Aunt Agga Issue #57



I have the I-Ching coin placed behind my money inside my wallet as told by the salesperson in order to boost income/money. However, I don’t see any money coming in as I keep spending money. Is there anything wrong?


Is your I-Ching coin a set of three coins tied with red thread? A single I-Ching coin will not be as effective as a set of three, which symbolizes the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind luck. Your coins also need to be energized by the red thread (or gold thread) for it to come alive and to attract money into your life. Other good ways to boost your income and money luck is to wear the nine-eyed Dzi, or to keep your cash in a wealth wallet energized with a Dragon image. Also, you should always ensure your wallet is never empty of cash.


QPlease give me some tips on how to deflect the bad chi of the toilet right above our main entrance door. The front door is in the SW sector in a S 2/3 Period 8 house. Thank you.


Shine a bright light up at the ceiling just inside your main door. This will elevate the chi that is pressing down from the toilet located above. Secondly, is it possible to shift your main door to the South sector? The stars in the South sector are extremely auspicious. You have the double 8 water and mountain stars here, which brings you good luck in all areas of your life. If you cannot, try to activate the South sector with a natural crystal feature to enhance the auspicious mountain stars, and a bubbling water feature like an aquarium or indoor table waterfall or rolling ball water feature to enhance the water star 8.


Q I will have a baby boy in June 2005. Is it true that when naming my son, the name should contain water element as this year is the year of the wood rooster?


When choosing an auspicious name for your son, you should look at his Paht Chee chart when he is born, not just the elements of the year. His Paht Chee or Four Pillars chart will contain not just information on the year he is born in, but info on his month, day and hour of birth. Only then will you know his personal element and what is missing from his chart. You can use our online Four Pillars calculator to check his Paht Chee once he is born. Congratulations!



QMy main concern is my boyfriend’s mother who does not like me since the first meeting. At that time, she just saw me and already concluded that her son will not do well if he is with me. However, my boyfriend and I still carried on without our parents’ knowledge for the past 3 years. As we have been thinking of settling down, is there a way to improve this “bad” karma and let our relationship improve?

AWell, first you need to ask yourself whether you really love this guy or not. Is he prepared to build a future with you despite his mother being against the union? If he is, then it could work, but if he is highly influenced by his family, you may be setting yourself up for a life of heartbreak. Talk to your boyfriend of your concerns. Watch his reactions. You will probably need to work harder than usual to make things work if his family is not supportive of the relationship. But what about your family, do they like him as a possible son-in-law? To improve things for you, wear a symbol of the mystic knot either as a jewellery piece or carry one as an amulet. The mystic knot not only fosters love and relationship luck, it also smoothes away obstacles and hindrances to your happiness. See if this helps you. I hope you can find happiness together.


QI have a piano and a set of entertainment system including a TV, CD player and so on. I am not sure what element(s) they belong to in order to place them at the right corner(s). Please help. Thank You Very Much.

AHi-fi equipment usually falls under the metal element, and the best sectors to place them are either in the West or Northwest. If your piano is made of wood, the best sectors to locate it are in the East, Southeast or South. However, because all these make sound, try to avoid placing them in sectors that contain the quarrelsome #3 star, based on the natal chart of your home and also according to the location of the annual stars. Equipment that makes a lot of noise like radios and stereos will aggravate quarrelsome energies and problems with the authorities and with the law when it activates the #3 stars.


QWe have our toilet in the southwest. We could not possibly afford not to use it. I have placed a 5-rod wood windchime in this area. Would that help? Kindly advice my friends and I living in this apartment, as we have not found any boyfriends yet. Our ages range from 27-37 so we are so ready for a long-term relationship.

AThe toilet in the Southwest is a big barrier against your ability to settle down with a suitable guy who will make you happy. The one thing you could do is mirror up the door of the toilet to make it “disappear”, and try to use that toilet seldom as you can. The wooden chime you have placed there will help kill off the bad chi there, but then you need to energize the SW sector of your bedrooms or living rooms to re-create the relationship chi, which you have destroyed there. The best really is to have the toilet removed if you can. Depends also on how important it is for you to have a relationship and settle down. If it is important enough to you, this sacrifice may be worth making.