Aunt Agga Issue #82



I was so happy to buy my dream home and now that I am finally about to move in, the neighbour cuts down all his fruit trees and the land lady wants me to remove the lucky water feature in the Southwest because of fear of mosquitoes. Feels like they are taking the luck away from my Lucky Home. Could I fill the water feature using Blue Rocks to symbolize water? I bought the house partly because of the water feature in the SW but Park Rules now demand that I remove it.


If the reasoning behind their requirement for you to remove the water feature are because of fear of mosquitoes, how about if you made it a waterfall or moving water? Mosquitoes cannot breed in moving water. Or if you kept fish in it, this would also prevent mosquitoes from breeding? It is only stagnant water like waterclogged flower pots and containers that are the greatest mosquito risk. Blue rocks unfortunately do not symbolize Water as they are more representative of Earth energy. Earth energy is not so bad in the SW, but do remember to place the 5 element pagoda cure here in 2010, as the Five Yellow has flown to the SW this year.

As for the fruit trees, yes it is a shame to lose beautiful trees, but why don’t you plant some trees of your own if you miss them? It needn’t take so long for your trees to grow – you can buy young trees and replant them on your land rather than trying to grow new trees from seeds (which will take longer).

Don’t worry about “losing your luck” in your new home. If you felt good about the house when you bought it, it means the energy surrounding the home is good, and it is not so easy to destroy that kind of good energy. If you cannot keep your big water feature, you can still get a table-top version to activate the small Tai Chi of your living room. And you can enhance the feng shui of your new home with auspicious symbolic enhancers.

Good luck and happy moving!


QI was born in the Year of the Monkey. I am currently 5 months pregnant and plan to move to our new house in January 2010. Can we do some renovations first and move in before the baby is delivered? Or do we have to wait until the baby is born and past the baby’s full moon?


It is never a good idea to move house when you’re expecting a baby. There is however no harm in renovating your new home while you’re pregnant, as long as you are not present and you avoid visiting the construction site. To have peace of mind, I would advise that you not break any taboos, and wait till after you have delivered safely before moving in. It’s only another 5 months.


QI was born in the year of the Rabbit and my husband in the year of the Ox. My 1st kid is a Horse-born and the 2nd one is a Rooster. I am not yet pregnant but planning. Which is best for us – baby Tiger or baby Rabbit?


A baby Tiger would probably be best for your family as it is more important for your new baby to get along with your kids, than yourselves. Children will always get along with their parents, especially if you are parents are nurturing; for the mother especially, if you provide them with plenty of maternal love, they will respond. But fierce sibling rivalry can arise if there are too many clashes astrologically. A Tiger baby however would fit in really nicely into your family.

The Tiger is an ally of the Horse, so the new baby will get along superbly with your 2nd born. And with you, the Rabbit, the Tiger forms the House of Growth and Development, meaning the two of you will be very close and this new baby will many secret opportunities to come your way.


QWhat is your opinion about roof gardens? Is having Earth overhead like being buried? In USA, roof gardens are encouraged for environmental reasons to reduce impervious surfaces. Many US city governments give tax benefits to roof gardens. I thought maybe a compromise is to have roof gardens over the negative sectors such as over bathrooms or kitchens, instead of over bedrooms, dining or living rooms.


Roof gardens are lovely, especially in cities when there is way too much concrete. There is no need however to put too much soil or grass to make up your roof garden. Rather, a charming area on the roof with potted trees and planter boxes should be good enough. Your roof garden would then not constitute enough earth to suggest being “buried” but enough to add some green to an environment that is getting
too “gray”.


QI would like to know the remedy for toilets found in the middle of the house.


Toilets in the middle of the house are best avoided, but if they are already there, be sure to keep the doors to them closed at all times, and try not to use them too much. Do not attempt to enhance them in any way. While the middle of the house is usually considered the heart of the home, you can attempt to shift the heart of the home elsewhere by energizing another area such as your living room or dining room with bright lights, TV, music and activity. I hope your central toilet is a small one. If it is compared to the size of your whole house, then I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


QI bought a 5 element pagoda with mantras and the sales person told me to put salt in it and place it in the North. And that it can be reused next year. Is that true? Thank you very much.


The 5 element pagoda is a suitable cure for the Five Yellow affliction, which is an Earth affliction, thus you should put earth into the pagoda, not salt. The idea is that you take earth or soil from your home from the afflicted sector of your home, and imprison the bad energies inside the pagoda. This is also one of the reasons why it is better not to recycle your cures. After your 5 element pagoda has contained the afflicted energy for the whole year, it is better and more effective to get a fresh, new pagoda for the coming year. In 2010 the Five Yellow flies to the SW, so it is even more important to control it, as the SW is an Earth sector which will strengthen any Earth-element affliction if it is not correctly suppressed.



QI’m planning to furnish a bedroom for my 2 year old daughter. Is it ok if I place the bed with the feet pointing towards the window, which overlooks a straight road flowing towards the bedroom window itself?

ANo, it is better if both the head and the feet of the bed point towards a solid wall. If you do not have a choice, then get some heavy curtains to block off the view of the window. The feet pointed out of doors and even windows when sleeping does not have good connotations, so please do not do that when planning the layout of your daughter’s room.


QWe have a secure garage attached to the front of our home. We always leave the house through this door as it is where we access our vehicles. Should this be considered as our main door? Should the garage be included as part of the house because it is all under the same roof?


When calculating the Flying Star natal chart of the house, you should use the facing direction of your whole house. But for Eight Mansions feng shui, you go by the door that you most frequently use to enter and leave the house. You should enter the house through a door that faces one of your auspicious directions. For the main door of the whole house, you don’t need to use this all the time, but it is better to have a solid main door that faces the same overall direction of the whole house so as not to confuse the chi. This door you can use for when guests visit you.


QI have just started my new job and it went well for the first week, but now, someone who already works in this company seems to be backstabbing me to my boss all the time. I knew this person from before, but she is not even in my department or working directly with me. I have no quarrel with her, but she seems like she wants to put me down every chance she gets. What do you do when people go after you for no reason? How do you get rid of them? Is there any mantra to wear to protect me?


Looks like a case of old fashioned office politics. What you need to carry is the Fire Gold talisman. This talisman is inscribed with a powerful mantra for subduing quarrelsome or hostile energies that may be directed towards you, and will effectively reduce gossip, slander and office politics. Carry this amulet and try to forget about this person. Do not give her the benefit of a reaction from you. You will find her destructive efforts against you with the boss will fall on deaf ears and she will eventually leave you alone and find someone else to pick on. You can also wear the Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha Green Tara necklace in 18K gold. Green Tara comes to the aid of those who invoke her help very swiftly; wearing her mantra will help settle your problem quickly.


QMy kitchen occupies part of the NW sector, though the location of the stove is not at the NW sector of the kitchen. We have used two big red glass tiles (which have a reflection effect) as the kitchen backsplash, which extended across the stove and the sink. The cabinets are grey and the floor tiles are black. I read that mirror tiles are not advisable in the kitchen. How about glass tiles which can reflect like mirrors? Are they acceptable? I have read elsewhere that a mirror backsplash is good in that it reflects the stove, which represents prosperity. Is it true? If the red glass tiles are not advisable, it is OK to cover them with another layer of kitchen foil as a practical remedy? Please help urgently.


Please do not attempt to reflect your stove in the hope of doubling prosperity. The stove represents Fire energy, and doubling Fire is dangerous, doubly so as you say your kitchen is located in the Northwest of your house! A kitchen in the NW represents “Fire at Heaven’s Gate” so is best avoided, but you say your floor tiles are black, which represents the Water element… this serves to cool down the fiery energies of the kitchen, so is a good thing in your case. If your red backsplash tiles are reflecting your stove, it is best to remove them and replace with a less reflective material. Covering them up with kitchen foil is probably not the best idea as it would look quite tacky… better to save up some money for a couple of more suitable tiles.


QIf I have a picket fence that surrounds my front yard, does that mean I have hidden poison arrows pointing at my house?


I prefer for the individual planks that make up a picket fence t have rounded tops rather than sharp tops. Can you have them re-cut so they are not so pointy and fierce? You may start to feel a difference in your life once you have done that.