Aunt Agga Issue #97



 Dear Aunt Agga… There are so many types of Wu Luo made of different stones and colours. Which type should we place next to our beds? Which one can benefit the whole family? How many wu lous can we have in our home?


Generally an auspicious Wu Lou should be made from either Wood or Metal. The Wu Lou is a symbol of longevity and good health, and is used to transform illness energies. In Flying Star Feng Shui we recommend the Wu Lou as a cure to subdue the #2 Illness star, which is an Earth Star. Metal exhausts Earth, and Wood destroys Earth. Hence a Wu Lou made from either metal or wood becomes a powerful cure to control the #2 star. Wu Lous made from precious stones and ceramic materials are also powerful cures for illness, which can be placed by your bedside or displayed in your home. You can have as many Wu Lous in your home as you wish. It is really beneficial to place one in the North sector of each room this year; this is because the #2 Annual star flies into the North corner. If you are born in an animal sign afflicted by the illness star (for example the Rat is afflicted by the illness star in 2012), then place an additional Wu Lou by your bedside to suppress it. If you understand how to read your own Paht Chee chart, a Wu Lou made from an element that is favourable for you also helps. For example, if Earth is a favourable element for you, then an Earth Wu Lou placed by your bedside benefits you.


QI am born in the year of SNAKE which is 1965. A street feng shui master told me to put an OX and a ROOSTER on my working table in my shop to bring in business. But after putting it I found that these didn’t help me instead bringing in more problems for me. 3 people in my business betrayed me. Should I remove these two ornaments?


My dear, actually you have got it all wrong. The Ox and the Rooster are your astrological Allies, and having them in your office protects you from harm caused by others. What has happened is that these employees of yours have probably been betraying you for a long time, and you have only now JUST FOUND OUT about it. This happens when you have strong protection – those who wish you harm reveal themselves to you so that you know who you can trust and who not to trust. Also remember that the SNAKE is sitting on the Robbery Star this year – which brings betrayal luck. My advice is to KEEP the your astrological allies there. You need the Rhinoceros and the Elephant to ensure you are safe from more betrayal. It is also a good idea to invite the image of KUAN KUNG into your business; this protects you from betrayal internally and externally.


QI was born on 18 JULY 1980, a METAL MONKEY. I would like to find my soul mate, get married and have a baby, but my love relationships have not been successful so far. It seems difficult to keep the man or have him make a commitment. I’m also unemployed, which has affected my recent relationship. I have been struggling to find a stable job for a long time.

AMy dear, what you need is to check whether your Southwest is afflicted. If you have a bathroom in the Southwest then this severely impairs your Love luck. The Southwest also governs the luck of the MONKEY as this is your home palace. When your luck is impeded many areas of your life become difficult – finding jobs and happiness being the main problems. If indeed you have a bathroom or a store room in the Southwest, then I suggest renovating or moving into a different home to change this. In the meantime, strengthen your personal luck by placing the image of the RAT, MONKEY and DRAGON in the Southwest. This brings the luck of your allies to your aid. Wear the Double Happiness pendant to attract the luck of marriage, and finally, strengthen the Southwest with fire and crystals. The Crystal Ball is the best remedy for this. Good luck !


QA little brown bird flew into my car that was parked at my house porch and shat on my car dashboard. Is this a good or bad sign?


LOL ! Your question made me smile. According to an old wives tale, when a bird drops on your head it is meant to bring you good luck ! It is a sign that something good is coming. Someone once told me of a story of this man who won the lotto jackpot after a bird left droppings on his head three times in a row !! Because it is such a rare occurrence, soothsayers view this as a SURE SIGN from the Gods and not a coincidence! Birds are meant to be messengers from the devas, and they can also work to delay you in some way, as a means to help you avert some bad luck due to inauspicious timing. Either way, it is a good sign.


QAbout a year ago I moved into a new apartment. Now am suffering from breast cancer and am desperately trying to fight this battle. Please help me. I feel that the feng shui is not RIGHT and I really need help. Any mantras I can chant?



I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. It sounds to me that the apartment you are living in has not get very good energy at all – perhaps the room you are living in has the illness flying star. Here’s what I recommend. First, obtain a large sized WU LOU made of metal and place it next to your bed. The Wu Lou should have longevity symbols of the Crane and Bamboo plants. Second, please wear the Long Life Amulet Medallion as this can really help towards strengthening your life force and recovery. Thirdly, there is a very rare sutra that helps with overcoming cancer. It is called the Long Life Sutra of Amitayus. Read this daily and write down the sutra with gold pen each day, as many as you can manage. This sutra has been printed in Lillian Too’s Chant a Mantra booklet which is available free from our website


QDear Aunt Agga, I’m born in year of FIRE DRAGON and my life is not going smoothly in terms of love, work and family life this year. My boyfriend suddenly left me and married someone else and there is so much office politics in my work place. My friends and family don’t appreciate me at all, talking behind my back. This was supposed to be my year, but it seems that everything is going wrong. Can feng shui help me get my life back on track again?


My dear of course you’re going through a tough year. This is the WATER DRAGON year… and thus your fire is being put out by the Water. The Dragon also has the Five Yellow this year, and your personal energies are very low. Here is what you can do. Wear red to work to strengthen your FIRE energy – I highly recommend the Anti-Office Politics scarf which is red in colour, and carries an amulet that overcomes bad vibes from hostile friends and family. Please ensure that you have the Five Element Pagoda installed in your Southeast and if possible, wear the Five Element Pagoda pendant throughout the rest of year to subdue the Five Yellow. Hang in there… as things will improve significantly for you in 2013.


QWe are planning to move into a new area to be closer to my daughter’s new school. The house number is 3316. After adding up all the numbers it comes to 13. Do I reduce this to 4? If so, is this a bad number – I know that the Chinese do not like 4. My husband and little girl are both Kua 4, and I am Kua 6. This is a big purchase for us, so would like to get it right.


When calculating lucky numbers, reduce it to a single digit. In this case, your house number can be reduced to 4. Four is a very auspicious number especially for you. Firstly, the four brings romance and scholastic brilliance. The 4 is also a Wood star which brings GROWTH. And since you are moving into this home for your daughter’s education, it is an excellent sign that the house will bring luck for your daughter. Secondly, 4 is also the same number as your daughter and your husband’s KUA. Thirdly, when you add your KUA number 6 with 4, this equals 10. Together this makes the SUM OF TEN. So from a feng shui numerology perspective, this is an excellent number. But what’s more important is that you check whether the house has good flying star feng shui. The key thing is to make sure that the Northwest, Southwest and your Water 8 star is not afflicted with a bathroom.