Feng Shui Consultants

Feng Shui Consultants

Vetea Fuller

Eternally Feng Shui 168

The first time I had my connection with our GM Lillian Too was in 2005: in fact, I went to a famous bookshop in my city Papeete and saw this beautiful book with a violet cover with the following title « The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Feng Shui – The Complete Guide to the Art and Practise of Feng Shui ». It was published in 1999. The more I read, the more I was attracted by this new Universe! So I made my own experiences with this new powerful knowledge and found out it was really working! I would never have imagined my life would change forever!

Four years later, I had the opportunity to attend the MPC Course in September 2009. And in July 2010, I successfully passed my exam with Distinction in the Master Consultants Course: I was in the Top 5! I began doing Feng Shui Consultations in my country to support and help our people. I had many experiences and testimonials. Some of my customers became good and close friends to me. Then in 2011, I registered online for the Paht Chee Course and this was a new great dimension added to the knowledge of Feng Shui!

To be a good consultant, you need to do it with good and pure intentions in order to benefit others, and we must have strong spiritual protection as well. That is why I attended 3 Spiritual Events with our GM Lillian Too to improve my Spiritual Pathway. In October 2017, I attended the 2-week Paht Chee Course and I again passed my exam with Distinction! Since February 2019, I have been giving basic courses in Paht Chee, and I will also give basic courses in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a way of life for me and it is just impossible to live without after all these years. At home, I use it to create a harmonious and balanced living space for my whole family. My mission is to bring back harmony and a balanced life.

Nowadays we have all the tools to improve our lives and attain Enlightenment. The most beautiful gift is to share this powerful knowledge with the whole world!

Professional Services:

  • Onsite Feng Shui Consultations for properties and offices
  • Paht Chee readings with full written report
  • Basic courses in Feng Shui and Paht Chee
  • Landscape analysis and purification
  • House plan
  • Space clearing
  • Feng Shui Gardens

Courses Attended:

  • Master Practitioner Course
  • Master Class in Paht Chee
  • Master Consultant’s Course

You can reach him at:

Telephone: +689 87 31 99 88
E-mail: eternallyfengshui168@gmail.com
Facebook: Eternallyfengshui168

Fascia Ulloa

Fascia Feng Shui

In the year of 1999 I entered Feng Shui, applying my knowledge first in my home and family, it was such a passion that I came to have for Feng Shui that I did not rest until I became an international teacher, however, in my eagerness to create an integral service and from love, I decided to complement my knowledge and so it was that I obtained the honorable mention of the Madrid School of Interior Design in 2013, and in 2014 my Master in Psychology and Family Management at the University of Valencia Spain, in addition, a certification in Life Coach and I am currently grateful to the universe for being the first Ecuadorian teacher that has the support of World of Feng Shui of Malaysia.

In addition to providing my service with much love, and in order to further promote the knowledge of Feng Shui, I have participated as a guest on several national and international television channels, currently, I participate as a guest on radio programs in Ecuador, in I share practical, useful and easy tips to apply Feng Shui and obtain a more harmonious and prosperous lifestyle, as well as a better quality of life. I have written a number of articles for Ecuadorian media, among which stand out: “Create Environments Magazine”, “Family Magazine”, “Home Magazine”, “El Comercio Journal”

My greatest satisfaction is the service I can give to all my consultants, respecting the principles of Feng Shui in all the advice I give, that is why they support my career, advice to homes, companies, businesses or offices, analysis of plans, in those that I have applied with high ethics and professionalism, the techniques of the Compass School of Feng Shui, just as I have done in a number of personal studies of the Four Pillars of Destiny with the BaZi Technique, with truly extraordinary results.   My advice has also reached the construction and brand design industry of several national and international companies, as well as personal brands, so, with the personal energy balance together with the environment, harmonize and make more prosperous the lives of my loved ones consultants and focus them to achieve all the prosperity and success that corresponds to them

Professional Services:

  • Personalized Feng Shui Analysis
  • Local and international Feng Shui Consultations – residential and business offices, gardens
  • Annual Feng Shui updates and annual Flying Stars analysis
  • Feng Shui Classes, Workshops and Seminars
  • professional organizers

Courses Attended:

  • Master Practitioner Course

You can reach her at:

Telephone: +593022566345 / +593 999809131
E-mail: info@fasciafengshui.com
Web-site: www.fasciafengshui.com

Darlene Josephine

DND Feng Shui Design
United States

Darlene started Studying and Practicing Feng Shui more than 20 years ago and has been trained with renowned Grand Master Lillian Too for over 20 years.  She has consulted for a variety of people from Homeowners, Film Producers. CEO’s, Retailers, Business owners, CEO featured in Forbes Magazine and Business Insider and Celebrities.  She is knowledgeable of many schools of Feng Shui like eight mansions, flying star, Four Pillars, Classical, Traditional, etc…

Darlene practices with Chinese compass (Luo Pan ) for accuracy and has been trained as well in Phat Chee and ancient scientifical forecast of life’s earthly and heavenly destiny according to your date of birth. Darlene is a master consultant and has worked with renovating, homes, interior design, consulted with Architects in planning and design, works with Real Estate developers as an advisor, Assist investors in finding and renovating property.  Darlene has many success stories with her clients and loves Feng Shui since it helping people live better lives.

Certified in Feng Shui, Interior Design and Real Estate.

Professional Services:

  • Online/Phone Consultation
  • Home Consultation
  • Home Renovation
  • Interior Design
  • Investments
  • Real Estate Advisor
  • Architect consultant in planning/Design
  • Speaking engagements on Feng Shui

Courses Attended:

  • Master Practitioner Course
  • Master Class in Paht Chee

You can reach her at:

Telephone: 212 804-8303
E-mail: darlened888@gmail.com
Web-site: dndfengshuidesign.com

Cristina Coca Reit

Feng Shui Consult SRL

I started being interested in Feng Shui over 20 years ago, when a good friend of mine told me that I was gifted in changing people’s lives. Year 2006 was a turning point for me, after I met Lillian Too in Kuala Lumpur at her Master Practitioners Course, when she congratulated me and said, “Cristina, you have a very good eye for Feng Shui! Go and help other people through Feng Shui.” Today I run the biggest Feng Shui online shop in Romania – www.feng.shui.ro , I organize seminars and workshops in Romania and all over the world, I offer Feng Shui consultations – both for residential and business spaces and I combine the outside world through Feng Shui with the interior world, using fortune-telling Tarot cards.

Professional Services:

  • Personalized Feng Shui Analysis
  • Local and international Feng Shui Consultations – residential and business offices, gardens
  • Annual Feng Shui updates and annual Flying Stars analysis
  • Feng Shui Classes, Workshops and Seminars
  • Tarot readings

Courses Attended:

  • Master Practitioner Course 2006

You can reach her at:

Telephone: 0040-77.11.88888
E-mail: feng@shui.ro
Web-site: www.fengshuiconsult.ro
Web-site: www.feng.shui.ro

Anca Dimancea

New York and Bucharest, Romania

Starting 2001 Anca became very interested in Feng Shui when she visited first time Beijing – China, noticing the wonderful taste of Chinese in arranging buildings and nature around them. Starting that moment she has been committed and attached to this special field in which she has mastered years later under the precious guidance of Lillian Too.

During all this time, Anca studied and applied Feng Shui successfully, providing professional consultations in New York, USA and also in her country of origin, Romania.

Anca has a professional background in Agricultural Engineering and a PhD in botanics and she applies Feng Shui in landscaping and arranging private houses gardens.

She helps also with choosing of good apartments, houses and commercial spaces. In correcting the energies, she applies all the complex Feng Shui concepts, including Spiritual Feng Shui.

Courses Attended:

  • Master Practitioner Course 2007
  • Master Class in Paht Chee 2008

She offers:

  • Personalized Feng Shui Analysis
  • Four Pillars of Destiny (Paht Chee) readings
  • International Feng Shui Consultations – residential and business offices
  • Annual Feng Shui updates and auspicious date selection
  • Feng Shui workshops and seminars both in English and Romanian
  • Annual Flying Stars and space clearing.

You can reach her at:

Telephone: (718)880-6644 (Romania and USA)
Mobile: +40737.138.888 (Romania)
E-mail: romania_fengshui@yahoo.com
Web-site: www.feng-shuiworld.com

Faina Sandzhieva

Moscow, Russia

More than ten years is Feng Shui present in my life. Due to regular practice during this time I have reached significant achievements in my job, got an excellent professional reputation and met my big love.

The greatest progress of my good Feng Shui are my studies at the Lillian Too Institute, Malaysia. I got the Master Consultant Certificate with Honours, having the highest score among the students from 28 countries.

I also became the first official brand ambassador and distribution partner of World of Feng Shui in Russia (wofs.com, fsmegamall.com). It’s a great opportunity for my clients not to only get a consultation, but also to buy gorgeous Feng Shui products, cures and enhancers for good fortune.

I see my mission in bringing harmony into our world, making people happy and supporting when discouraged or despaired.

I live and work in Moscow, but my friends’ and clients’ geography is vast and embraces different regions of Russia and abroad.

You can always contact me at:

Web-site: www.fsconsultations.ru
E-mail: info@fsconsultations.ru
Mobile: 8 919 999 66 88
Vkontakte: https://vk.com/fsconsultations

Jancy TL

Master Jancy Lew, Melbourne Australia

Master Jancy Lew, the founder of Mfengshuified Australia and the brand name “Master Jancy Lew”, has been practicing Feng Shui for more than 15 years and is recognised as one of Australia’s most respected practitioners. Coming from a family background of oracles, diviners and clairvoyants, Jancy showed her passion early in life, from a young age growing her knowledge and building on insights taught by grandmasters of Chinese metaphysics, science, energy, healing and spirituality.

Throughout her Feng Shui journey, Jancy was trained by the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, the most notable grandmaster in the Chinese Metaphysic and Spiritual Healing world. Under his guidance in classical Feng Shui, she quickly stood out as a top student, training and practicing as an apprentice under his watchful eye. She also took the opportunity to become an agent for the brand name World Of Feng Shui that is famously known globally, founded by Grandmaster Lillian Too who brought Feng Shui awareness to the western countries.

Leaving a successful business in interior design, Jancy chose to follow her heart and pursue a career as a speaker and educator in classical Feng Shui. Her great passion for this ancient art of Chinese metaphysics has pushed her to research and experiment to gain the fullest understanding of Feng Shui.  Her years of experience enable her to layer and blend the different schools of Feng Shui, using her knowledge of complex formulas to find the right balance and application to create powerful benefits in her client’s daily lives, as well as her own.

Jancy has been recognized and awarded with the title of “Master” in Feng Shui by the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA), and holds a corporate membership with IFSA Australia.

Jancy’s clients include top-tier global corporates, developers and business magnates, with her work often taking her around the world. She embraces this as an opportunity to apply her Feng Shui skills through new projects in different settings and to build on her unique and diverse experiences.

Jancy conducts classical Feng Shui consultations and audits and shares her vast knowledge through her popular workshops, seminars and courses. Her charismatic, inspirational presenting style means she is booked regularly as a guest speaker for Feng Shui industry conferences and public events.

Together with her husband Fraymond Lew who also studied feng shui, and graduated from RMIT with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, they run the World Of Feng Shui Boutique in Melbourne. They are passionate with using their knowledge and studies in feng shui to achieve a harmonious living environment.

Services Available:

  • In-shop, Onsite & Online Feng Shui Consultation
  • BaZi (Destiny) Reading
  • Feng Shui Classes, Workshops and Seminar
  • Feng Shui Logo Design and Numerology
  • Auspicious Date Selection

Contact Details:

Store Address: 112 Moray Street South Melbourne 3205 VIC Australia
03 9078 6596
0423 602 038
0413 731 835
E-mail: wofsmelb@fengshuified.com
Website: www.jancylew.com
Online Shop: www.fsgalleria.tictail.com


Fen Ingersole

Feng Shui Fen’s Way

As a qualified Martial Arts Instructor and a graduate of a Bachelor of Education degree in Mathematics, Fen realised that teaching wasn’t enough so she changed careers into management hoping to find self-contentment. Even though Fen loves the teaching and managing aspects – something was still incomplete. 12 years ago, Fen developed an interest in Feng Shui. She studied and practiced it on herself for fun but it soon led into something more fruitful.

In 2006, Fen decided to seriously study Feng Shui with Lillian Too’s Master Practitioner Course in Malaysia and winning 2nd prize in the group case study. Fen pursued to further expand her Feng Shui knowledge by enrolling with Australian College of Environmental Studies graduating with High distinctions and Distinction in Certificate IV Feng Shui course, whilst at the same time completing a Diploma of Architectural Technology. Fen is the director and founder of Feng Shui Fen’s WayTM in Sydney, Australia. Feng Shui Fen’s WayTM main objective of ‘Success and Happiness Always’ is what is expected and carried through in every consultation.

Feng Shui Fen’s Way service includes:

  • Residential, Office, Factories and Warehouse Feng Shui
  • Pre purchase homes Feng Shui assessments
  • New home designs with Feng Shui in mind
  • Floor plan drawing
  • Public Speaking on Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui Workshops

Fen has combined her passion for oil painting into providing personalised Feng Shui artwork in all of her Feng Shui consultations. The unique feature of using the consultation as the basis to draw this artwork means that no two painting is the same and that the Feng Shui painting with authentic certificate is exclusive to each Feng Shui Fen’s WayTM client’s residential and/or business consultation.

Fen is certain this is where she is supposed to be. She thoroughly loves applying her teaching experience within the Feng Shui consulting and assisting various people from all walks of life to prosper through Feng Shui.

Fen is currently the Vice President and Platinum member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants and Professional member of the International Feng Shui Association (Australian Chapter).

Telephone: +61414696336
E mail: fen@fengshuifensway.com.au
Website: www.fengshuifensway.com.au


Jason Eng


Jason Eng trained under Master Lillian Too. Having graduated from Lillian Too’s certified Feng Shui Programmes, namely Master Practitioners Course (MPC), Master Consultants Course (MCC) & LILLIAN TOO’S CERTIFIED CONSULTANTS INSTITUTE (LTCCI) Courses. Jason Eng is well versed in the science, as well as the art of application of Feng Shui. He is currently a World of Feng Shui Boutique franchisee who has opened 2 outlets to date – first in Gurney Plaza, Penang, and second in Subang Parade, Subang Jaya.

Jason Eng holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (Greenwich University) & Bachelor of Business Accountancy (RMIT University). He is also a certified hypnotherapist (with American Board of Hypnotherapy) and he can do distance healing with Reiki. In these 5 years, Jason Eng has experience in more than 100 Feng Shui discussion cases and practical Feng Shui cases done. The good feedback and positive changes that experienced by clients have put him in a better position of a good Feng Shui Consultant. Jason Eng offers personal & corporate Feng Shui consultations, seminars and workshops to the general public.

Courses Attended :

Master Practitioner Course 2001
Master Consultant’s Course 2002
Lillian Too’s Certified Consultants Institute (LTCCI) 2003

You can reach him at:

Email: jasoneng.ecs@outlook.com
Address : 76, Jalan Theatre 30300 Ipoh Perak
Mobile : +6016 – 550 6688 / +6016 – 520 6688


Peter Lung

Feng Shui House

Peter Lung is the owner of the World of Feng Shui Boutique in Primm, NV – Las Vegas area. He uses Eight Mansions and Flying Star to conduct analysis for homes or businesses. Before becoming Lillian Too’s student, Peter had learnt from different Masters in Hong Kong. He also learnt Black Hat Sect Feng Shui from Ms. Sharon Stasney, the author of Feng Shui “CHIC”.

Peter Lung has clients in Nevada, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He had so far done Feng Shui consultations for commercial buildings, clinics, insurance companies, investment companies, apartments and more.

Courses Attended:

  • Master Practitioner Course 2003
  • Master Consultant’s Course 2002
  • Black Hat Sect Feng Shui Course from Sharon Stasney

You can reach him at:

Address: 4011 Spring Mountain Road Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA
Email: info@wofsusa.com
Office: 702 386 1888
Fax: 808 356 0748