Aunt Agga Issue #66



I have bought a bronze fly on the horse. Where should I place it and if I buy 4d, toto or lottery, how do I go about it? Do I have to rub it or hang tickets on it or place below it?


The Fly sitting on a Horse carries the meaning of “mah shiong yeng” which means instant success. This is why it is favoured by those who play the lottery, as it represents instant wealth, which comes without having to do too much work. You can display it anywhere, although the best sector for the Horse is always the South sector. Hey let us know if you strike the lottery, and then tell us how you used it!


QIs it ok to place water plants (money plant and bamboo) in the Southwest corner of the worktable? And secondly, my South corner falls in the kitchen, how do I activate this sector for career success?


The SW is not such a great place for plants because it is an Earth sector, and plants are Wood energy, which destroys Earth. This is sure to affect your luck in love and in relationships. Better to put plants in the Southeast if career luck is what you are looking for. The SE is the sector for wealth and money luck, so if you enhance this sector, it will also boost your luck in your career. The South is for recognition luck, and is a Fire sector. The kitchen here is fine, as the kitchen symbolises Fire, which will only strengthen the chi of the South. But because kitchens are not generally considered “auspicious” areas of the house, you might want to activate the South corner of your living room with horses or birds or the colour red to boost success luck.


QI have a plan to change my car colour. It is a period 8 car. What colour do you suggest? And if I combine colours, what combination do you suggest?


Car colours are best chosen according to you Kua number. Choose a colour that produces the element of your Kua. If your Kua is 1, the best colours to have are metal colours like silver, white or gold. If you’re Kua 2,5 or 8, pick red or orange. If you’re Kua 3 or 4, pick blue or black. If you’re Kua 6 or 7, get an earth coloured car like brown, tan or cream. When you mix colour combinations, pick your colour according to what produces the element of your Kua AND the colour of the element of your Kua. E.g. if you’re Kua 1 (water) get a car in metal and water colour. Oh, and it doesn’t matter what “period” you buy your car in. Period is only for houses, not cars. Following the Kua method is best when it comes to car colours.


QI’m a beginner in learning naming skills. My question is simple. When we calculate the “stroke” of the name (Chinese name), should we use traditional character (use in HK and Taiwan) or simplified character (use in China)?


It depends on which Chinese you use when you write your child’s name. I would say use the simplified version as that is now becoming increasingly popular and it is likely that that is how modern children will write their names. While calculating the number of strokes is a good way to select auspicious names, you might also wish to check out the Paht Chee method which is more accurate as it advises on the element(s) needed to help the child in his/her journey through life.


QDo you have any feng shui advice to attract more friends into my life? I don’t have many sincere and close friends. I feel lonely most of the time. I need more close friends that I can share everything with.


Some people are born with the luck and personality to make many good friends; others have only a few good friends, and some have no friends at all! This depends on your karma, or heaven luck. However you CAN do something about it using symbolic feng shui. Find out what animal signs your horoscope allies and astrological secret friend belong to, then get a beautiful set of these animals and place in your own astrological animal sector. You can also wear your “allies and friends” as lucky charms on bracelets or carry them as amulets.

This will create “friendship” luck in your life. You yourself must also make the effort to be sociable and friendly. Have you considered trying the Internet? There are many social networking sites and online communities, which let you make friends from around the world. Try sites like and If you are too shy in real life this is a great way to make friends in the 21st Century! When you’re done cyberfriending, you can step out into the real world and make face-to-face friends.


QEver since we moved into this new house, we have been constantly having guests who stay for several weeks and sometimes months. It actually started two weeks after we moved in. My house is located in a cul-de-sac, and I wonder if it has something to do with that. I want to mention that I have already done everything I know to protect my house from poison arrows. I have never seen this problem addressed before. I bought so many books in the hope I might find a solution to this problem – so far nothing. Please help me because this has been going on for several years – this year is the 8th and the strain is too much. Can you help?


AI sort of do not understand your dilemma – surely guests can only stay if you invite them and if you do not want them to stay on, all you need do is tell them you will have to ask them to leave. There are many ways to do this in a nice way. I don’t think this is a feng shui problem and living in a cul-de-sac has nothing to do with your home being so popular. If you really want to stop guests coming, try placing water at the back of the house. Use an urn or a large wide rimmed flower pot.


QI’m planning to start a business with Michael as my business partner. My animal zodiac is Ox and Michael is a Dragon. Based on compatibility, we are not compatible. Michael’s wife is a Snake, which is very compatible with me. Due to this, we plan to register this business under my name and Michael’s wife’s name, but it will still be mainly me and Michael running the business, with minimal involvement from his wife. Can this still be considered as a compatible business partner?


You are not incompatible with the Dragon, so I wouldn’t worry. Your direct enemy is the Sheep, so going into business with a Sheep person would be bad for you. Actually, the Dragon person is very lucky in 2007, so going into partnership with a Dragon is a good thing. The Dragon actually enjoys better luck than the Snake in 2007, so it may be better if the business were in Michael’s and your name rather than his wife’s name. The important thing when it comes to business partnerships is who is involved in the business, rather than who is the paper owner of the business. Unless Michael has other reasons to make his wife the holding partner, it is better that the business is registered under his name. Good luck with your new venture!


QI love your column and I need your help. My son is very hot tempered and always fights with me. He’s born in the year of Tiger. I’ve placed yang water but we are still fighting. I’m born in the year of the Dog. Another problem is that my bed is placed near a window on the West side. On the East side is the toilet wall, which has the toilet bowl directly behind the East wall, so that’s why I cannot place my bed there. On the North wall, there’s a stove under it. On the South wall is the built-in cabinet. Which position is best for me? My husband is born in the year of the Sheep. I need your help as there’s a lot of tension in the house. My house is facing South. Thank you.

AOh dear, yang water is the worst thing you could be using to subdue any quarrelsome energies in your home. If family members are fighting a lot for no reason, it is probably due to the quarrelsome #3 star, which is a wood star. Placing yang water will only boost the energy of this star, so I would immediately remove the yang water from wherever you put it. Last year 2006 was a particularly quarrelsome year as the #3 star was in the center of the annual feng shui chart – excessive noise, movement or activity in the center of the house would have increased tempers and arguments. The good news for you is that in 2007 the #3 star moves out of the center sector, so its severity is reduced. In 2007 the #3 star flies to the Northwest, and because the NW is a metal sector, this controls it, as metal destroys wood.

Based on compatibility, your son and you are both in the same affinity triangle, so you ought to get along very well. That’s good news because your fights with him are probably only due to the flying stars. Your bed on the West side should be OK except it will get very hot with the afternoon sun if it is by the window. For better harmony in the home, position your bed so the head points to your husband’s Nien Yen direction. And you mention you have a stove against the North wall? I hope this is not in your bedroom? A stove has no place in the bedroom!

A tip for 2007: since you’re a Dog and your sector is afflicted by the quarrelsome star, carry a Wor Peng Peace amulet with you at all times. Your son who’s a Tiger will not be going through a good year, so you have to be more understanding. Any fighting is likely to be initiated by the Dog in a Tiger-Dog relationship this year, so make an extra effort to keep your cool. Place a Ksitigarba Staff in the NW sector to improve harmony and relationship luck.


QI received as a present – a light green multi-faceted crystal sphere that comes with a red hanging thread. I am just wondering what the green colour signifies and where/how should I hang it? I do not want to activate the wrong sector. Any advice?

AFacetted crystals balls and spheres are wonderful for creating rainbows in the home. If you hang near a window, the crystal will catch the light and throw a ton of rainbows in the room. It does not matter which sector you hang the crystal in, as when it catches the light, it makes rainbows in all the colours.

But if you want to be exact, green goes well in the East, Southeast and South sectors.