Aunt Agga Issue #70



My daughter has just completed her SPM and scored 10 A1’s & 1 A2.She is applying for scholarships. What would you suggest in terms of feng shui in order to get her wish fulfilled?


Congratulations! You must be a proud parent! It looks like you have a smart kid who will be going places. If you want some extra feng shui help for scholarly attainments, you can place a Chi Lin (Dragon Horse) on her study table. Calculate her Kua number and tap her success directions. And then get the DRAGON GATE water feature (it will be available soon at WOFS shops) and place it in the Southwest of your living room this year. This is very powerful to get her scholarship success.


QI read that watches are not good gifts to give. Well, I have this watch my boyfriend gave me when he first visited me. He is younger than me and we are in this on and off long distance relationship for almost 5 years now, both so in love though and we were even talking about getting married, but all of a sudden he totally took a step back in the relationship. I wanted us to work. Will doing something about the watch he gave somehow help? If so, what can I do about it?


Yes, watches, because they connote time are not ideal gifts from a symbolic viewpoint, but you can always make things right by giving him token payment for the watch. If you both want your relationship to work, suggest this to him. If he dismisses it as hogwash then maybe he’s tiring of the relationship and it’s time to move on. You know something symbolic like this is always symptomatic of something deeper not working out. If he agrees to try following the traditional ritual of paying back a token it is an indication he too wants things to work out, then it’s worth trying to save your relationship.

However, we have never been great believers in long distance relationships. In the long run they rarely work out and you will always have to compromise. Also you may be ready for marriage and he’s not, so pressuring him will only push you two further apart. Have a good think about this. Remember there are many other fish in the sea. Don’t work yourself into a corner.


QWhat do you do with your wedding bouquet that is very old and dried out?


I thought one was supposed to throw the wedding bouquet into the crowd and the person who catches it is the next one to tie the knot. Never heard of keeping the bouquet, can imagine it would dry out pretty quickly. It is a big no-no in feng shui to keep or display dead flowers in the home – brings a lot of unwanted YIN chi into the house. I would throw it out.


QLast year I bought a glass picture of a phoenix that is blue in colour. Can you suggest where I can hang the picture?


The phoenix is the king of birds and his abode is the South. He brings opportunity luck and success. Phoenixes are usually coloured red, which make them very suitable for the South to energise the element of Fire, symbolized by red. If you hang your blue phoenix in the South, there is a risk of a clash, as blue is water and South is fire. But birds are always lucky in the South, so I would give it a try. If after displaying your phoenix you start experiencing bouts of good luck, then you know you’ve done something right. If not, just take it down, no harm done.


QThe man I love is afraid of a committed relationship. I know he really cares for me too, but I feel like there’s a wall between us. Do you have any suggestions for a good gift for his birthday to break his fear?


If you’re looking for a commitment from your boyfriend, the best is not to give him a gift. The best way to create a change in his attitude is to create positive peach blossom luck for yourself. Find out what your peach blossom animal is – a horse, a rooster, a rabbit or a rat. Then get a bejewelled classy looking peach blossom animal and make sure you buy it from a smart shop from a nice sales person. Let the peach blossom animal be imbued with plenty of friendly positive chi energy and then place it in the direction which activates the luck for you. To find out your peach blossom luck and direction get the Feng Shui Almanac.


QMy Kua no. is 5/8 and my husband Kua no. is 1. Thus, the auspicious direction for me is in conflict with his, so when come to placing our bed or study desk, should I follow his auspicious direction or mine? What is auspicious for me is inauspicious for him and vice versa and we live in 1 house, so how?

AFor the bed you share, the tradition is to follow the husband’s favourable direction. As for the study desk, can’t you orientate it such that you sit facing one of your good directions? You don’t have to sit perpendicular to the desk when you work, or at least try and have two study tables if you both do a lot of work from home. As for the main door entrance, it is best to follow your husband’s direction especially if he is the main breadwinner in the household. Do not worry too much as Lillian and her husband has survived over forty years of marriage having exactly the same KUA combination as you and your husband.


QIs it OK to use a 4-rod wind chime?



Nothing wrong with windchimes of any shape, make-up or size, but the reason that windchimes used as feng shui cures or enhancers are made fully of metal with six-rods is because metal is the cure needed to overcome affliction bringing earth stars, and 6 is the number of Big Metal. 4 is the number for wood, so a 4-rod metal windchime is a clash in itself. It is important to understand the meaning behind the objects used in feng shui to remedy afflictions; otherwise your cures and enhancers will simply not work and it’s not the fault of the symbol but because it was not correctly finished. For more on the meanings behind feng shui symbols, read “Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Symbols of Good Fortune .”


QMy main door is at the North but it has been cold lately, so our family enters and leaves downstairs through the basement to the garage (the West of the house). We keep the family van there to avoid the cold weather. Is it okay or does it now change the compass of the house?

AWhen taking compass directions, you should take the facing direction of the entire house, and not just the front door. This is the direction that matters when plotting the natal chart of your home using the Flying Star formula. So to answer your question, no, using another access door to enter your house will not change the compass of your house.

But for your information, entering the house from a West-facing door is more auspicious this year than using a North-facing door, because the West enjoys the lucky number 4 star, while the North brings threat of burglary.

If your main door is in the North, whether you use it or not, you should display rhino here to quell the threat of the loss star.


QI have an interesting question that I can’t seem to find an answer for. Do you know anything about choosing your Kua number if you are transsexual? I was born female and have transitioned to being male. Which number would I use? The Female or the Male number? I hope you don’t mind me asking you this question. I will respect your answer gratefully!

AWell if you are now a male you should use the male gender to calculate as this reflects your energy patterns at the moment. Please don’t apologise. Here at FSW we respect everyone’s right to live their life according to their own wishes.


QAre there any taboos for moving to a new house while you’re pregnant? My Chinese friend said they normally wait till a child is born. Is this true? Thank you so much in advance for your advice.

AYes indeed as there could be a danger that the pregnant mother to be could inadvertently clash with some element or some encounter while moving house. Another explanation is that when one is carrying a child it is necessary to be stable. Anything as transformational as moving house might be too traumatic for the unborn child.


QI am a Catholic and at the same time a believer in most of the feng shui principles. My questions are: Are images of Jesus, Virgin Mary and other Catholic saints feng shui compatible? Will they also be compatible with other Chinese figures like Kwan Kong, Buddha, etc. And where do you think the Catholic images should be placed? I was born in the year of the horse, and my kua number is 4.

AOf course you can place images of Jesus and Mother Mary and other Catholic Saints. Feng shui is not a religion and when Chinese Buddhists or Taoists place their deity images, it works for them because of the meanings these images hold for them. Likewise, if you are a Catholic, your catholic images are sure to work for you as the energy emanating is as pure and as beautiful.