Aunt Agga Issue #113



Is the colour of the house number important? The current numbers are black, but I want to change them to a satin nickel colour. Is that okay?


Yes this should be fine. Black numbers are always safe. Metal-coloured numbers are also good, especially if your gate is located in the Metal sector – i.e. West and Northwest. The only colour that would be taboo for a house number would be red. Red lettering is generally used for houses of the dead, while houses of the living should always use dark-coloured lettering.


QAfter the crash of MH370 & MH17, I read from Lillian’s Facebook that the number 7 is a red number associated with blood and metal, indicating the broken soldier i.e. death and violence. My unit number ends with a 7 and after adding up all the 6 numbers it is still 7! My main door faces NORTH which is blue and 7 is red! I’m afraid that this clashes! I’m so afraid because I’ve used up all my savings to buy this unit and I cannot sell until I’ve met the minimum 5 year occupancy requirement. I’m an old lady with young adults living here.


My dear please do not fret! The number 7 is weakened by WATER energy and your apartment has exactly this situation – with water in the North by the entrance! All that is needed is to activate it with a water feature by your door entrance and then put this worry to rest. Good feng shui comes from many aspects of your home – the number of your house has lesser impact than the flying star and kua formula feng shui. What’s much more important is that you enter your house, eat and sleep according to your good Kua directions and ensure that your room is not afflicted by the Five Yellow, #7 or #2 illness star. If they are, then place the correct remedies and this will help with keeping your feng shui very healthy.


QMy partner (Horse) has started a new business this year and has created a website as a Personal Trainer. If he makes a logo with the picture of a Dragon, will that work and will it be beneficial for his business?

AThe Dragon is always an auspicious symbol, especially the Chinese Dragon. For the Horse, there is no astrological clash with the Dragon so he should be OK on this front. However, make sure the Dragon featured looks happy and healthy. Don’t use a thin or hungry looking Dragon. Good luck with the new business venture. The logo will not be the only thing determining success, but it is most certainly a start and I wish him luck and good wishes!


QPlease let me know if planting a bamboo tree in the Southeast of the living room and dining room is OK or not. I would also like to plant some to the right of my main door inside the house. Thank you in advance!


Bamboo plants are always lucky as long as you maintain them well and do not allow them to grow wild. The bamboo symbolizes longevity and resilience. In the Southeast the bamboo will enhance the growth energy of the sector, helping to boost prosperity and wealth luck for the household. But bamboo that is not maintained well can have the opposite effect, so be sure you do not allow leaves that have turned brown to stay on your bamboo plant, or for it to grow out of control.


QWe live in Hong Kong and our apartment is small. Once I open the door, there is my dining table (from door to table only 6 feet), and behind the table against the wall is our fish tank. I know it’s not good to have the dining table directly facing the table – but what can be done here?


Small spaces are always a challenge especially in metropolitan cities where the apartments are so small! In your case it might be better to move the fish tank so that it is facing the door, and then place your dining between the table and the door. Place a bowl of ingots on your dining table to slow down the chi and let it settle on your dining table.



QI work in an office where we compete every year to obtain the best results. I know this is not good a year for my sign (I’m a Boar) but I would dearly love to show my bosses what I’m capable of, as there will be an opportunity for promotion towards the end of the year. What I can do to help my results and win the promotion.


No year is all good or all bad, so even if this may not be ideal for the Boar in terms of feng shui indications, it does not mean you should stop striving for the very best. You have a good attitude, and if there is a promotion you can gain, by all means you should go for it. Time your actions so you go all out to impress your bosses when you have monthly luck on your side – you can tell which are your good months from your Fortune and Feng Shui 2014 book. You should also display a Monkey sitting on a Horse on your work desk, to give you the energies needed to win that promotion; this is a potent enhancer for promotion luck. Get yourself a Popularity Scarf which will help ensure that you are well-liked by everyone you meet and work with – it also contains special mantras that enhances your power of speech so ideas and suggestions you put forward are well met. Wishing you every success and keep up the fighting spirit!


QI am a female Sheep and our toilet area is in Southwest. I know this is NOT good feng shui but I can’t change this. We don’t have a lot of income so moving or changing this is not an option. My marriage is also under a lot of strain as my husband is our sole breadwinner and we are struggling financially. My husband is a Horse. Please help.


Oh dear… having a toilet in the SW is a triple whammy for you because the SW is not only your Sheep location, it is also the palace of the Matriarch and the palace of marriage. The good news is that both you and your husband are soulmates – the Horse and Sheep form the House of Passion together so your bond is very strong. Nevertheless even the strongest bonds can come apart if both your luck are afflicted. If you are renting I really advise you to find a new place to live and make sure that the SW and NW corners are not afflicted with toilets or kitchens! If you cannot move then you MUST strengthen the SW corner of your bedroom, living room and dining rooms. Place crystals and bright light in the SW corners and keep the light turned on. This will help tremendously with your personal luck and strengthen your marriage. Invite beautiful images of the Sheep and Horse and place them together in the SW corners of your home. Keep the toilet door closed at all times.


QI just wanted to know; as the monthly stars change monthly, can you re-use the cures from month to month? As buying new ones each month is just too expensive.


Each year it is adviseable to bring in a new set of cures for the annual stars and to keep these cures in their relevant sectors for the duration of the year. In addition to the annual stars however, it is also important to control afflictive month stars that fly into sectors frequently used in the home, as well as sectors housing important areas such as the main door, master bedroom, and dining room. It is OK to move your monthly cures from sector to sector as the stars change each month, as long as your base cures for the annual stars are kept in place. When the new year comes around however, it is better to get new cures as the effect of the annual stars usually differ from year to year, depending on the year’s other charts. It is also good to change the cures for new ones after a year’s duty, similar as to how it is auspicious to refresh one’s wardrobe with new clothes from time to time.