Aunt Agga Issue #74



Is it true that not all fountains work to activate the water star #8 for luck? Does it really have to be made from natural materials and does it really need a crystal ball to be effective? How about water features made from resin where the flow of water is just cascading downwards?


Water features with moving “yang” water are excellent activators for the water star #8. However, some water features are more auspicious than others because of the way they have been designed. The most important aspect of your water feature to consider is that if it has a cascade of water coming down, the water should appear to be flowing towards the inner realms of your home, and not flowing outwards. Water that appears to flow outwards could cause you to lose money!

To answer your question, no, the water feature does not need to be made of “natural materials” or to have a crystal ball to be effective. Rolling crystal balls however are a popular wealth energizer for businesses, as it symbolizes great turnover, especially when the ball appears to turn smoothly and unobstructed.

It is also extremely auspicious to add a symbol of wealth or good fortune to your water feature to make it even more effective. Popular symbols include the celestial dragon and the wealth Deity Dzambala .


QThe Water Department without our permission dug in our front yard at the North side of our house earlier in 2009. Since then, my wife has caught the cold after cold, and recently my son had fallen face first at childcare, losing two front teeth. What can we do to stop the bad affliction?


Since you cannot undo the past, the best thing to do now is to display a large 5 element bell in the North part of your home. Place a big one outside, in the North area where the digging took place, and a smaller one in the North corner of your living room. Also display Kwan Kung’s nine ring sword to protect yourselves from the 5 yellow affliction. You can also wear this symbol as jewellery or carry as a keychain.


QI live in a log cabin style home. The interior walls are mostly all wood. The ceiling has wooden supporting beams. My house faces west. Does having too much wood exhaust the energy of the house?


If your house faces West, it sits East, which actually makes it a Wood element house. Therefore there should be nothing wrong with your cabin home. As for your exposed supporting beams on your ceiling, these are part of the design so these are not as bad as the very large structural beams of multi-storey buildings and apartment blocks. Nevertheless, if you can, try not to sleep directly under a beam.


QI have read many articles about activating love luck. Now for married couples, are we suppose to activate this kind of luck? Would activating make our marriage stronger or will it cause us to have extramarital affairs?


There are different kinds of love luck one can activate, and as a married couple, you should be activating the kind of luck that will make your marriage grow stronger. Symbols of togetherness such as the double happiness sign is wonderful for married couples, as it indicates love and happiness as a duo for a long time to come. Mandarin ducks are also excellent in this same way; these ducks are said to be so faithful to one another that they live their lives together and when one passes on, the other one does too, of a broken heart.

Love activators to avoid are peonies – these are fantastic in the SW public areas of houses with young daughters of marriageable age, but not so good for older couples, as it arouses opportunities for passion; so if one partner in the marriage cannot keep up, it opens the door to a third party. But if both husband and wife are as amorous as each other, this isn’t such a big problem.

But to avoid extramarital affairs, be sure to avoid the taboos. Do NOT have water on the right hand side of the main door, inside looking out. Do NOT have a prominent water feature in any sectors featuring the 4,1 or 1,4 combination in your flying star natal chart.


QI am a man and my girlfriend bought shoes for me when she went overseas. What must I do as if I do not wear them she would be unhappy. Is it OK to receive shoes as gifts? Thank you.


Shoes usually make good gifts for young children from older relatives, as it symbolizes them “finding their feet” in the world. However for adults, when your partner buys you a pair of shoes, it can be interpreted as kicking you in the face. So just as with gifts of fancy pen knives, letter openers and such, it is better you pay her a token sum for the shoes so that you “buy” them from her rather than receiving them as a gift. A dollar will do.



QIs a rectangular table with 3 legs considered bad feng shui? Meaning one of the corners does not have a leg.Thank you.


If I were looking to buy a table, I wouldn’t choose a rectangular one with three legs as how you describe. Even if reinforced so the 3 legs give enough support, visually it will still look unbalanced, like when you place something heavy on the corner without the leg, the table might give. Such “art pieces” may look cool in a museum or gallery, but they don’t bring very good feng shui to the home.


QMy husband for 30 years has been living a double life for 17 years and I just found out about it at the beginning of this year. I left him and we had a legal separation. He has asked for forgiveness and I also want him back as 30 good years is hard to forget. He was mad with me because in his books, I am the one who left and broke our vows. He is living with the other woman now and I told him that we should give ourselves a chance to make things right and try it again.

Deep in my heart, I love him and I asked him to let go of the other woman who happens to be my sister-in-law and is currently going through a divorce with her husband, my husband’s brother. My husband claims that he fathered the last son that my brother-in-law claims also, and they are in court now.

AThis is a very complicated situation and I have no perfect answers or advice for you; but there is one thing you have to face if you want him back and this is that he is unlikely to leave the other woman.It is obvious he still has feelings for her (for whatever reason). It sounds like he is prepared to take you back but not at the expense of the other woman. Men are like that you know; they will not give up the other woman if they can… unfortunately this is something you have to face. You are a Rabbit and so this year is really strong for you but come next year, the Rabbit will have the carpet pulled from under your feet… and then what? Your husband can also be unfaithful again this time to BOTH of you ladies… a leopard cannot change his spots, so if you take him back you must be prepared to face this possibility. My advice? Well, he is a Horse, so this year is not so good for him, hence the domestic problems he is facing and also his court case with his brother.

If you really want him back, accept him with all his baggage! If you want him back simply because you fear being alone, you will surprised how well you can cope alone if you only give yourself a chance… If you do decide to take him back, use all the feng shui symbols of love in your bedroom and place an amethyst under your bed below his feet and tied with a red string to the bed post. Good luck!


QI’ve heard that snow-white colour is good, while ivory-white brings bad luck. Is it true? My new bedding (including sheet, blanket cover and pillow case) is ivory-white in colour. Will it impact on my health or business luck?


Never heard of that! Usually these different shades of the same colour are just names given to differentiate the subtle nuances between the shades. Where did you hear this myth? Some people do not believe in ivory because they believe it is cruel, since ivory is usually obtained by poaching and killing elephants. But ivory white colour has nothing really to do with ivory, apart from the colour, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Off-whites and creams are in fact great colours to use for bedspreads and in the bedroom, as they have been proven to be restful, allowing the occupants good nights sleep. Stark snow white however would remind me of the sanitary clean white sheets of hospitals. So between the two colours, I think ivory white’s the better choice!


QI am looking to buy a condo but the unit that I like is on the 14th floor #14 i.e. 1414. To the Chinese, this number is the ultimate taboo. What should I do?

ASome Chinese do not like numbers containing the number 4 because in Cantonese it sounds phonetically like the word “to die”. However, in feng shui numerology, there is no such negative link to the number 4. In fact, the combination of 4 and 1 is generally thought of as a good one! 4 and 1 together is especially favourable for students and those pursuing academic and research oriented lines of work. It is also believed to be extremely lucky for those looking to attract passion and romance into their lives. If you really like the unit you are looking at, I wouldn’t let the numbers scare you away. BUT if you feel strange about it, then pass on it and look for another condo.