Aunt Agga Issue #56



I have a painting of 100 children. Where should I hang this picture? We have been married for more than 2 years now, but we have no kid yet.


The sector that governs the luck of descendants and children is the WEST sector. By energizing this sector, you increase the chances of conceiving. So you should hang your 100 children painting in the West sector of your home, or the West wall of your living room. Other enhancers you can use which have brought quick results for other couples wanting to conceive are the pink crystal lotus, glitter lamps in five colours, a pair of elephants, and pomegranates. You should also position your bed that you share with your husband such that the head of the bed is pointed towards his NIEN YEN direction.


QI’m a room renter. I would like to know what I could do to enhance my luck using only my room. For your info I do not have my own kitchen or any of those other things an apartment for a single person should have, just a room in the apartment as my own personal space.


The best way to start is by using the Kua formula. With your kua number, you will be armed with your four good directions and your four bad directions. Try to position your bed in your room such that the head of it is pointed to one of your auspicious directions. If you want success and money, try to have it pointed to your Sheng Chi direction. For health, use your Tien Yi direction. For love, relationships and children, use your Nien Yen direction. For study and personal development, tap your Fu Wei direction.

If you have a study desk in your room as well, do the same here. Position it such that you sit facing one of your auspicious directions. Other things you need to do to improve the feng shui of your room is to ensure you don’t have poison arrows pointed to where you sleep or sit. Do not sleep with your legs pointed directly towards the door into your room. Do not have exposed mirrors in your room where you sleep. There are a hundred other things you can do to improve the feng shui of your personal space, but the tips here are the basic things you need to get right to ensure you don’t suffer from bad feng shui. Good luck!


Q How do I decorate for a 50th wedding anniversary. Is there a good feng shui symbol to enhance the hall?



Wow, well first off I need to congratulate the two of you! That is fabulous to have stayed with each other so long. You obviously have good relationship and family feng shui and are each other’s soul mates. The mere fact you’ve been together so long and about to celebrate that fact shows your feng shui is already pretty good. Symbols you can use to decorate or theme your anniversary celebrations are the double happiness symbol which symbolizes a longevity to your love, the mystic knot which brings good things into your life so you never need to face obstacles and difficulties of great magnitude and the longevity symbol, to wish the both of you many more happy years together.


QI bought a 9 Eye DZI from WOFS recently and would like to clarify a few things: 1. Do I need to soak it in salt water before wearing it? 2. Must I wear it all the time or can I take it off when I’m doing housework or bathing? 3. The bracelet is a little loose with 18 crystal beads. Can I make it shorter and if yes, how many beads must I keep?

AThe nine-eyed Dzi is a powerful amulet that will remove obstacles and attract wealth and riches into your life. To answer your question, no, you do not need to soak the beads in salt water before wearing it. You don’t need to wear it all the time, although the more you wear it, the more you benefit from it. And lastly, it doesn’t matter how many beads it is strung with, so if it is loose for your wrist, it is perfectly fine to remove some beads and have it restrung to fit you. May it bring lots of good things into your life!


QPlease help me with this if you can. My daughter and I share a bedroom, and she has been lately so disobedient, wilful, naughty, throwing tantrums and crying easily. How can I help cure this? We have always shared a room and bed, her whole life (4 years).

AThere are many reasons why a child can suddenly become wilful, headstrong or difficult. For some, it is just a developmental stage they are going through. Or perhaps since she is four and starting at playschool she is facing separation anxiety when she leaves you to go to school. A feng shui symbol that will help you keep her in check is the 7 Level Pagoda. This pagoda makes children more obedient and helps to motivate them to study or behave. Place one in the West sector of the room that you share. Also, people’s moods change and vacillate depending on the astrological influences in their chart; more so with children as they are so pure and are not as in control of their moods and feelings as adults may be. As long as you are careful not to “spoil” your child by letting her get away with too much, I don’t think you need to over worry.