scotland first… and then fly to England from there. That would mean you are flying into England from the northwest direction, which is an excellent direction for you. Now before you leave Malaysia, please make sure you travel wearing the Namgyalma Scarf or Heart Sutra scarf … it will protect you from danger and bad people. There is also a very powerful Tibetan Magic ritual used to dispel obstacles before embarking on a journey, especially obstacles brought by travelling on an inauspicious day. Stand outside your main door – face East, swipe a metal knife towards East while reciting MAMA KARA KARA YEH SO HAR three times. Now turn to face South, and fling some water towards the South while reciting MAMA COME COME YEH SO HAR three times. Then turn to face West, and light a candle, reciting MAMA RAM RAM YEH SO HAR three times. Finally, face North, and throw a little earth towards North while reciting MAMA SU SU YEH SO HAR three times. When finished, walk clockwise around your home, placing a small branch of leaves (from a fruit tree) at each cardinal direction as you recite: MAMA PUTAH PUTAH YEH SO HAR. Chant this concluding mantra 108 times. This ritual dispels bad luck associated with theft, illness, bodily harm and bad intentions of strangers.