Aunt Agga Issue #135


Q I am renting an apartment which has beams on the ceiling. I can’t do a false ceiling to cover it. The lease contract is just for another 6 months and after that I can move out. But for now I was thinking of using white cloth to cover the beam and act as false ceiling. Will it help?

AYes, you are right to be concerned about the beams. Your suggestion of covering it up with a white cloth is a good temporary measure which can really help. I’ve had many people tell me that this solution has made a huge change to their luck – so please do go ahead and implement this solution for the time being. But ultimately, try to live in a place that does not have this problem.


QMy husband is currently engaged in a fierce lawsuit with someone and we need help in winning this case. The fees are already costing us a lot and his energy is being drained. What can I do to improve my chances of victory?

AOh dear… I’m very sorry to hear this. All patriarchs are afflicted with the #3 star this year, so first thing to do is to place a suitable remedy in the NW corner of the house. This is the Nine Deity Plaque which should be placed in the NW corner of his office and home. The #3 is often the culprit that brings lawsuits so disarm this star immediately! Turn the lights in the NW room where the #3 star is located and keep the lights on daily. I also suggest inviting the image of Wealth King Gesar and Dusum Sangye Guru Rinpoche into your home. Offer tea to both Buddhas and make strong prayers to King Gesar and Guru Rinpoche to help you prevent this hostility from getting any worse. King Gesar’s mantra is OM BENZA MAHA GURU MANI RATNA SIDDHI PALA HUNG. For the Dusum Sangye prayer, please consult Chant a Mantra.


QCan I renovate the NE part of my house if I’m not staying there? We have a house – we have not been living there (moved out 2 years ago) but the pool in the NE needs fixing as we want to sell this property.

AThe Northeast location has the 5 Yellow this year and any digging or banging in this location is not recommended even if you are not staying there. You will find that as soon as you start disturbing this area, obstacles will start to follow and renovation will be slow and difficult. If you can wait, I suggest doing this renovation next year when the energy has moved. Meanwhile you can still do renovation in the rest of the house that isn’t afflicted with the 5 Yellow, Grand Duke Jupiter (Southwest) and Three Killings (South).


QI have had a few dreams of a lady ghost following me but in my dream I keep hiding and getting away from her. What does this mean and how can I stop having these dreams?

AThis could be a friend or relative from a past life trying to make contact with you. Sometimes people from our past (current and past lives) try to make contact with us to warn us of something or to ask us for a request. If the lady is not scary, then perhaps you should ask her (in your dream) what she wants from you. Or, it could also be a wandering spirit playing tricks on you. Whatever it is, there is no need to be afraid of this. If you can’t control what you do in your dream, then the best is to chant the mantra of the goddess TARA and imagine yourself coming under her protection. Chant her mantra every night before you sleep, and greater clarity will come to you. Either you will discover her purpose for having these dreams, or you will cease having these dreams altogether.


QI found an apartment in a great location, for a very affordable price to buy, but the problem is that it faces North. I’m a divorced lady so it’s just my daughter and me living here and both of us are Kua 8 (west group), and North is not good for us. Also, I’ve just noticed that the Southwest corner of the whole building is missing in the 7th floor (where this apartment is located). Is there a cure for this as I really would like to own this place?

AMy dear, it’s really not worth buying this apartment no matter how cheap or good the location. The feng shui does not sound great for the two of you. North is your 5 Ghosts direction – staying in this place will only cause the both of you a lot of stress! And definitely if the SW is missing, you and your daughter will suffer greatly in your relationships. You won’t be able to find someone to keep you company and your health will suffer. Your daughter will also have problems in her relationships with others. Give this apartment a miss. It’s not worth it.



QThe CEO of the company where I work is a womaniser. He expects sexual favours from his female subordinates and he is also very terrorising. How do I keep myself safe from his advances? I live in a small town with very few job opportunities and although I would like to change jobs, I just can’t. Help!

AHow awful and dangerous for you to be in this situation! If you can report him to the police, or change jobs then this is probably the best option. Meanwhile, here are some strategies that can help you. Firstly, make sure that you are seated facing one of your good directions (in the office and at home). Facing bad directions makes you vulnerable to harm, and this includes harm coming from those in the work place. I suggest that you wear the amulet of TARA, and the scarf of RED TARA everyday while you are at work. Chant the mantra of TARA – OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA and she will protect you. Avoid any late nights at the office and never put yourself in a situation where you have to be alone with your CEO. Enlist a friend or colleague to be with you when you have meetings regarding work. Good luck, and if you pray to Tara, there is a good chance you will find a new work place that does not have this problem!


QIs it better to have a small little cute tattoo of a dog, fish or bird on the wrist or should I have a fiery dragon in the ankle?

AWhen choosing animal tattoos be very mindful of the astrological affinity the animal has with you. By this I mean do not select an animal that is your zodiac enemy. For example, if you are born in the year of the Dog, do not tattoo the sign of the Dragon on any of your body parts otherwise it can cause you to experience relationship problems with others. Better to tattoo an animal sign that is your zodiac ally. So if you’re a Dog, tattoo the Horse or Tiger. The other thing to do is to check your Paht Chee chart and ensure that you do not incur a “selfpenalty” by introducing an animal sign that doubles. For example, when one has the two Roosters in their chart, they incur a self-penalty. So if you already have one Rooster in your chart, tattoing another Rooster onto our wrist will introduce a second Rooster, activating a self-penalty. As to the location of the tattoo, both places are fine but never tattoo sacred images and mantras on your ankles, feet and legs.


QWhat is the best item to have for my daughter’s bedroom if taking an important exam?

AFor your daughter, work out her Kua number and orientate her study desk so that she can face her good direction while she is studying. You can activate good examination luck by placing auspicious symbols of scholarship on your desk. I highly recommend she always carry a crystal inscribed with the Wisdom Mantra, and also place the Carp Jumping over the Dragon Gate on the desk – this will help her attain academic excellence. The 7 Level Pagoda is also a wonderful protection remedy to guard against any distractions while studying.