Aunt Agga Issue #55



I learnt from your Travel Safe article about protective amulets and have bought a crystal Wu Lou and hung it in my car, but unfortunately, I broke the windscreen and the Wu Lou. Am I having a bad luck?


It sounds like you escaped a nasty accident. Luck is relative. Feng shui can be used to turn good luck into fabulous luck, but when one already has some intrinsic bad luck in store (from karma, astrological influences, bad flying stars, etc), protecting yourself with protective amulets helps you overcome the bad luck unharmed. If you were meant to have an accident, by carrying the correct cure with you, you may not be able to prevent the accident completely but you can lessen its consequences.

So don’t worry, you will survive whatever bad luck you are facing. Everyone goes through good and bad patches through life, this may be a low time for you, but at least you know how to do something about it to improve things!


QI’m tired of being single. I wish I could find a partner but I haven’t managed to so far. All the people around me have their own partners, but I don’t. Besides that, my mother is always asking me to find a partner.


I’m not sure you are looking for a life partner for the right reasons. Do you want a partner because of the pressure from your peers and from your mother, or because you are really ready to share your life with someone? If you’re looking for a partner of convenience, not only will that make it harder for you to find one for you are not being sincere in your motives, the likelihood of you ending up happy is small.

If however you really do want to find a soul mate you can share your life with, you can use the Peach Blossom method of activating marriage luck. This method depends on what animal sign you were born under. Here goes:

If you’re an Ox, Rooster or Snake, place a figurine of a HORSE in the South.
If you’re a Rat, Dragon or Monkey, place a figurine of a ROOSTER in the West.
If you’re a Rabbit, Sheep or Boar, place a figurine of a RAT in the North.
If you’re a Tiger, Horse or Dog, display a RABBIT figurine in the East.

This has proven to work in so many cases, but remember, this method activates for long term relationships, not casual flings and one-night-stands! So be sure its what you want before activating away. Good luck in your quest and I wish you much love and happiness.


Q I’m sitting with a square pillar behind me in my office. It’s designed such that I am unable to change the position. How can I rectify this, as I’m encountering back pain quite often since moving here. Please help and advise.


Yours is the classic poison arrow situation. It is worse if your desk is located such that an edge of the pillar is hitting directly at your back. If you are sitting with your back facing one of the flat sides, it is not so harmful. In this case, the thinner the pillar, the more harmful. Can you camouflage the pillar with a leafy plant? If real plants can’t survive indoors in your office, could you get a fake leafy one?


It is important that you either move your desk away from the line of fire, or camouflage this poison arrow, otherwise sooner or later it will not just be your back that suffers from it. It will bring you problems in your job, your career and your work, as well as in other areas of your life.

Another remedy is to wrap the pillar in mirrors, but unless you own the office, this may not be such an easy cure.


QYou said that you should never have any water feature to the right of the front door inside facing out, because this causes infidelity and problems for married couples. I live in an apartment and my kitchen sink is to the right of my front door. Unfortunately, I cannot change that. What should I do?

AYou’ll be happy to know that a kitchen sink is not considered a water feature. Water features that do the most harm on the right hand side of your front door are waterfalls, water fountains and water features with a lot of life and movement such as aquariums and bubbling features. Also ponds and pools so you shouldn’t need to worry too much.

However, if your mind is still not at ease, try not to keep the tap running too long, and arm yourself with marriage fidelity symbols to protect your marriage, such as the double happiness symbol, the longevity symbol together with the dragon and phoenix, or use an amethyst crystal slab tied with red string under the bed you share.


QI am stumped about the best place to put my bed. I’ve decided that there needs to be a change, because my husband usually has difficulty sleeping in our bedroom, and is actually more likely to fall asleep on the sofa. Currently, the bed faces West. Since my husband and my Kua number is 4, isn’t West unlucky? The problem is that I cannot place the bed facing East because it will be in front of a built in wall closet. I cannot place it North because the bedroom entrance is located there. If I place it SE, it sits underneath a window and would be in a direct line to the master bathroom door. Finally, if I place it S, the foot of the bed faces the door. Did I mention that our bedroom is at the end of a 15-foot hallway? It seems like a no win situation. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

AOh dear, it sounds like you have few options open to you. You will need to slow down the chi coming to the bedroom by hanging paintings on the walls of the corridor. Or perhaps place a small side table if the corridor is wide enough. I can suggest that you hang a mandala painting along the corridor to slow down the chi effectively and transform it into good chi at the same time. As for the placement of the bed, I would suggest that you place it under the window to capture the SE direction that is good for KUA 4 people… and at night, sleep with the curtains drawn. As to it being in direct line of the door, place a screen between bed and door and that should solve the problem.


QForgive me if my question here sound stupid and please don’t laugh. My friend has 5 cats staying with her. 4 of them are black. What do you say? Is black cat means anything bad in feng shui? One of her male cat is suffering difficulty in urinating/bladder problem. She went to the vet clinic, unfortunately the cat still can’t urinate as normal. She makes the cat wear (around the cat’s neck) crystal bracelet – bloodstone and wu lou jade as the pendant. What I want ask is can our beloved pets wear crystal bracelet.

AI must confess this question poses something of a challenge. Cats are lucky and black cats are fine… and I have to say that good feng shui also works for cats. As to wearing jewellery – well that too sounds acceptable. But to cure the cat of his urinary problem, you might want to try strengthening the chi of its kidney through feng shui. Kidneys belong to the water element and to strengthen the cat’s water element, let the cat wear something metallic perhaps the mystical knot, since metal produces water. Try this solution and let us know how the cat feels after about two weeks.