Aunt Agga Issue #68



Is it a good idea to tattoo a mini colourless tiger on the lower back of my body (Backbone)? As I heard having a tiger tattoo behind you means having a strong and mighty backup. Is that true?


No. A tiger on your back is both dangerous and foolhardy. You are taking a big risk as it means that someone will come into your life and hurt you. To be safe, choose something else as a tiger is one of the most undesirable tattoos to have on your back. In fact, be very careful what you tattoo on to your back. This almost always denotes some kind of burden for you to carry.


QEver since I moved to my small apartment, in which I later on noticed that the toilet is in SW of my bedroom, my long distance boyfriend cheated on me and is now trying to break up with me. What should I do? He told me that the girl is his rebound because he was frustrated he could not see me since I am living so far away. He also told me he still loves me but is confused because now he cannot break up with the girl over there. We even signed a marriage certificate last month. He said he is torn apart. Please advise me.


Do you really want a guy who needs to satisfy his libido every time you two are apart? His excuse is very weak and if I were you I would move on. And you say you two are even legally married and so recently too! The fact he confessed this to you shows that he doesn’t mind if the relationship with you ends, otherwise he would not have told you, and he even tells you he cannot break it up with his new girlfriend! I’d walk away now rather than hang on to a relationship that will only bring more heartache later on.

But on the feng shui side, you should do something about your SW toilet. This will definitely affect your love life, whether this relationship or future ones. Keep the toilet door shut, don’t use the toilet too much, and if you can, change apartments.


QFor the past couple of years I have coloured my hair blonde. My original hair colour is black. A friend of my mum has told her that dying one’s hair blonde is not good for life in general, karma etc… the friend didn’t really specify the facts. So I wonder whether this is true. I do like my blondish hair as I think it suits me & I’ve been given compliments for it. Thanking you in advance.


Ha ha ha where did that come from? Lillian Too has natural black hair and she has had her hair dyed into various shades of blonde and it has brought her nothing but good luck. As for good karma, this has nothing to do with the colour of your hair and everything to do with your actions. If you do kind deeds to others, your karma will be good no matter what colour your hair is.


QI’m new to feng shui and there are so many things that worry me. I’m working to bring some romance into my life, but my 8 year old son is sharing a bedroom with me. Do you think that can bring problems in getting a love life?


Of course not, but surely you cannot expect to invite anyone home or play fun and games with your 8 year old around? For the sake of privacy, not feng shui, it is a good idea to get a smaller room for your son. Whatever you decide on, just make sure you do not bring a boyfriend into the room with your son there. This brings bad feng shui!


QWe consulted a feng shui master and were told to put a pair of lions inside our house facing the main door, as we have a wall right in front of the main door. I was told that by placing the lions there, our finances and luck would improve. However nothing like this happened but on the other hand, my eldest son started to fall sick continuously up till now. Even his studies are affected with his ranking dropping from 1st to 34th. I am told the placing of the lions is wrong. If it is, then where should I place the lions?


Oh dear what kind of feng shui expert would recommend you to place lions indoors? Apart from this being very wrong, lions are also very extremely dangerous and not to be trifled with. Many feng shui masters prefer Fu Dogs or the Pi Yao for protecting the main door and these too are placed outside and never inside the house.

When you use fierce animals to protect, always remember that they can also turn on you. Even with Fu Dogs, there are different versions, and the ones that look like lions (with the curly mane) are said to be too fierce for residential houses. Generally when using lions to “protect” the home, it is better to place them OUTSIDE the house, looking out, rather than inside the house.

If you find things have changed for the worse since you displayed your lions, you better remove them as soon as possible. They are definitely harming you.


QI am born under the Tiger sign and am experiencing difficulty in life. It seems that I am failing in everything I want to do. I want to find a better job because I am not happy with my current one but I can’t find any. My main door is located in the Northeast and so is my kitchen. Please advise on what to do.

AOh poor you! The Tiger sign is very afflicted this year, so I’m not surprised things are not exactly smooth sailing. This year 2007 it is better to lie low, stick with the status quo and not make a big plunge such as changing jobs. Certainly if you need the money, don’t quit your current job just yet until you find something new. Things will improve next year so hang in there.


The other thing you mention about your kitchen being in the Northeast; because the NE is the Tiger direction, this is bad for you as your personal luck is negatively affected. Can you change the location of your kitchen? If you can’t, can you at least try not to do so much cooking there? You can prepare food there but move the cooking to another sector. Otherwise your luck will always be afflicted. Also your main door is also in the NE and this location is afflicted by the horribly harmful wu wang or five yellow. So my suggestion is that you place a five element pagoda there as soon as possible.


QI bought an image of white dragon and white tiger. They are made of ceramic and it is in picture frame. I have placed them on the wall of my dining room. I bought this for decoration. Does it mean anything? I am born under the Snake sign and my partner is a Boar living in the same house.


Tigers and other wild cats in the home are always dangerous. It is better to place the image outside the house. Tiger images in the home have been known to make certain people very powerful, but these individuals are usually born under the Tiger sign. For other animal signs it is better not to mess with the big cats. You could get hurt. Even with the four celestial animals that form the armchair formation, you are not encouraged to “activate” the Tiger side of the property (i.e. the right hand side from inside looking out). That is why when you choose a property, you usually try and find one where the land on the left is higher than the land on the right, so that it is the Dragon that dominates and not the Tiger. Also the dragon should never be white. It is either green, blue or golden, but never white.


QI have been practicing feng shui for the last one year and I have a live turtle. It is growing bigger and bigger. Since we are staying in a flat I really don’t know where to keep it. Secondly, a Hindu friend of mine told me that keeping a turtle in the house is very bad. Please advise me if I can leave the turtle in a nearby river. And what is the remedy for it.

AYes I would not encourage those of you living in apartments to keep a live turtle – apart from the obvious reasons of hygiene and cleanliness the turtle is usually unhappy living indoors. The turtle requires a garden environment, so here is what I suggest. Take him to a pond in nearby Botanical gardens and release him in there. Do make a special effort to find a suitable place to release him and also make sure it is a place where he can find food. Then say a prayer before letting him swim away. This is called liberating him and it is full of karmic merit.


QPlease help me. Please. I am a widower for 7 years. My youngest son being 14 years fell deeply in love with his classmate. They sms very often and each time we – my daughters and eldest son – talk to him, he would deny it. He was the top student over 358 students last year, but this love affair is hurting him in his studies and health. Please help me in any way feng shui can to stop this young boy from getting involved so young. I live abroad and I can’t come home, while my kids are in Malaysia. I beg for your help.

AOh dear this is life my dear. Instead of trying to stop him and making him try to bluff you or feel ashamed about it, why don’t you try to win his trust. There is nothing wrong with having friends of different genders and his poor grades are not because of the girl. It is because of the stress of keeping it quiet. Your son is growing up. Be understanding and help him. Being a good mother is not just about making your son get good grades. More important, it is also about making him feel mothered. If he weren’t so stressed out, I am sure his exam grades will start to improve again. By the way, his liking a girl does not mean his luck or yours is bad.


QI have dreamt of getting hit by arrow, first one on my right pointing finger, not much harm and no blood shed, just went into the thin skin and I immediately pulled it out, followed by another arrow hitting on my right back, next to the shoulder, there too I pulled it out too and in fact it couldn’t harm me. I was very calm and not scared at all. I just pulled out both arrows and remained cool. What does it say? Please advise. Thank you.

AWhat a nice dream. It means that whatever bad luck was coming to you has already done so and you have dealt with it courageously, so now it has no more power to hurt or harm you. So you can rejoice!


QI have a Himalayan salt lamp which I placed in the SW corner of my home. However a friend told me that in Feng Shui, salt lamps are bad. Is this true? 

ASalt is a powerful cleansing agent and it can have the properties of cleansing any space. That is why salt is used in space clearing rituals, particularly when you are moving into a new home, or you need to cleanse stagnant energy from a piece of old furniture or a property where something bad has just taken place such as an illness or a death. However, when using salt to cleanse, you always humbly ask permission from any spirits that may be lingering there still before using the salt; otherwise some people say you could anger the spirits.

Salt lamps on the other hand are extremely harmful and they do not even have the power to cleanse. Salt lamps will soak all your chi energy from you leaving you feeling listless and tired. Salt lamps absorb all the good energy from the room so I strongly recommend that you remove it. Otherwise you will feel your essence flowing out of you making you sick even. Surely you must already be feeling it already?