Aunt Agga Issue #92



 I was born in April 1962. According to your feng shui astrology books, 2011 is a good year for the Water Tiger. However, up to now, I have faced challenges, one after the next, and yet to settle down on a stable income or even financially have a windfall. Please explain my predicament.


My dear, for you to manifest the potential of good luck for the Tiger you must check the feng shui in your house! Astrology reveals the potential of luck for you depending on your animal sign and the stars of the year, but remember, this is your potential for good luck! But for your good luck to manifest, you must ensure that the feng shui of your house is protected, and you must activate your good luck stars! For example, the Tiger is having good luck this year brought mainly by the Lucky Star 1 and the Heaven Seal Star. Both these stars are located in the sub direction of Northeast-3. To capture this good luck, you must activate it with the right enhancers – for example – with a Victory Windchime and the Heaven Seal Activator.

But, on the other hand, if you have a toilet or a bathroom there, then your good luck is being pressed down or washed away! IF you are facing obstacle after obstacle, you must also check the stars at your main entrance and bedroom. Are they located in the East? The East has the Five Yellow this year which brings loss and plenty of problems. So remember, always ensure that you take care of the feng shui in your home if you wish to take advantage of luck potential the year has to offer! Come to Lillian Too’s Extravaganza every year to learn what you must do to maximise luck! This year her Extravaganza 2012 starts Dec 10th and 11th in Las Vegas followed by Singapore Dec 18th, Kuala Lumpur January 1st 2012, with more dates also in Penang and Kota Kinabalu.


QI’ve been happily married for the past 3 years. But lately, it seems like my parents-in-law are trying to manage my marriage and my life. They are calling all the time, and imposing their will on my husband. Lately they even ignored my birthday. I feel so depressed. I love my husband but I don’t know how to deal with my in-laws any more. Is there any feng shui cure I can apply? Thank you so much in advance.


Perhaps you are just being over-sensitive! In-laws rarely have bad intentions and more often than not, they are just trying to show that they care. Remember that they have had their son since he was born and it is not easy to adjust to a new daughter in law – someone whom they barely know. Remember that old people always feel fearful of losing their children. So perhaps you should make the first move and reach out to them. If you make the effort to call them more often, and show that you care, they might not have ignored your birthday. Perhaps they did not know it was your birthday! Don’t feel depressed. Use feng shui to help you. Place a Dragon with flaming sword in the NORTH and strengthen the Matriarchal sector in the Southwest with Crystals. Place an amethyst crystal slab under your bed on your side, tied with red thread to the foot of the bed. This will safeguard your husband’s trust in you. And above all, treat your parent-in-laws with plenty of respect and love. Be the one who calls them first. If you call them often, they will stop calling your husband!


QMy cat has passed away and my husband and I treated her like she was our little baby… We have cremated her and brought her ashes back and placed it in our house so that she can always remain with us. Please tell us if this is OK from a feng shui point of view.

AI’m very sorry to hear about the passing of your cat – you are obviously very attached to her. Even though you still have her ashes, her spirit has already passed on and she is no longer with you. Perhaps it might be better not to keep her ashes in your house, as doing so has turned your house into its tomb! Tombs are Yin feng shui – so it is much better to dig a hole and bury your cat’s ashes. Or better still, scatter her ashes into the ocean and let her body go back into the waters and the earth. Before you do so, you may chant TAYATA OM BEKANZAY BEKANZAY MAHA BEKANZAY BEKANZAY RADJA SAMUDGATAY SOHA three times and blow onto her ashes. This little prayer creates the potential for your cat to achieve good rebirth in a happy place.



QHello, my husband and I recently adopted a little boy. We’re having difficulty attaching to him emotionally, and find everyday a challenge just to get by. We have sought professional help and are undergoing therapy. We have been married for 12 years and our home has always had a pleasant and harmonious feel, but since adopting him, it has had a very “heavy” atmosphere. I recently realized that our signs clash with him — my husband is a horse, I am a tiger and he is a rat. Are there any cures you can recommend to “clear the air” and enhance our relationship with our adopted son?


Having a son is such a great joy! My dear, this is indeed your good karma to have finally got a son after all these years. So please let me allay your fears, as being a new parent is always challenging. Please remember that you are the adult and he is just a little boy – only 5 years old! His behaviour is guided by yours! If you show him love UNCONDITIONALLY, you will see a huge change in his attitude! Remember that he also has to adjust to having new parents and this always takes time! So please be very patient! In terms of astrology, 2011 has been a very quarrelsome year for the Rat as the #3 star rules his direction… so if you find that he has been a little argumentative, it is just the stars playing up. Place a Dragon holding a flaming sword in the North to calm this down. Now, the Tiger does not clash with the Rat at all, so it is you, the mother, who must take the lead in making this special boy feel loved, happy and safe. As for your husband, he should carry the RABBIT and ROOSTER with him at all times and this will nullify his clash with your son. The Horse is also having a difficult time with his health this year so perhaps he is less patient than you. Overall, you should both feel very fortunate to have this little boy and I am sure he will bring you plenty of happiness in future if you can just relax!


QI want to put up a business, but before that I consulted a fortune teller and she told me that I can’t make a good business. Can I change what the fortune teller told me by wearing feng shui remedies?


Of course you can put remedies and wear amulets to help you! But without knowing anything about you – that is – your birthdate or animal sign, I am unable to advise you on your fortune or confirm whether remedies will help. Fortune Tellers can only tell you about your outlook based on time. What this means… is that if a fortune teller says don’t start a business, what they really mean is don’t start a business NOW. It could be that your animal sign has afflictions this year, or that in your Paht Chee or astrology chart, the planets or Chi does not favour you. I do not believe that there is anyone who cannot do business… but I do believe in timing and also in industries. Some industries are better suited for your animal sign or Paht Chee chart, while others aren’t. So back to your original question, ask your fortune teller whether this is a good year for you to start your business. If the answer is no, then ask if next year is better. This is a bad year for Rabbits and Roosters… but this year is coming to an end soon!