Aunt Agga Issue #154


Q I had a dream that my husband is having sex with another woman. What does it mean? 

A This is your subconscious conjuring up some of your deepest fears. Make a real effort to not allow your insecurities to get the better of you. Such dreams mirror your “suspicions” and the mind is powerful, so use it to counter your feelings of insecurities. Take it as your subconscious telling you to be nicer, kinder and more loving to your husband. Never play up your fears in real life; instead, pay extra nice attention to your husband. Create situations to spend quality time bonding with him. It would also be excellent to wear the Marriage Saver Medallion as a precaution – this features the Rooster and Amethyst and keeps the marriage strong. Remember that nothing is as harmful to one’s happiness than third party intrusions into a marriage, so this is something to work at getting right with feng shui. Go shopping at our eCommerce online site ( and look for marriage and happiness enhancers! Have fun reading our advice and notes on this very important dimension of feng shui.


Q “We have a water feature in our balcony face NE. How many koi fish is good to have if we have school-going kids taking exams in 2018?”

A Keeping KOI for feng shui purposes is to attract abundance and wealth. It is not to benefit children taking their examinations. Having said this, when there is abundance in the home, this creates the environment for children to benefit from a happy home ambience, which benefits their state of mind. This will help them do well for their exams. If you want to keep a small number of fish, the best number to have can be five or nine. If your pond is large enough to have more than 9, it looks and feels better, becoming then a more effective feng shui feature. The main thing to take note of is that when there are school-going kids still taking exams, it is best to avoid keeping Koi fish that are white with a red dot on its head. This particular colour combination symbolises failure. If you have a fish like this, best to exchange for another colour. It might also be useful to have a dark coloured fish as well, as this takes care of all negativities.


Q Dear Aunt Agga, We need your help urgently and very desperately. Please help us. Th ere is so much rudeness and anger from our teenage daughter. She is so rude, she screams and uses vulgarities on me. I am so sad. She gets annoyed and she is angry every day. Yes. Every day at me. What can I do? I read your magazine each month and pray to Goddess Green Tara. With each passing day, it is getting very sad as a mother for me. She is not doing well academically, and she i s acting like a big, notorious hooligan at home to me. Refuses to tidy up, even when reminded. Helped her tidy up, but she shows no sense of the slightest gratitude in the home. Please help. Our family is falling apart. A Metal Dragon child, she screams and yells at me. She slams the door, throws stuff . I am at a loss and very, very sad.

A Growing up years are not easy years, and often when children act out, there is an underlying reason. Try not to get angry at your daughter, because the anger energies in your home will simply escalate and could end up with one of you ending up saying something you didn’t mean, sometimes things that are difficult to take back. Don’t judge her academic grades; instead, find out what her passions are and make use of her strengths rather than focusing on her weaknesses. If she is a Metal Dragon, she is 17 or 18 and entering her College years. Th is can be a stressful time with applications to College so dependent on results or predicted results; if you say she is lashing out, it could be due to her own insecurities, and as a mother, the best thing you can do for her is to allay her fears. Help her by giving her a feng shui boost – get her the Luo Han with Qi Lin, which will boost study and academic luck. Place in her room or in the West sector of your home. Make sure that when she sits at her work desk, she is facing one of her good directions – and also that she sleeps with her head pointed to one of her auspicious directions. Th is is very important. Since she is a Metal Dragon, her Kua is 6 and she is West group; her lucky directions are West, NE, SW and NW. Display a cluster of smooth crystal balls in the center of your living room to promote harmonious energies in the home. In 2018, the quarrelsome star is in the NE; keep this area of the home quiet and place a pair of red Tzi Chi Kau here to quell the hostile energies here. Try to make sure your daughter’s bedroom is not in the NE this year. You might want to investigate possibilities of another bedroom for her? And try giving her a hug every once in awhile?


Q What is the lucky colour for Year of The Dog?


A This year 2018 is missing Metal energy, so all colours that represent the Metal element are considered lucky this year. These are white, silver and gold. You can also interpret it to mean that metallic colours are also lucky – e.g. rose gold, metallic blue, metallic green… lots of options!


Q What is the best remedy for a missing corner in SW?



A The Southwest represents the matriarch, the mother, so it is important to have this sector and to have it always strong and powerful. When your SW sector is missing, light up that corner of the home to extend the energy outwards… this will help to recreate the missing energy here. Keep the light on through the day and night! Create noise in that sector too such as having the television in the room near the SW and hang a Parasol Dharmachakra windchime here to activate luck from heaven for the Matriarch in the corner near what would be the SW. You should also ensure the SW corners of all the major living and public areas of your home are well-enhanced. Give the SW prominence, display auspicious objects and imagery in this sector.


Q “My husband likes to buy artificial flowers to decorate the house with. I remember you mentioned before that artificial flowers shouldn’t be kept in the house. Kindly advise, thank you.

A There’s nothing quite like fresh flowers to bring vibrant yang Wood energy into the home, but if your husband prefers artificial ones due to not having to change them so often, there’s nothing wrong with this either, especially these days when so many of the artificial flowers look so real and beautifully done. It is just important not to display dried flowers! Do make sure that when these flowers start to collect dust, you wipe the petals clean. Dirty flowers conjure up stale energies – not at all good for the feng shui of the home! Similarly, even with real flowers, the minute they start to wilt, it is time to change them. Don’t keep wilting flowers in the home. What is really bad are dead flowers; potpourri fall under this category. They are scented dead flowers designed to release nice smells into the air – but they represent dead yin energy, so these are best avoided in yang homes.


Q “My wife, mother and sister are all strong personalities. My mother and sister do not get along with my wife, no matter how much she does for them. In their opinion, she is always wrong and they find cause to nit-pick and find fault. It disturbs me because they challenge each other’s self-respect. My wife and I live overseas, but every time my family visits, there is unpleasantness. Now the relationship is strained, and they won’t even speak on the phone. There was a misunderstanding and the fault was my mother’s; but she has taken it to a whole new level, stating that only my wife needs to apologise if she wants to make things better. My wife is not going to give in. I want to know if there is a cure to mend the relationship, or is there something that I can check or do in my house to make the relationship between them better?”

A Oh dear. What are their animal signs? Are they clashing signs? If they are 6 signs apart, then there would be greater probability of their not getting along. If they are astrological adversaries, you can ask your wife to carry as an amulet the “secret friend” of your mother’s animal sign to help improve relations between them. If your mum is a Rat, ask your wife to carry an Ox amulet. And so on.

Here’s the table of secret friends:

Rat Ox
Tiger Boar
Rabbit Dog
Dragon Rooster
Snake Monkey
Horse Sheep

You can also improve relationship luck within your home by displaying six smooth crystal balls in the center of your living room. Also check where the annual quarrelsome star is located – this year 2018, it lies in the Northeast. Install the cure against the quarrelsome star here – a red apple with peace symbol, a pair of bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau, or a Red Eagle with Jade Disc. These are all tried and tested cures that work really well. When your family next come to visit, check where the #3 month star has flown to, and keep that part of the home as quiet as possible. Or place the Red celestial Fu dogs as a cure!