Aunt Agga Issue #91



 I was born on in 1979 (sheep). I’m starting to suspect that I will remain single for the rest of my life. It’s very hard for me to have a boyfriend. And in every relationship I’ve had, I have always been “the other woman” and never the main love of any man’s life. I have tried activating my peach blossom luck with crystals in my Southwest, but it feels as though marriage and children are not in my chart. Am I fated for spinsterhood?


My dear – you had better check that your SOUTHWEST is not afflicted. If you have a bathroom or a kitchen in the Southwest, then you should MOVE OUT as this is very likely the cause of your failed relationships! You are not old enough to be a confirmed spinster, so please don’t be discouraged!

One really effective way of overcoming bad marriage luck is to change your appearance and your name. Start by growing your hair long. If you are overweight, start losing weight, but don’t ever be THIN (thin ladies also have no luck with securing good marriages!) Slender ladies with long hair represent the ultimate feminine YIN energy of females. Wear fair foundation, red blusher on your cheeks and rosy pink lipstick –this attracts peach blossom luck into your life. Wear the colour pink; dresses with pink and red flowers (best is peony flowers). This also generates peach blossom luck and sends out the right chi signals to the opposite sex.

Now, if you have the “other woman syndrome” then consider changing your NAME. Pick a good traditional name (e.g like Kate, Victoria, etc.) and ensure it is NOT related to red or pink flowers (e.g. Rose, Peony, Poppy, etc.). Even if you don’t change your REAL name, but ask people to call you this as a nickname, it will also work! Strengthen your matriarchal energy by wearing plenty of gemstone jewellery. Carry a jewelled crown in your handbag (or place one in the SW) – this symbolises that you are the QUEEN – the supreme numero uno!


QI just would like to ask what Feng shui formulas should I follow in arranging my bedroom? Should I use eight mansions (Kua number) or Flying Star?


In terms of arranging your room, you should use the Kua formula to work out which direction you should be sleeping in accordance to your Kua number. The same applies when placing your study table in the room. Remember that all the form school bedroom rules apply… for example – you should not position your bed under a beam or a poison arrow, even if this allows you to sleep facing your best direction. You should also ensure that you do not share your bed with a bathroom wall… and you should not place your bed in the line of the bedroom door! Sleeping under the window or ceiling fan is also not recommended!

But once you have worked out the position of your bed, use the flying star method to determine the cures for period of 8 stars and how you can subdue bad annual flying stars and benefit from the good stars. Afflictions for bad stars like the Five Yellow, Burglary 7 and Angry 3 star can be subdued using potent feng shui cures. Never place water features or plants inside your bedroom.


QI broke my mirror. Is this bad luck for 7 years?


AMirrors, especially those with auspicious etchings on one side, can act as protective talismans against bad luck and enemy spells. When a mirror breaks it usually means that it has done its job in protecting you in some way. If the mirror broke as you were looking at yourself in it, then this is definitely a sign that someone is projecting bad thoughts towards you or casting bad spells on you. You must get rid of the broken mirror immediately and replace it with a brand new one as soon as possible. If you keep the broken mirror, the bad luck will remain with you for as long as you have it. As a rule you should replace your mirror whenever there is a chip or even a scratch (especially if the scratch splices across your face when you look at yourself in the mirror). Never keep broken mirrors.


QI have been running an online business for about 1 year now and I have not had a single sale. Please help me as I’m about to give up on my business.



Dear friend… I’m not sure what animal sign you are but I can tell you that this year is a bad year for Rabbits and Roosters. So if you are a Rabbit or a Rooster, just be aware that this is not a good money year and your business could be suffering due to your low feng shui energy. But whatever your animal sign, here are some feng shui remedies you can try. Paste three coins tied with red thread on your computer (near where the wires enter your computer) and ring the 5 Element Bell each morning before checking your email. Place a Prayer Wheel next to your desk and spin it at least once a day, with the fervent wish that your sales would increase. It’s also a good idea to place moving waterfall in the Northwest this year to capture the prosperity star. Make sure you are sitting facing your Sheng Chi direction (unless it is the East direction for this year).


QI have a new front centre door that I want to paint purple. This is to help with bringing in money. Is this a good idea?


If your door is located in the centre sector then my advice is to have a WOODEN door which you leave in its original wood grained colour. You can paint a few coats of lacquer and it would be very beautiful. Why? Because the main door of any house, when in the middle sector is always the Sheng Chi location of the house and it benefits from growth energy created by luscious plants and wood energy. Place two money plants flanking your main door to invite prosperity luck. Purple is not a bad colour for a main door – but a plain wooden colour is much better.


QIs it bad feng shui if your home is on uneven land or has a drop off behind it?


Under the classical form school of feng shui this is considered highly inauspicious. When land drops off behind it symbolises lack of support from your boss or your superiors. You will find it difficult to convince others of your ideas and your superiors will always find fault with your work. The back of the house is always symbolised by the Black Turtle and having land that drops off behind is said to be missing the Black Turtle. One way to minimise its ill effects is to plant large trees behind your home that would grow tall and eventually grow higher than your home. Bamboo is particularly good for this as they grow tall extremely fast and they are very strong! In the mean-time, place a large black turtle behind your house to symbolise the missing support. If planting trees is not possible, then it’s advisable to move into a new property if you can.


QI have a piece of Dragon Phoenix jade pendant and would like to put it on. But my jewellery specialist told me that there is a hairline crack on the top part of the jade… is it ok for me to wear it?


My advice would be NOT to wear it. Even hairline cracks can bring problems – they represent deep hidden resentments and dissatisfaction when present in symbol that represents love and happiness. The Dragon and Phoenix emblem signifies the union of male and female and it’s actually a potent feng shui symbol of love and marriage. If there is a crack, it signifies a split in your marriage or your relationship with someone. If you are single, then wearing this pendant could damage your chances of finding a suitable partner in love. You will find yourself getting close to marriage but somehow it would not work out in the end. I would suggest asking your jewellery person to have it polished to remove the cracks. If this cannot be done, better to keep it in your safe than to energize it by wearing it.