Aunt Agga Issue #81



I need to cut down a tree outside my house as it is very huge. Tree located at the North sector which has the Five Yellow. I also need to change the main door but as my house too faces the North, while the main door is located at the NW side of the house, I am unsure if it is advisable to change it or not. (Door faces North as well even though located in the NW). Please advise.


It is a very bad idea to cut down a tree – especially if it is a very large tree – if it is located in the sector of the annual Five Yellow.

Can you not trim the tree instead of chop it down? Some also say that very old trees house spirits, which may be angered when you chop down the tree. If you trim the branches and leaves of the tree, then this is different. This way you are nurturing the tree and not destroying it.
Can you do that instead? As for your main door, am unsure why you would like to change it. Is it so that the tree does not directly block your main door? If the tree is in direct view of your main door, then yes it could well be a poison arrow hitting at your front door; in which case it might be a good idea to angle your door slightly, or move your door out of direct line of the big tree. Don’t forget to check your new Flying Star natal chart when you change your front door though.
Good luck!


QIs it okay to use the money from red envelopes? I have lots of red envelopes from past New Years. What are you supposed to do with them after the new year has past?


It is absolutely fine to spend the money from red packets! They are given to you as lucky money to symbolize cash coming into your life. If money cannot be used, then it is not money, it is just paper! However, if you receive a red packet from a very rich man, like a big tycoon, and you do not need to spend the money, it is a good idea to keep that particular note in your wallet the whole year through, as it encompasses wealth chi from the tycoon. If you do get money like that, don’t bank it into your bank account. Keep the actual note, as a good luck talisman in your wallet, or to go in your wealth vase. As for the packets, it is all right to throw them away after removing the money inside.


QIs a waterfall which flows toward the house but is located in the back yard auspicious? Please help. We are thinking about buying a house with this waterfall in the back yard. The water flows down and toward the house into a pond… and then gets re-circulated back to the top of the hill. Is this good? Please give me your advice. Many thanks.


There are few wealth enhancers that are more effective than waterfalls at bringing truly serious prosperity. If the waterfall is in the correct sector, then you might just have struck gold! There is nothing wrong with your waterfall being in the backyard; as long as the water is flowing towards your home, and not away from it. Also, because the waterfall flows into a pond, it sounds as if you have ample space between the feature and your back door. To benefit from this water feature, try and keep the door – or a window – that faces the waterfall open for a significant part of the day. This will allow the good chi created to enter the home.


QMy husband has been out of work for 3 years. I have a small toilet next to my flat main door which is in the North, please help me, what should I do?


The East sector this year is afflicted by the number 7 star, which brings losses particularly when it comes to money. Yes it is possible that loud noises such as a dog constantly barking could trigger and activate this negative star. Your water features in the East and SE however will help exhaust the ill effects of the number 7, so these are good, as long as they are kept clean and your fish kept healthy. How about keeping your dog indoors instead of confined to the East sector in the balcony? If your dog is allowed to live in the house among family members, you will be surprised how it is likely to quieten down and not be so yappy. It might take some effort on your part initially, for toilet training etc, but dogs are such a joy when you can properly integrate them into the family.


QI am an Ox by Chinese Astrology. My family and I are facing a very bad time this year and we are under a lot of debt. A girl named Maria gave me a Wooden Painting of a Tiger and a Metal painting of a Tiger. I hang both in my rooms. Please tell me if they are making a problem. My front door is to the West side.


Bad times happen for all sorts of reasons, but one of them could be bad feng shui. To answer your specific question on the Tiger art hanging in your home, firstly, you are an Ox and therefore do not have any special relationship with the Tiger. I am always wary of recommending Tiger paintings for inside the house, especially if the Tiger has its mouth open or looks fierce. The Tiger encapsulates protective energies, but it is a wild animal and also has the ability to turn on you. If your problems started after you put up these paintings, my suggestion would be to take them down and see what happens to your luck. As a rule of thumb, it is always safer to hang Tiger paintings outside the home, not inside; especially if you are not born under the Tiger astrology sign.


QIt has been said that there should not be any water feature on the right hand side of the door (inside looking out) Does this only apply to water features outside the house? I would like to put a water feature in the SE sector of my living hall, but then it would be on the right hand side of my main door. Please advise.


No, there shouldn’t be a water feature to the right hand side of your main door (inside looking out) whether on the outside or the inside. However, if you cannot see your main door from where you place the water feature in your living hall, and if from your main door you cannot see the water feature, then it is OK.


QMy brother-in-law give my son a set of camping knives as a present when he just 8 years old. Looking back, could it be the reason he is not doing well in his studies or life in general? If so, please help us rectify the situation. Thank you very much for your kind reply.

AIt is not auspicious to give knives, blades, letter openers or anything sharp to someone else as a gift, but that can usually be overcome by paying the giver a token sum in return for the gift – so the recipient of the gift symbolically “buys” it from the giver, rather than be “wished” it by the giver. However, the giving of sharp instruments such as knives usually does not cause bad luck to the recipient, what it does is it sullies the relationship between the giver and receiver. So it would put a strain between your brother-in-law and your son; or they will grow distant from one another.

However, it is unlikely that that set of hunting knives received so many years ago could be the cause of his lacklustre luck at the moment. Instead, why don’t you have a check on his personal feng shui. Make sure he has not poison arrows hitting at him from open bookshelves in his study room and bedroom, and don’t let clutter build up. Let him sit facing an auspicious direction to work. Position his bed correctly, and with head pointed to a lucky direction for him. (Check his lucky direction from his Kua, obtainable from



QHello. I’m starting a kids sweet shop; studies suggest that kids prefer the color purple. I need to choose a colour to paint the outside walls and sign board of the shop; shall I paint with purple? I’m painting the inside of the shop white. Knowing that I have almost no control of the direction and location of the shop, would this be a good idea?


Purple is a very auspicious colour in feng shui! Purple is a form of red (the purest form of Yang) and the meaning in Chinese is that purple is “so red that it has turned purple”. So it is often associated with abundance and success. However, it is better to choose a milder shade of purple such as lavender, rather than a harsh, hard shade. The pastel shades of colours are generally safer to use as feature colours when painting buildings than the primary or hard, strong shades.


QIn my Eight Mansions, the Southwest is supposed to be my lucky direction, but in my Four Pillars, Earth is my unfavourable element. Which do I follow? Thanks.


If Southwest is lucky for you under Eight Mansions, it means it is auspicious for you to tap energy coming from the SW. You can sit facing the SW, you can sleep with your head pointed to the SW, and so on. However, it does not necessarily mean that Earth as an element is particularly lucky for you.

Your Paht Chee chart or Four Pillars reading on the other hand will tell you which elements are missing and which are abundant in your chart. No element is purely good or purely bad for you; in fact, you need a little bit of each element. Each element simply means something different to you depending on your chart. For some people, Earth may mean money, for others it may mean Success. For yet others, it may mean competition and rivals.

If you have been told that Earth is unfavourable for you, it may mean in your basket of elements you have too much Earth. Hence it is better for you to balance out that imbalance by surrounding yourself with the other elements.


QMy son has high dreams and ambitions in life. While he was studying a two-year course as an interpreter and translator, he was awesomely motivated for this kind of career. Unfortunately, five months after graduation, he still hasn’t managed to land any job yet. He is so stressed and lowly motivated. Father and son are in constant conflict since both of them are jobless and living together under one roof. We really wish our son would be responsible and successful in his future life. I believe feng shui could make a positive difference. Any suggestions or advice would highly be appreciated.


The present state of the economy is not helping the job market, but your best move as a mother is to keep morale up for both your son and your husband.

It is wonderful that your son has great ambitions in life – encourage him to keep up those ambitions. While he may have to put some of his dreams on hold to adapt to the current job situation, do not let him stifle and put out those flames of ambition. They will serve him well in the future. For now, if it is difficult to find work as a translator, would he consider doing some other type of work until there is greater demand for his kind of skills? As for the feng shui of your home, check the career sector – North – make sure there is nothing afflicting this corner of your house. Clutter such as old newspapers, magazines, shoe boxes etc can cause the energy of an area to go stale and yin. Clear out the North of your home to shake up the energy here. If the North part of your home is missing, compensate by installing a bright light in what would be the North. You can also let him carry the Good Income amulet with mystic knot. This will help create a situation in his life for him to enjoy a good steady stream of income, i.e. a steady job.


QCan a family photograph be placed under a beam (not really exposed)?


No. Try and find somewhere else for your family photos. Also avoid placing family photos in bathrooms, kitchens etc. The best place for family photographs is in the living rooms, family rooms or study rooms. Try to ensure they are not hit by beams or poison arrows. Put them in nice frames; then give your frames a wipe down regularly so they do not collect dust. And only frame up pictures of family members looking happy.