Aunt Agga Issue #155


Q “My wife (Boar) and I (Rooster) are trying for another child after we shifted to a new place, but we have had no luck for a long time. We heard that having a fan above our bed is not good for conceiving. Our bedroom is in the West and Southwest. Do we need to remove the fan or install any other remedies to increase conception chances? Thanks!”

A Ceiling fans above the bed are no good for conception luck, and also not good for your feng shui in general. You should replace this fan with an air conditioner or use a stand fan instead. As for increasing your chances of conceiving, activate the West part of your bedroom or home – this sector represents descendents luck and also the next generation – place symbols of fertility such as the pomegranate or a pair of elephants with trunks down. You can also get an image of the Fertility Tara (white in colour), who bestows the ability to conceive to those who dedicate prayers to her. Chant the mantra of Tara 108 times a day (use mala beads for this) and fervently make your wish upon completion of one mala of recitation. Tara’s mantra is: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA.


Q Is it necessary to have all the recommended figurines and amulets activated by a temple before using them?

A None of the Buddha images require activating at a temple unless you want the energy of blessings from the monk based at your favourite temple. Everything you place in your home and office to benefit you and your family can be “activated” by you yourself, with any simple mantra recited seven times such as “omani padme hum” or even “om ah hum” repeated seven times. You can also offer fragrant incense to welcome them into your home. Protector figurines such as Fu Dogs and Chi Lins can be energised in a similar way and they can also have their eyes symbolically opened i.e. with a brush and red ink by a Taoist priest.

Buddhas, Deities, prayer wheels and other sacred objects work best when you consecrate them with prayers and pujas. You can learn how to do this yourself or you can take these with you to a puja or prayer session conducted by someone qualified to do so or by a resident lama.

As for enhancers and cures, because feng shui deals with energies, it is important that the energies that emanate from your items are positive. us we repeatedly warn against buying feng shui items from just anywhere; e.g. if you buy a Wealth enhancer from a dusty roadside stall, common sense would tell you the wealth energies attached to the enhancer won’t be effective, as these have imbued the energy of the roadside!

This becomes even more imperative with items containing sacred syllables and mantras. When we manufacture our sacred objects and symbols at, we ensure the mantras are inscribed properly, correctly, and in their entirety, or else, apart from being disrespectful, they just will not work. We also ensure the workmanship of our products meet with a strict level of quality control, because when you fashion such powerful inscriptions, the more care you put in when creating it, the greater the power of the finished object.


Q “My daughter’s Paht Chee chart has Dragon, Rooster, Rabbit, Rooster. Here self-element is Yin Metal. Since the Rabbit is sandwiched between two of its zodiac enemies, what can she do to remedy this affliction? (DOB: 14 March 2005)”

A The Rabbit is the odd animal out in this chart. To remedy this clash, she should carry a Wish-granting Dog Amulet (available at The Dog is the secret friend of the Rabbit, and this will nullify the clash. And this year it is especially lucky to carry the Dog amulet, as she will be harnessing the energies of the year onto her side. Meanwhile, the Dragon/Rooster is an excellent feature of her chart, as this symbolises the power of the secret friend combination! These two signs together brings a great deal of good fortune luck her way.



Q My kitchen has a refrigerator and stove facing each other, but neither can be moved. The distance is 4 feet. Any countermeasures?

A The reason refrigerators should not face stoves is that it creates a clash of energies. The fridge represents Water energy, while the stove represents Fire. If you cannot move either, then try not to use both at the same time. It is not such a terrible thing however, as Fire and Water together creates steam, and steam brings the luck of “authority and power.”


Q “We’re thinking of doing a kitchen refurb. This would move the stove. It would still be in the NE, but open to NW, whereas now it opens to the SW direction. The house period is 3. Would moving the stove change it to 8; and when is best to change over please?”

A A stove that opens to the NW would be good for you if NW is one of your auspicious directions – i.e. you are West group. A stove that opens to the SW is also good for West group people. So it wouldn’t change anything in terms of personalized luck for you. Changing the stove position like this will also not have any effect on the Period of your house; to change your house to a Period 8 house, you need to do more extensive refurbishments – to your roof, your floor and your main door. BUT, it is always good to upgrade and renew your interiors and furnishings. For this year 2018, there are no major afflictions in the NE to stop you renovating, but the quarrelsome star #3 is there, so display a pair of Red Tzi Chi Kau whilst renovation works are being done, as activity, lights and sound will aggravate the argumentative energies of the #3.


Q “What can we do if our teen who is taking an important national school exam does not allow us to put any feng shui item on the study desk? Or place any feng shui items in the room at all? Please help.” There’s little point spending too much energy trying to change your teenager’s mind about feng shui if he or she adamantly does not want to believe do not force the issue! This only causes stress which is not good for someone about to sit for important exams.

A Teenagers are a unique sub-species of human being who can sometimes rebel just for the sake of it. If you believe strongly in something, your teenager may go against that belief just to be different. Teenagers are going through puberty; their hormones are developing, so they can be iconoclastic just to be different. For parents, this can be aggravating but let them be. Don’t fret too much. This year, the Scholastic Star has own to the South. Display symbols that boost Scholastic success in the South of your living room. A wonderful enhancer for this kind of luck is the Luo Han with Qi Lin, who brings success to those taking exams. Try to let your teen sleep with head pointed to his/her Fu Wei direction (obtain this with the Kua calculator on and also sit at the study desk facing this same Fu Wei direction. No need to discuss feng shui with your teen; just make the changes as part of an interior improvement exercise.