Aunt Agga Issue #95



 I am a frequent business traveller. Normally I place my feng shui amulets in the innermost compartment of my briefcase but somehow customs officers at the airports always question and examine each of the amulets whenever I clear customs. What should I do after they physically handled my amulets?


Here is a tip. Here at WOFS we have a VERY special scarf that gives you a much easier time when travelling. It’s called our Popularity Scarf, and contains an amulet and some very special mantras that create a “likable” aura around you. We have found that whenever we use this amazing scarf, it works just like magic. When travelling, customs officers become really nice and airport staff miraculously “appear” to help us whenever we need help with delays, transits, visas!! All you have to do is to wear it around your neck while travelling (and of course make sure you follow airport regulations)!

Generally, it is better to wear your amulets touching your body whenever you travel, rather than put them inside your briefcase, especially amulets which have been made into medallions or pendants. These are meant to be worn near your heart or throat chakras. Those made into key rings can be clipped to your handbags or belt loop; as these locations are in close proximity to your navel chakra. When travelling I really advise you to wear the Namgyalma or Heart Sutra scarves… as these scarves contain very precious Dharanis that protect against many kinds of danger and harm.

Amulets have very sensitive energy and thus its vibrations do need to be protected. The best way to cleanse them after they have been handled by others is pass them over incense chanting OM AH HUM three times. To re-empower them, you can also chant Kuan Yin’s mantra OM MANI PADME HUM 108 times over your amulets to restore them with positive vibrations.


QI am a Tiger. If I have an important meeting which has to take place on an inauspicious day for me, what should I do to correct this? I simply cannot change the date of this meeting, please do help me!


Of course it is much better to have a meeting on a good day, but if this isn’t possible, you must take extra steps to improve your luck. First, make sure you are sitting facing your auspicious direction during your meeting. Calculate your Kua number to determine this – visit and use the Kua Calculator on the toolbar located on the right hand side. It is a good idea to wear an auspicious scarf to improve your chances… for example, you can use the Windhorse Scarf which brings Victory or the Prosperity Elephant scarf to create prosperity luck during your meeting.

If you are a Tiger and are attending the meeting on a Monkey Day (your astrological enemy), you can reduce the ill effects by introducing the Magic Earth Cross. Here is how you do this: carry the animal signs of the Dragon and Dog with you to this meeting. This is a powerful way to transform the afflictive energies of confronting your astrological enemy. Finally, if the day of your meeting is on a day when the almanac has indicated is inauspicious for business, then a powerful method is to read the Heart Sutra, and wear the Heart Sutra scarf. This powerful sutra can reduce the bad effects of a “bad day”.


QI read from your previous article that having a tattoo on the body is not good especially in the back area. But I really want to have one – so is it OK to have a tattoo in the metatarsus area and instep area of my foot? And i want to have an infinity symbol tattoo and Om Mani Padme Hum mantra in sanskrit writings. Or perhaps you can advise any other symbols?

AI can assure you that having a Tattoo on your body WILL DEFINITELY change your luck, permanently. For this reason, it is really vital to exercise caution on what kind of tattoo you get, and where on your body it is placed. It’s harder to say what is permissible, but easier to know what is NOT permissible. For example, you should not wear a tattoo of your zodiac enemy – e.g. If you are a Monkey, then you must not tattoo a Tiger anywhere on your body. Tattoos of fierce and powerful animals can transform into powerful spirit guardians and protectors… but for this to work, the person carrying the Tattoo must have sufficient spirit essence to maintain control.


There is a story of a man who had nine dragons tattooed on his body, but eventually these nine dragons ate him up and destroyed his life because he did not have the spirit essence to control them. You really do not need to get a tattoo to benefit from these symbols – just wearing them on your body brings you the same kind of luck – but you retain the option of removing them if they are not compatible with you.

Regarding your question on tattooing your foot, generally it is NOT advisable to have tattoos on your feet anywhere – especially if they are sacred mantras. Definitely tattooing Om Mani Padme Hum (which is the sacred mantra of Kuan Yin) is a big NO-NO on your foot, as this is incredibly disrespectful to this very sacred mantra! Markings on the foot indicate a life of travel and lack of stability… I do not recommend getting any tattoos at all… please listen to this advice and consider it carefully.


QI’m a Fire snake (1977) and just found out that my new boss is a Boar (1971). We are zodiac enemies! My work desk is facing Southeast, and she sits directly opposite, facing me with no partition as our office has open layout concept. Needless to say we are not getting along that well… I am overwhelmed with workload and issues at work. Behind me is a colleague who is a Dog, and our department Chief is an Ox. Is there a way to enhance my relationships with everyone and overcome my work issues?


Oh dear! This is definitely not your year from a feng shui perspective. The Snake has the Five Yellow this year… and so it is not surprising you find yourself in this situation. But don’t worry, you can use feng shui to help you get through this year. You need to ensure you are wearing the Five Element Pagoda throughout the year, to stay protected from serious losses brought by the Five Yellow. You should also carry your boss secret friend, the Tiger. This will immediately disarm your boss and bring her onto your side.

You are in luck because the department head is an Ox, who is your Astrological Ally. Make friends with him or her… as the Snake also has the Qui Ren Star, the Star of Heavenly Mentors which brings support from someone powerful. See if you can change your facing direction to face SOUTH. I am assuming you’re female, and thus your Kua number is 1. South or East are both good directions for you… and the chi coming from both these directions are much better than the Southeast in 2012.

If you face Southeast this year, you run the risk of offending the Grand Duke Jupiter who is located in Southeast-1. If you cannot avoid facing Southeast, then place the Tai Sui Plaque on your desk. Position the plaque so it faces the Southeast direction. I also encourage you to carry the Allies Wallet so you attract only helpful colleagues at work. All these minor adjustments will make a big difference and lastly… place a Rooster on your desk to peck away at office politics!