Aunt Agga Issue #160


Q In my SE there is a toilet and bathroom, with a window. How is that good or bad? And how to fix?

A It’s neither good nor bad unless it occupies the whole of the SE. And that is bad because the SE is the sector that represents wealth luck. But if your bathroom and toilet is in the whole of your SE, I’d say either move it to another sector, or close the door to it when not in use, and activate the SE corner of your living room with wealth enhancers.

There’s no need to fix it per se, as every sector represents something.

Toilets however that need to be urgently moved are those directly above the main door to the home. These are bad – and I have seen so many cases where this causes the family’s fortunes to literally turn on its head – and in such cases, I’d say renovate, move out, or use another door as the main door.



I have just found out that one side of an exterior wall is leaning – in other words, not straight. The house has moved in the past. Please, how can I protect my house? What feng shui objects can help make my wall strong and secure.

A You don’t need feng shui objects, you need to call in an engineer or architect to take a look. Sorry, feng shui cannot help in this respect, but think of it as good feng shui that you noticed this problem, so you can fix it before it becomes a bigger problem or something tragic.


Q I have a big mole in my back left shoulder. I want to remove it, but will it change my life fate?

A If anything, a removal of a mole on your back, particularly a big one, will symbolise the removal of the burdens you have to carry. So go ahead and remove it. No problem at all!


Q Hi! May I know how extendable tables are perceived in Feng Shui? I’m looking to get a dining table for my new home. I understand that dining tables relate to the harmony and quality of relationships within the family. Extendable tables allow space saving and flexibility to accommodate more guests. However, there will be a split in the middle for adding an extra piece. Would that have any negative impact on the family’s relationship, wealth and abundance?

A For your main family dining table, it is better not to have a table with a split down the middle. Extendable tables are fine when used for crafting, display or other purposes, but your main family dining table represents the state of your family, so it is better to get a solid proper table than a makeshift, extendable one.


Q What is the best way to discard unwanted religious and spiritual printed material such as mantras, pictures or articles of Deities/Buddha, for example those that have been printed incorrectly, etc. I don’t want to create any negative karma by just throwing them in the trash. Kindly advise.

A When religious mantras and texts have been printed incorrectly, best not to use them, but if printed with images of sacred deities and objects that you don’t want to trash, what you can do is burn them or bury them in the ground, in a respectful manner.



Q Is it good or bad luck if bees start building a hive in one’s backyard on a tree?

A Whenever animals choose a location to build a nest or hive, it is indicative of good energy, but in the case of a bee hive, because of the danger implications, I would advise getting it removed by an expert before it becomes unmanageable or dangerous.


Q I read your article “How Mountains Can Improve Your Work and Love Life?” I am a seaman, meaning I work onboard a ship. I would like to hang a mountain picture behind my work desk but the ship will change direction when sailing. Could you please advise which mountain picture to hang? Is the Three Peaks mountain picture the best to use regardless of any ship direction? Thanks.

A Mountains when hung behind a work desk, irrespective of direction, bring good support in your work and whatever you are pursuing. On board your ship, if you have a desk, you can hang a mountain on the wall behind your desk, since whichever way the ship is travelling, you will still be sitting in the same direction within your work office.


Q How to protect ourselves from petty people in the work place or at in gatherings like attending courses in a classroom? Recently I was a target. Was trying to help comfort someone in distress, but ended up the person got mad with me and started to bad mouth me. Is there any feng shui item for such purpose which we can place in the home or carry with us at all times?

A You can carry the Apple Peace Hanging, which makes all your relationships with others more harmonious. You can also display the Apple with Peace Symbol in red or gold where the #3 quarrelsome star has landed. In 2019, the #3 star flies to the South, so if you find you experience incidents like the one you describe, make sure you cure this affliction within your home and work space.

Sometimes even the best of our intentions get misunderstood – the advice I usually give is to stay out of other people’s affairs unless you are directly asked for help – because even if your intentions are sincere, when someone is in some kind of trouble, they may not be in the frame of mind to accept your help, or they may see you as sticking your nose where it is not wanted.

If they asked for your help in the first place and then turn on you, just wipe your hands clean and forget about them. Mentally put them on the palm of your hand and symbolically blow them away, out of your life.

In work place politics, and in highly competitive corporate environments where competition for promotions and favour with the boss can get deadly, you need the image of a fierce looking Rooster on your desk, to peck away at the rumour-mongering and the bad mouthing.