Aunt Agga Issue #96



 I am planning to buy a new car. How can I find my lucky colour? I born in March 1972 and so I’m a Water Rat. Thanks for your advice!


There are different feng shui methods you can use to determine this and they work in different ways to bring you different nuances of luck! The easiest method is the KUA formula method. I like this method because it is very easy, and activating it strengthens your overall luck and is generally good for many aspects of your life. Based on my calculation your Kua number is 8, which is an EARTH element number and hence anything with 8 or earth is good for you. Fire is also very good for you as fire produces earth. Hence Red, Yellow or Orange are excellent colours for your car colour.

For others who are reading this posting, all your other elements based on your Kua number is as follows: 1 is water, 2, 5 and 8 are Earth, 3 and 4 are Wood, 6 and 7 are metal, and finally 9 is fire. Choose the element colour that is either the same as your Kua element, or produces your Kua element.

Another method is to check your Paht Chee chart and see which elements are favourable for you, and choose your car colour based on that colour. This is a deeper and more subtle method of analysis and overrides the KUA formula. For example you could find that your Paht Chee chart has “too much” earth already, and hence you actually need Wood to exhaust some of your earth. If this is the case then choose a Green Car. Using this method helps to make up for missing birth energies that impact on your overall luck throughout your life. Bear in mind that both methods bring you luck and whichever method you choose will bring you benefits!


QMy son has a deep scratch line on his right cheek; he got it on the 2nd or 3rd day after his birth when I took off his mittens. His nails were sharp and long then and it left a scar on his face ever since then. He is now 25 years old and studying to be a doctor. I read that the location of the scar falls on the part of the face that represents luck in his forties … and I’m worried that his luck could be affected due to the scar. What can I do? I’m so worried about this!


Yes scarring on the face can affect one’s luck… and I’m not surprised that you are worried. First you should check his Paht Chee chart to see exactly when during his forties bad luck will set in. This will give you a big clue as to how to fix the situation. Normally a person’s luck becomes adversely affected when an unfavourable element enters this person’s phase of life… and the best way to reduce it is to counter the element with its exhausting or destroying element.

Meanwhile, ask your son to start using special oils and moisturisers on the scar to reduce the visibility of the scar. There are many effective creams and oils in the market these days that can be applied to the skin to reduce the visibility of scarring and wrinkles. The fainter the line becomes – the less severe the negative impact on his luck. Whatever he does, he MUST NOT undergo plastic surgery of any kind. Cutting the face, eyes, lips or any part of the face intentionally always triggers bad luck; so using Paht Chee and Astrology to reduce negative effects of bad luck is the safest way.


QI went to a feng shui seminar recently and found out that my South-Facing house is bad feng shui. Lately my family life is all up-side down. When we first bought the house everything was in our favour but now even money is a struggle. I am constantly sick, and so is my husband. My oldest daughter is so confused with her future and is trying to get a job but facing obstacles. My youngest daughter is in University and can’t decide what to do when she graduates. Please give me some advice! Thanks so much!


AMy dear… whether a house is good or bad feng shui depends on several factors, and not just the direction! For example if you are an EAST GROUP person a South-facing direction brings wonderful luck for you. Also it depends a lot on where your bedrooms and living areas are located within the house. It sounds to me that you are being afflicted by annual feng shui (which changes every year). In 2012 the South has the THREE KILLINGS Star which brings three types of misfortunes which can cause reputation loss, relationship troubles and loss of finances. To remedy this all you need to do is to place the image of the Three Celestial Guardians by your main entrance. This will protect you for the year. If you and your husband are both ill, please check your NORTH sector as the illness star flies into the North in 2012. If your bedroom, living room or back door is located here, then there is a chance you will fall ill. This is also the case if you are a RAT, as the palace of the Rat is in the north! This is also very easy to remedy. Just hang a Wu Lou wind chime there and it will exhaust the illness energies away! And finally regarding your first daughter, I recommend placing a water feature in the North corner of her living room to activate her career corner. If you all live in the same house, this will also benefit you and your husband and will help with improving your financial luck. For your second daughter, don’t worry as she is still young! My advice is to invite the image of the Manjushri, the cosmic Buddha of Knowledge and chant his mantra OM AH RAPA CHANADI. This mantra invokes wisdom and will guide her to making the best decisions in life. All the best!


QMy daughter (20 years old) is a Sheep. There’s a young man pursuing her and he is a Dragon. As she’s still in university and hasn’t graduated yet, I am really not in favour of this. I know that she wishes to travel and to further her studies. This man appears to be very controlling and insecure. He shows up at all her activities and insists on sending her home. He accompanies her when she has to meet her friends. He buys her presents frequently. How can I use feng shui to discourage this relationship?


My dear… it sounds to me that this man is just very much in love with your daughter! He is making a lot of effort to secure her affections and perhaps this is why he is escorting her to events and showering her with gifts! It also sounds to me that your daughter does not mind receiving his attentions, and thus maybe the feelings are mutual!

Although your daughter is only in her twenties, the Sheep is not a weak animal sign. Sheep are very strong and powerful animals and don’t forget, she is also an Earth sign just like the Dragon. Hence your daughter is perfectly capable of holding her own. Naturally as her mother you will be worried; so perhaps it is wise to advise her not to lead someone on if she has no plans to be serious in future. If her personal safety is a concern, then do give her some protective amulets to wear that will keep her safe from harmful people.

Let her wear the OM pendant with the diamond jewel and also give her the 1008 TARA mirror to use as a cosmetic mirror and kept in her handbag at all times. Both will keep her safe from harm, and if she is under some kind of “spell” it will also protect her from succumbing to it. Before wearing it, pass it over incense and chant OM AH HUM three times. Remember the Sheep is vulnerable in 2012 with the #3 star sapping its energy – wearing the Tortoise Chakra Amulet also helps with strengthening her chi-essence.