Aunt Agga Issue #75



I have read that for a couple (boyfriend-girlfriend relationship) giving a watch as a gift is not good; is that true? My boyfriend said that in China, giving a watch as a gift means reminding the loved one to come home on time. I just feel that wearing one’s lover’s watch is something romantic, if we are wearing the same style of watches. Please let me know your opinion. If it’s not good, then I will tell him not to buy a watch for me.


There are several different interpretations to giving watches to loved ones when it comes to Chinese belief. Most Chinese are wary of giving watches because the phonetic sound for “give clock” in Cantonese is “Sung Chung” which also sounds like “funeral”. Others believe when you give a watch it symbolizes your time together running out. Usually however you can get over this by not outright giving the timepiece, but “selling” the timepiece for a token sum. If your boyfriend wants to buy you a nice watch, if you pay him a token sum like $1 for it, it is no longer considered a “gift” which would symbolically make it alright.


QI have just recently purchased a house that is facing Northeast, sitting Southwest. I was wondering if I could activate the Southwest corner (which is behind my house because it has a small compound) with a water feature for wealth purpose? Is it advisable to have a water feature behind my house? And can I paint my kitchen wall red and have the kitchen cabinets in black? Thank you.


Yes you can have a water feature in the Southwest. It is no problem having a water feature behind your house, unless it is of a size that will “overwhelm” your house. So you can build a modestly sized water feature in the SW to activate the indirect spirit of the period. However, please do not paint your kitchen wall red, as the kitchen is already characterized by fire. A red kitchen can mean too much fire and could become dangerous. It is better to go for a more neutral colour like brown or tan, or some other light neutral colour. Kitchen cabinets in black are OK, but don’t make the whole kitchen appear black from ceiling to floor, as black signifies the Water element, and the too much water in the kitchen would also clash with the Fire energies of the kitchen. Remember, when using feng shui, the safest rule to follow is one of “balance.”


QI really want to put a symbol of the dragon in the house. My husband was born in the year of the Dog and I in the Boar. Please suggest if it is feasible to display a dragon and also whether it should be kept facing East in the living room or in the East corner of the living room.


The Dragon is one of the most powerful symbols of good luck in feng shui, and everyone can display the Dragon, even Dogs. Although in the astrology wheel the Dragon is the natural ‘enemy’ of the Dog, that’s only when it comes to astrology dragons. It just means that Dogs in general won’t do so well married to a Dragon, or working too closely with a Dragon person. It doesn’t mean Dog people cannot call on the power of the almighty Dragon for a bit of good luck!


QI am an ardent fan of WOFS. I was born the year of the Snake, and my boss was born in the year of Boar, which is natural enemy of snake. What should I do to turn it around so that I would continue to have the support and appreciation of my boss? Thank you.


While the Snake and Boar are “natural enemies” in the Chinese Zodiac, if you can form a “Travelling Cross” in your organization by roping in someone born in the year of the Tiger and someone born in the year of the Monkey to be an integral part of your working team, this generates good fortune together. This can go some way in repairing your “clash” with your boss. If either one of you have the other’s animal sign in your hour pillar of your Paht Chee, this will also go a good way to compensating for your astrological clash. But above all, if you’re in a job you enjoy, don’t let this clash bother you. Most times, zodiac incompatibilities are most pronounced in love relationships and marriages. If you don’t get too intimate with your zodiac opposite, it may not matter at all.


QMy living room is an open space; the front door is directly facing a full glass wall which leads to an alfresco area, set in the backyard. Is this bad Feng shui?


It sounds very bright and modern and I cannot imagine how this can be bad feng shui unless the whole living room is glass. If only one wall is glass and it looks out to a nice view – of trees, of water or of a well matured garden – then it has the potential of being very lucky indeed. Much depends on the direction in front of you – if it is an East or SE direction, then a view of water or plants would be great. If it is a North direction, a view of a pond or water feature brings luck. If the view opens to the Southwest, Northeast, West or NW rock formations and boulders that symbolize earth energy is good.


QHi, I have a tiger tooth; I wish to make it into a necklace, but wonder if it will bring bad luck? I’m worried, but I like it!


The tiger tooth can be a symbol of strength and bravery but it is also ferocious… and whether it is good or bad for you depends on your animal sign. They will be very protective for those born in the sign of the Dog, the Horse and also of the Tiger’s secret friend the Boar. If you are born in the year of the Monkey, I would not wear the Tiger tooth. Please realise that the Tiger tooth is regarded as a protective talisman – it is not for attracting luck.



QMy husband and I were born in the year of the Sheep. Is it good for us to have a baby in an Ox year? Will the baby have a bad relationship with us?

AI believe that parents are never doomed to have bad relationships with their children. When choosing a spouse or business partner, yes, someone with the opposite animal sign could end up falling out with you, but when it comes to your own child, the parent-child bond is usually strong enough to overcome even the worst of zodiac incompatibilities.

However, if it is just a case of waiting a year or two to have your baby, it might be worth the wait, because 2009 being an Ox year is a clash year for Sheep-born people, as Sheep are directly affected by the wrath of the Tai Sui. This could mean unnecessary complications for the Sheep mother. If you are already pregnant and expecting an Ox child, wearing a mantra ring or carrying a Pi Yao or Pi Xie will protect you against the Tai Sui affliction.


QMy roof has a black tiles, is it okay to paint red over it to make it auspicious?


Yes, it is fine to paint over it as long as you use good quality paint that will not wash out with the rain. Because having a streaky red roof may be worse than a black one! But you’re right, red roofs which represent upward fire energy are far better than black roofs which represents “water on top”, which can spell danger for the occupants. For others who are considering roof colour options, slate grey is also acceptable if you want to go for the modernistic “zen” look.


QAs I was driving to my sister’s house I saw a snake crossing the street on the side but it did not cross my car while driving. Does it mean anything when you see a snake or is it trying to tell me something? Good or bad luck?


Seeing snakes is almost always a great indication of something or someone coming into your life who will make a significant impact on your state of mind.

Snakes are associated with spiritual deities by many of the cultural traditions of Asia and if you see a black snake, it is especially meaningful. The snake you saw indicates you will encounter or meet someone who will have an impact on your life.


QMany luxurious villas in Asia, especially in Bali, are designed with an open concept such that there are no walls enclosing the living or dining rooms. A high concrete fence and security staff ensure safety of house contents and residents. Moreover in the village where I live, crime is non-existent. What are your thoughts on this open architectural design?

AOpen plan living is fantastic especially when the stars in the center sector of the house natal chart are favourable. When you have a good combination of stars in the center grid, it is a real shame to lock it up into a center room. In such cases, when the main rooms merge with one another, the auspicious energy from the grids with favourable stars can travel from room to room and from sector to sector. Open architectural design also aids good air flow and promotes a feeling of space, so in terms of feng shui, it is most desirable indeed. The only thing to watch for is that the back door of the house cannot be seen from the front door. If it can, it means the money that flows in will flow straight out again.