Aunt Agga Issue #64



We will be moving to our farmhouse in the country. There will be corn and soybeans grown all around the home. The crops will be rotated each year. When the corn is in front of the home, you can’t see the home from the road. Will this be a problem? If so, how do I fix it? Thanks.


You do not need to have a clear view of the house from the road, but you do need to have a proper road leading to your farmhouse from the main road. Just make sure the road leading to your farmhouse is a meandering one so that it does not create a poison arrow headed for your house, as the poison arrow would be even more severe if the road is lined on both sides by tall cornrows.


QI really want to put a symbol of the dragon in the house. My husband was born in the year of the Dog and I in the Boar. Please suggest if it is feasible to display a dragon and also whether it should be kept facing East in the living room or in the East corner of the living room.


The Dragon is one of the most powerful symbols of good luck in feng shui, and everyone can display the Dragon, even Dogs. Although in the astrology wheel the Dragon is the natural ‘enemy’ of the Dog, that’s only when it comes to astrology dragons. It just means that Dogs in general won’t do so well married to a Dragon, or working too closely with a Dragon person. It doesn’t mean Dog people cannot call on the power of the almighty Dragon for a bit of good luck!


QI have a slanted ceiling and it slopes down right to my main door. What can I do to remedy this problem?


This is not such a big problem, because it is better for the ceiling to slope down towards the door than the other way around. The main door is the main conduit to bring fresh energy from outside to the inside, and because your ceiling slopes upwards as you enter, the chi does not get blocked as it comes it.

Think of your home as a big wealth vase. The prerequisites for a good wealth vase are that the neck should be narrow but the belly wide, so once money is put into the vase, it is difficult for the money to be taken out again. Same with your house – once the energy enters, it can permeate your home without trouble, as the space inside is bigger than the door itself suggests. This is a far better ‘problem’ than say a main door directly aligned with another door at the back, in which case the chi enters and flies right through again without stopping. So no cause for concern here.


QA workmate and I became lovers earlier this year. I have gradually developed very strong feelings for him and when I told him this, he started giving excuses to not see me, such as he was busy or tired etc. I tried talking to him about it and he told me he didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone as he had too many complications in his life and didn’t want me to get hurt. I have since found out he is seeing someone, and I am quite hurt he didn’t tell me this rather than feeding me excuses. What can I do to bring him back to me and does it have anything to do with the fact that the foot of my bed is facing the main entrance to my room? My computer is also positioned opposite the door to my room and it was chatting on the computer that he first showed his interest in me.


Firstly, it’s not really such a great idea to have a bedroom relationship with a co-worker. Secondly, he sounds like a right cad so why would you want him back? You obviously see the relationship as one that could lead somewhere in the future, but from his actions, he is not willing to settle down with you. The fact that he started backing off when you confessed your feelings for him shows he is scared of commitment and is probably just looking for a good time. If that is the case, he is really not worth getting upset or emotional over.

The foot of your bed should definitely NOT be facing the door into your bedroom, so move your bed as soon as possible. However, a bed positioned like this has more consequences on your health than on your love life. Your computer is fine opposite the door, but try not to sit with your back towards the door when you are on your computer. If there is no alternative positioning for your computer, then make sure your door is kept closed whenever you are sitting with your back to the door.


QI am born in the year of the Dragon. My kua number is 9. I have a problem with my career. I always change jobs and there is not much career advancement. I get restless very quickly. My living standard has not improved. I would like to know how to improve my career luck. Secondly, I have a mole above my left eyebrow. People tell me this mole means poverty. Should I keep or remove this mole?


The reason you have no career advancement is precisely because you keep job-hopping. Ask yourself WHY you get restless in your job. Are you employed in a field that doesn’t interest you? Do you feel victimized at work by your superiors or your peers? Or are you generally just unmotivated? If you’re serious about your career and improving your lot in life, the best thing you can do is to give yourself a shake-up and stop making excuses. Don’t blame your bad luck on your feng shui.

Find yourself a job you really enjoy. Don’t try to fit stereotypes that are ‘accepted’ in society. If numbers don’t interest you, don’t try to be an accountant, banker or statistician. If you’re not a people person, don’t try to do sales. Think hard about what you truly ENJOY doing, then try and make it in that field. And when you do get into a field you are passionate about, remember it is not all play and no work. Work is work, so there will be good days and bad days. But trudging through the bad days with grit and determination will all be worthwhile when you see good results, and we’re talking not just money.

As for your mole, if it’s located towards the outer part of your left eyebrow, it predicts prosperity, but closer to the nose axis it predicts a lack of friends.


QI’m in desperate need of help and advice! I don’t know why but I seem to attract misunderstandings amongst friends and acquaintances; misunderstandings of my actions and even accusations of me doing them harm, of which I never intended. Why am I a constant subject of these attacks? Is there anything I can do to avoid such unnecessary conflicts?

AIt looks like you are having a bad attack of the negative energies of the #3 quarrelsome star. When a quarrelsome star is inadvertently activated in your home/office, particularly if you spend a lot of time in that part of your home/office, you will find others finding fault with you, bad mouthing you or simply having very unnecessary and avoidable misunderstandings with you. The first thing you need to do is to find out where the #3 stars are located based on your natal chart. (Refer to Flying Star Feng Shui for Period 8 by Lillian Too ). Once you find them, ensure you don’t have any windchimes, bells or anything that makes too much noise like stereos or TVs in these parts of the home. Note that the #3 mountain star is more damaging in terms of destroying relationships, whilst the #3 water star will cause you to lose money.

The other thing that’s not helping is that the ruling annual star in 2006 is the #3 quarrelsome star, which of course affects everyone; place a 9-level crystal pagoda lit up with a red light in the center sector of your home, and ensure you don’t make too much noise in this sector. If you have to entertain at home, avoid using the center sector as your entertainment area. Move into other parts of the home for this.


Finally, carry a Peace and Harmony amulet with you to help smooth things out with your friends, acquaintances and those you interact with.


QI really hope you can help me I would like to get your feng shui advice. I stay at home with my 3-year-old boy. Most of time he is a very good child. Recently, I started to notice that he does not want to listen to me. I cannot tolerate it any longer. I started to have emotional breakdowns almost every day now. I understand he is probably going through another stage in his development, but I just feel I am losing the great connection with him that we had before. 


If your child is 3 years, he is probably a Sheep baby. Sheep people tend to be feistier than usual in 2006 because of the energizing star that has flown into their sector. Coupled with the fact that he is discovering his own personality and fast growing up from toddler to little boy, it’s no wonder you’re finding him a handful. A feng shui remedy to help control wayward children I can recommend is to place a 7-level pagoda in the SW corner of his room, or of the living room.

And if you’re having emotional breakdowns, you need to get some help, and soon. Losing your temper or breaking down into depression is not going to make him better; it will just make things worse. Find a good nursery or kindergarten to send him to; this will give you some of your own time during the day, something which, by the sound of your letter, you badly need, and it will also give him something new on which to focus his attention.

Sometimes children are naughty because they are bored, and if you don’t have the energy to keep up with them to keep their daily lives interesting, that’s when they start being disobedient. Try praising and encouraging him with smiles and hugs – this will make a whole lot of difference.


QI am going through an unpleasant break-up with a business partner. He has chosen to walk out of the business and I have to buy him out. He accuses me of doing things behind his back however I feel that since he is leaving I do not have to tell him who I am speaking with to replace his position. He still has to complete some projects and will leave end July. I do not want problems before he leaves. What feng Shui cures can I use to smoothen the relationship? He does not believe in feng Shui and belittles me for practising it. I am born in the year of the Dragon, 1964. I know this is not a good year for me. I hope you can advise and help.

AIt is always stressful when partnerships break up for whatever reason. In your case, I do strongly suggest to try your level best to end the relationship on an amicable note – when partnerships end, it is usually not due to a single reason, so no point assigning blame and setting off a stream of recriminations. Instead, invest in images of the Rat (who is having a great year this year) and place in the North corner of your office. This is because North enjoys excellent luck this year and will help you tide over the difficult split. Also, place red in the centre of your office. Then get a tortoise and place it also in the North, where it will have a calming influence on the situation. Above all things, keep your cool. Dragons should lie low this year. Your luck will improve substantially towards the end of the year – until then, better to play humble.


QI have been studying the article on “Power Dressing” in the February issue of FSW. I am a male, Kua #9, DOB: Oct. 20,1982, a water dog. Under the chart in the magazine, it says that anything with Water colours (i.e. purple, blue and black) don’t give me positive or powerful chi! My questions are: 1.) How come Water colours won’t do anything for me when I am in fact born under the sign of a Water Dog! And lastly, if indeed these colours won’t work for me chi-wise, is there anything you can suggest, perhaps an amulet, to compensate for the less positive chi it is giving me? It’s hard to part with my denims, most of which are in shades of blues.

AJust because the Water element does not bring you any specific kind of luck does not mean you cannot wear blues and blacks at all. Feng shui is all about balance; indeed, it is better to have balance in your dressing than to be dressed top to toe in just one colour. Because your kua number is 9, your self-element based on the Kua formula is Fire, thus Water directly clashes with Fire (water destroys fire in the destructive cycle of the 5 elements) and so water is not highlighted as a ‘lucky’ colour for you – this doesn’t mean it is unlucky.

The fact that you are a Water Dog means the heavenly stem of your year of birth is Water, while the earthly branch is Earth. Generating part of your Paht Chee chart further reveals you have 2 lots of Water in just 6 of your 8 characters. From the Eight Character method, it is also recommended you wear less Water colours and more Wood colours, as Wood is what is missing from your chart.

So there are actually two distinct systems. Using the Kua formula, what you want to do is to strengthen your self-element, but using the Eight Characters system, you want to balance out your chart. In your case, the two systems yield the same result… your luckiest colour is green.


QMy husband makes good money, but it seems to fly out faster than it comes in, no matter how we try to save. Our front door faces Northeast, but as you come in the door, there is a staircase going up that is the shape of a triangle. And he has become susceptible to illness the last 3 years and doctors cannot find an answer.

AIt’s difficult to give you an accurate answer based on limited information on your house. However, the staircase should definitely not directly face the main door. It means that whatever wealth comes in goes up the stairs then falls right down and out the main door again! But because your staircase is triangular in shape – I assume this means it turns – there is less chance of the wealth rolling right out again. However, can you try to reposition the door so the stairs do not directly face the door? You may also want to check that your stairs have no “holes” on the steps. Solid looking steps help keep wealth in the home secure.

Based on your house facing direction, houses facing NE built or renovated after Feb 4th 2004 (Period 8 houses) have indications of illness for residents in the front palace of the house. But depending on the exact facing direction of the house, the cure is different. If your house faces NE1, you need to suppress the illness star with a yang water feature. If it faces NE2/3, you need a metal windchime.