Aunt Agga Issue #114



I had to dismantle my water fall feature as it stopped working. I feel that this is a bad sign omen as I’ve started to lose money and lose my things!


These things happen! Even the best quality waterfall pumps break down every now and then so all you have to do is to replace it. From what you say I can tell that the water fall has been helping you and now that it’s broken you should replace it as soon as possible and things should improve again.


QMy family is fighting a lot and there has been very little peace and harmony around here. Please help!


As Lillian and Jennifer predicted in their Fortune and Feng Shui books, this is a year filled with hostility as there are so many conflict stars in the chart and too much fire energy. Not surprised that your house so quarrelsome! You can help reduce this by placing crystal balls in your house – this will absorb hostility vibes and make things smoother. Earth also exhausts the excessive FIRE energy. I advise your family members to carry the Peace Amulet as this will also reduce the quarrelling.


QAunt Agga I have a main door that is split into two halves – the upper and lower half that can be opened and closed separately. I use to have it completely opened during the day. Does the fact of the door being split up into two have a bad influence on the incoming chi?

AOh dear. I don’t like the sound of this half-door at all! A half door does not function like a main door- it’s more like a window – only half the chi comes in! Also split doors suggest instability and incomplete luck. I suggest replacing this with a proper door. Leaving it half open only allows half the chi to come in but I wouldn’t suggest leaving it completely open as that is not safe! So my recommendation is to get a completely new door and if you would like to keep it open so that air and light can come in easily, then get a metal grill that can be closed/locked and leave the door open.


QI’m an Ox and this is the first time I did not pray go to the temple to pray to Tai Sui this year. I regret this now as 2014 has been very difficult year for me; my car broke down 3 times and sales has been bad. I’m really afraid of losing my job. I was told it’s because I didn’t pray to the Tai Sui. Is it still too late to pray to the Tai Sui for help?


Normally there are four animal signs each year that have the potential to “offend” the Tai Sui. In 2014 these are the Horse, Rat, Rabbit and Rooster. These four animals should supplicate his help by carrying his amulet and if possible, paying respects to the Tai Sui at the temple. But the Ox is exempt from this as you do not have this affliction, so your problems are not related to the Tai Sui. The Ox however has an obstacle year that stem from bad stars in your palace – the nasty 7 star (that makes people betray you and cause robbery and violence) and three other unfavourable 24 mountain stars – the sitting 3 killings, Yearly killings and Yin House star. I’m not surprised you’re having such a tough time, you poor thing! You must get the right cures for these. Carry the anti-burglary charm key ring that we make, and place the cures for the #7 star in the Northeast. Wear the HRIH syllable as that will help dispel much of the conflict and problems you will encounter. The good news is that the Ox will have a much better year next year and this year is coming to an end soon! Cheer up


QI have a lovely family – a wonderful husband and two lovely daughters and I’m expecting another soon – 5 months pregnant! We live in an apartment but we are looking to move into a house, mainly because our neighbour – an old lady on the floor beneath us – complains to the manager about us being too noisy. She complains my children are too loud and I’ve been told that she hates children! But I’m afraid to move while pregnant. What is your advice?


Congratulations on your lovely news about being pregnant! How wonderful for you and your family! I don’t advise moving yet as it’s not a good idea to be moving while you are pregnant. I suggest offering incense to the local spirits around you and ask them to help keep this nosy neighbour peaceful with you. Wait until you have had your baby and the first month is over before you move. It is fine to start looking for a place but don’t exhaust yourself too much. Wear amulets when visiting potential rental places as you do not want to accidently “chong” or clash with spirits in places you are not familiar with.



QI’m buying a new car (I’m a Fire Sheep). I would like the colour Green but this is not available – only white, blue and black. Which of these are good for me? Also the new registration in the UK will be 64 – is this bad luck or should I consider getting a private registration plate?


64 is very good – they both add up to TEN so you get the SUM OF TEN effect which is excellent! While this may be true you should know that the 82 or 28 Sum of Ten is more auspicious for you simply because the 2 is the number of the SW (your location) and is also the indirect spirit of the Period of 8! As for the colour of your car, I highly recommend either Red or Yellow, but none of these are the colours available to you. Blue or Black represent the elements of WATER, and generally this is not good for Fire Sheep, as water will douse your fire and clash with earth. White represents Metal – better than black or blue but not great as metal exhausts you. Perhaps this is a sign you should choose a different car!


QMy husband & I are both Dogs born in 1982. We have 2 baby girls Ox 2009, Rabbit 2011. We would like a baby boy. Is 2015 a good year for us to have a baby? We have not been successful in conceiving this year.


Having a Sheep child has pros and cons for your family. The Dog and Sheep are not allies or friends in the Zodiac cycle. Both are earth signs and this can cause what astrologers call a “side clash”. Nevertheless a Sheep child will get along very well with your Rabbit daughter, but not your Ox daughter as the Ox and Sheep are direct zodiac enemies! So weighing the pros and cons up, the Sheep child is not likely to add a positive dynamic to your family UNLESS you have other animals in your paht chee charts that harmonize with the Sheep. I’m sorry to say that the Monkey (2016), Rooster (2017) and Dog (2018) are also not great choices for your family, but the BOAR would be excellent addition! The boar is the Domestic friend of the Dog, the ally of the Rabbit and the Seasonal friend of the Ox! Lots of pros here except that the Boar year is five years away…can you wait that long?


QI’m a Monkey and I know that my luck is getting good according to feng shui astrology – I can already feel it! I’m now looking for a new job and would like advice on what amulet to carry, so that I won’t be hit by inauspiciousness. Please can you suggest something?


Yes indeed the Monkey is entering a series of good luck years and definitely now is a right time to find a new job if your current one isn’t working out. I can think of several amulets that can be useful. You can get the GOOD INCOME TALISMAN or the GOD OF WEALTH AMULET. These are excellent good luck charms that will help improve your luck. I also recommend activating your North Sector with a water feature as this galvanise your career luck.