Aunt Agga Issue #90



 We just moved into a new house in an area within the woods. There are so many trees on our property that the grass doesn’t grow and the ground is covered with moss. We want to plant a garden and do some professional landscaping, but that would mean we have to cut down about a hundred trees. My front door faces the South and there is a river about a hundred yards away. I don’t want to cut down trees but do want to let the sun in for the garden to grow. What should we do?


In feng shui, light means yang energy, and yang energy is needed for a home to thrive with good feng shui. If trees surrounding your home are crowding your house to the point where insufficient sunlight can enter your home, or even allow grass to grow, then consider either trimming their branches or cutting some down altogether. You could also landscape around the trees – keep a few and cut a few others down.

It is OK to cut down trees if they are to make way for a garden with new plants or if they are obstructing your chi flow around your home. However, you must be careful when you do this – as trees do provide shelter for many beings – animals you can see as well as spirits that you cannot see. If you have to cut them down, give them sufficient “notice”. You can speak to the beings on the trees and tell them that you mean them no harm, and that you intend to cut down on such and such a date to make way for a beautiful garden that they can use when you’re finished – and ask them to find temporary shelter elsewhere while you do this.

Burn incense and offer it to the spirits living there, requesting them to please give you permission to do this. Remember to always be respectful, and when you’ve cut down the trees, promptly remove any residue. Do not allow piles of woodchips to sit there rotting for months! This brings the worst kind of energy into a home.


QI gave my husband a wallet with money inside for his birthday. I found out later that it is bad luck to give a wallet! So should my husband buy another wallet and give away the wallet that I gave him for his birthday? Please do advise.


I’m not sure where you heard this advice, but it is always good luck to give a wallet as a present unless you give someone an empty wallet! If you give someone a wallet with money inside, especially with 8 different types of currencies (strong ones, like US dollars, English pounds, Euros, etc) it is incredibly auspicious for that person as it represents money from many sources from around the world! Not only does it create good luck for the person receiving it – it also creates good luck for you, in this very generous act! The motivation should be “I give this wallet filled with money to you so that your wealth and income will unceasingly increase and benefit your life and all the other people in your life”. If you think like this when giving your wallet to your husband, there is no doubt that the wallet with money will bring you both good luck!


QThe back of my entire house slopes away and down. I’ve read that I should be placing a wall along the entire back of my house, or putting some kind of water feature there. We have decided that we would like to put in a swimming pool, but the back of our house is directly North. I read somewhere that in 2011, the North sector is afflicted. So should we wait until next year or what else can we do? Ever since I moved into this house in 2000, my career has suffered tremendously after almost 17 years of advancement.

AI’m so very sorry to hear that you have been suffering career loss since moving in… However, from your very basic description, it is easy to pinpoint the cause. When the back of a house slopes deep down, it symbolises the lack of support from the Black Turtle. Hence those living here will find it difficult to gain support from their bosses and superiors in anything they wish to do. Promotions and opportunities will slip by. This situation will definitely worsen if you place a swimming pool behind your home! Thus, I suggest you build a tall rock wall behind the house and place a brass tortoise painted black directly behind your home. When sitting at the office, hang a painting of a strong mountain (without the presence of a lake) to create the chi of support.


QI am desperate and feel really helpless…My husband wants to divorce me and has asked to move out of the house. But for some reason I think he worries for our only child and even though he’s talked about it, he has yet to serve me legal papers or move out! For now, he avoids me by coming home late every night. Still I know he cares for us, but I don’t think he loves me like he did before. I have applied some basic feng shui tips like placing mandarin ducks near our bed and tying crystals to the bed with red thread. I’m also using the moon magic mirror and mirror photo ritual to dissolve our quarrels (for 7 days and nights) as advised by Lillian Too in her 168 feng shui for love book. When will things improve? Is this some kind of black magic and will it harm my family?


My dear, firstly, there is nothing black about the magic you are performing. Black and white magic uses the same methods and the only difference is that black magic uses this method to harm others, and white magic uses it to heal and improve others. Hence, you can be absolutely certain that what you are doing is good AS LONG as YOUR OWN motivation and reason for doing this is pure and free of bad intentions.


Now, to answer your question I believe that your moon magic mirror and all your love feng shui is already working! Even though your husband wants to leave you, he has yet to take action and this means that your marriage has a surviving chance! I suggest you write a long love letter to your husband and hang a LARGE photo of your family – all smiling – all happy – in the Southwest of your living room, and in the Southwest corner of every room. This creates powerful love and family chi in your home.

For you, I suggest you renew your aura by changing your look! Dress up, wear make-up, look really sharp and beautiful. Grow your hair long and colour it if you like! Chuck out old raggy clothes and buy some new and fashionable ones. This will make a huge difference to the way you feel and to the energy you give out. You must learn to feel happy and undefeated. Also, learn to love your husband again. When you begin to feel happy and strong, and show him your love, your husband will begin to notice you and to love you again.


QI have just changed jobs to one with higher salary but I found that I liked my previous job much better because of the environment and office staff. My new work place is really very stressful. I wish I could go back to my previous job. Please advise what I should do!


If you have a good relationship with your previous boss, then perhaps you can negotiate a deal to come back at higher pay. But if you really cannot go back then you can either look for a new job or stay where you are. Check that you are facing your auspicious Kua directions at work and wear lots of cures to prevent office politics from getting the better of you. My advice is that you consult an oracle or perform divination for an answer. The i-Ching is the perfect divination method that will give you very good answers. All you need are six coins and a book of i-Ching. Lillian Too has written the Little Book of i-Ching and the Goddess Oracle – both give clear and excellent explanations on how to perform a reliable divination.


QMy house faces East 2 – which as you know has the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) this year. I am renovating my living room and master bedroom this year. How do I do this without offending the Tai Sui this year? I know doing so will being lots of bad luck…


If you are not renovating in the East, you won’t be directly disturbing the Tai Sui. However, banging around the house will definitely disturb the local spiritual guardians and if you are like me, I always like to err on the side of caution and take precautions anyway. First thing is to ensure that you have installed the Pi Yao in the East location of your home, and also in the East location of your living rooms. Hang the Tai Sui Plaque prominently in the East to protect against accidently offending the Tai Sui. Select a good day and suitable hour from the Almanac for commencing renovations. Before beginning, burn incense and offer it to the Tai Sui, to the local guardian spirits and spirits of the land – ask them to please give way to your renovation and apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time. Doing this little exercise will remove obstacles to your smooth renovation. If you can, try to offer incense several times throughout the renovation period until it is finished. Then continue at least once a month until the year has finished.