Aunt Agga Issue #67



How many wu lous can you hang or place on a table in a 2-storey house?


You can display wu lous in clusters of 1, 6, 7 or 9. If you live in a double storey house, you should have one set for the downstairs and one for the upstairs. If individuals in the house are getting sick often, it is also worth placing wu lous beside their bed. When activating “big tai chi”, use a wu lou of a size that balances with the rest of your house – i.e. if you live in a small house, you can use a small wu lou, but if you live in a big house, you will need a bigger one for it to be effective. When activating “small tai chi”, for example when you place a personal wu lou on your bedside table, a small one will suffice. This year, the #2 illness star in the center of the chart is very strong indeed, so make sure the wu lous you use are made of metal.


QI am fond of betting on the lottery. What can I do to win? I play the three-digit lottery number. Do you have any way to know what lucky numbers will to bet on? How is feng shui related to numerology?


Unfortunately you can’t use feng shui to pick lottery winning numbers – otherwise we would ALL use feng shui, ALL play the lottery, ALL win, and we can’t all win can we? What you can do to increase your chances is to play only during your “lucky” months according to your year of birth and animal sign. Read Lillian Too’s “Feng Shui and Fortune” series for each of the 12 animal signs. These books will tell you which months bring windfall luck, which months are safer to be brave in, and which months you should avoid taking a gamble because you’re sure to lose. With this knowledge in hand, plus a little bit of luck from heaven (karma) you might win something. How big you win is – you guessed it – your karma!


QI dreamt that my boyfriend passed away suddenly without warning, what does it mean? We’ve been together for 6+ years.


Dreaming of someone dying usually means that person is in for something new in life. He or she may face some big changes, or meet with an exciting new opportunity. So some say it is good to dream of death, as it is only a metaphorical dying of one aspect of that person’s life – and whatever change comes about is usually for the better. However, it is also advised that you should not tell the person about your dream, otherwise you may cause something unlucky to happen to the person.


QI just bought a lovely mountain painting and according to my house chart the lucky mountain star is in the middle of the house. I intend to hang this painting here but unfortunately it also houses the sickness star this year. I am in a dilemma, to hang or not to hang; please advise.


The best place for your mountain painting is towards the back of your house, to provide support, rather than in the middle of the house. If it sits smack in the middle of your house, it becomes an obstacle. And this year you definitely do not want such strong earth energy in the centre sector, as the illness star looms large there. Hang it behind your desk where you sit to do work instead – this will bring you excellent productive and support luck in your career.


QI live in an area of Florida next to a wildlife sanctuary. I have this red cardinal that comes to my bathroom window every morning. But he flies into the window like he wants to come in. Not sure why he does this. It started about 2 weeks ago. He does it every morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Not sure what to do?


It is always deemed auspicious when birds are attracted to your home. Birds always bring good omens, especially colourful birds. Welcome your red cardinal each morning and say hello. Perhaps you want to leave some bird seeds for him. But if he is flying into your window and getting concussed, maybe leave the birdseeds away from the window, or paste some window stickers on your window so he knows it is a window pane.


QJust a few months ago when I was on my way to work, I stumbled upon a baby cobra at the ground floor of the shopping mall that I was passing through. I caught the baby snake and released it in the nearby garden. I felt bad and worried for the safety of the snake, but after a few weeks, I dreamt about the same baby snake inside my house coiled around the stairs looking down, as if it was still alive & safe, but the funny part is I don’t have any stairs in my house now. Question is, is it good or bad to have contact with snakes, and what about dreaming about snakes?

AFirstly, you are very brave to have handled a cobra! I would have been more worried for your safety than for that of the baby cobra! However, I think you have notched up quite a bit of good karma in saving the snake. Snakes are believed to be another form that good spirits can take on, so even if they look menacing on the outside, they are good on the inside – that is why people who believe this will never harm a snake. As for dreaming of snakes, doing so is said to be an omen of money coming to you very soon.


QMy concern is my boyfriend’s father doesn’t like me and he is trying to persuade my boyfriend to marry the girl of his choice. I have been with this guy for almost 5 years now and my problem is that lately, my boyfriend seems to be listening to his father. I am afraid of losing this guy. I love him so much and I know he loves me too. I have the feeling that his father has done something. Please tell me how I can bring his attention back to me.



If I were you I would forget this guy and find someone else. When you marry a guy you marry his whole family, especially when the guy’s family has great influence over him. In your case, it does sound that your boyfriend listens to his father, and it will only become worse if you two do get married. Better to save yourself the heartache and move on. Feng shui help? How about activating your Peach Blossom luck which will help attract other suitors into your life – then you can see your current flame is not the only guy you can love… there are so many more out there, and with families who will embrace you rather than constantly undermining your relationship.


QWe have a pale blue roof and can’t afford to change to colour… is there anything we can do?

AI would change the roof colour. It is worth saving up to change it. If it is any consolation, pale blue is not as bad as dark blue. The reason blue roofs are bad is because they symbolizes “water on top”. However, to the Chinese, water is usually represented by black or dark blue, not pale blue. If your pale blue looks more like sky than water, maybe you are safe. But the “luckiest” colour for the roof is some shade of red. If you feel uneasy, I would say make the change.


QMy son lives in Auckland, New Zealand. I told him that South is his best direction but according to him nobody wants to choose a South-facing house there as it’s cold and damp, while North facing ones are sunny and warm. So can he go ahead and choose a South-facing house or just opt for second best – the North facing house? Also, what happens if the bed faces a mirror and can’t be altered as all the mirrors are attached to the wardrobe doors?

AIf North facing houses are more pleasant in New Zealand because of the localized weather patterns there, then go with a North facing house. If your son’s best direction is South, then he is an East group person, and North is also a lucky direction. There is nothing wrong in using his second-best direction. But when choosing the house, go through with a fine toothcomb all the do’s and taboos of feng shui. Chart the house according to flying star to try and get the auspicious stars in the front sectors, and avoid houses with kitchens in the NW as that would be unlucky for the male inhabitant of the house.

As for your bedroom and mirrors question, yes it is not good at all to have mirrors reflect the bed. Remove the mirrors, or if you can’t, change the cupboard doors.


QIn our flat, my room is more like an “all-in-one” room – it is my bedroom, living room and study, where I spend most of my time, invite friends over, watch films… it is the only room I can actually change according to feng shui, but I am worried that activating each sector of this one room might result in chaos. For example, I have activated the water element (blue, wavy curtain in the North) but isn’t this a bad thing because my bed is in the same room? Truly not sure what to do and can’t afford my own flat at the moment.

AThere is nothing wrong with applying small tai chi feng shui to your own room within a bigger flat, but if the rest of the people sharing your flat don’t mind, you can apply “big tai chi” feng shui as well. If you activate for good feng shui for the common areas of the flat, everyone living in it will benefit. If they don’t believe in feng shui, they shouldn’t mind, as long as you don’t do anything too drastic like paint the walls a horrid colour etc.

As for activating your own room, it is probably better to concentrate on curing the annual afflictions than to try and align each corner with its own unique colour scheme; if you did that, your room could turn out looking like a hodge podge of colours and a mess. Just make sure you are covered – put a 5 element pagoda in the NE to counter the 5 Yellow, a metal whirling wu lou in the center to counter the illness star and the three guardians in the West to fend off the Three Killings. Sleep with your head in the right direction, and orientate your furniture to suit your auspicious directions. Your wavy curtain in the North is absolutely fine, just avoid real water features like aquariums and fountains because your room is also being used as a bedroom.


QThis year has been very bad for my family and me. My father, sister’s son, daughter and father in law have all been admitted to hospital; my career suddenly changed for the worse and I am now facing big decisions, and my brother-in-laws (two of them) are also facing very bad business luck and court cases. Why?

ADo you all live in the same house? If you do and are all suddenly facing a bad bout of bad luck, then you know it probably has something to do with feng shui. It is difficult to advise you without looking at your house, but if you would like a personalized consultation, you can email; remember also that the good and bad stars change positions each year, so have you moved all your feng shui cures to their relevant positions? Just check this again, as a missing cure in an afflicted sector can sometimes wreak more havoc than you think!