Aunt Agga Issue #69



I am sitting with my back facing the window in the office. I cannot hang a portrait of a mountain. What can I do?


What you need is solid support. Even if you cannot hang a picture of a mountain behind you, at least make sure you are sitting with your back against a solid wall. If there is a window, then try and get window blinds that are heavy enough to shut out the glare from outside. At least the portion of the window that your back faces should be covered, to provide you with that symbolic support that is crucial to career success and advancement. If you cannot close up the window, try and shift to another desk in your office.


QI need to cut down a tree infected with white ants outside my house. Is it alright for me to cut the tree as it is located in the North sector which has the burglary star #7? Please advise. Thank you!


It is perfectly fine if it is the North, as long as it is not the NE or NW it should be OK. The burglary star is not directly affected by the act of cutting down a tree, although causing the destruction of the white ants home might. So do place a large bowl of water in the North for at least 7 days just to be safe, as this will help overcome any indirect effects of the burglary star. This should also safeguard you and your family from any lingering bad energy. It is a good idea also before you cut the tree to say some prayers and make some incense offerings near the tree. Then leave for a day to give the white ants a chance to leave before cutting down the tree.


QI have a beautiful Dragon figurine that I’ve placed in the East sector of my home. In my case that would be the master bathroom. Is it ok to place a dragon in a bathroom? I’ve placed it next to the window and the bathtub. I really love my bathroom and consider it like an extension of my bedroom. Also, the toilet is separate although in the same area as the bathroom.


If you love your dragon and you love your bathroom it should be fine. As long as the toilet is separate and the bathroom is a place you associate with good energies, it should be OK, especially since this is also the East. In modern homes, many of our bathrooms are like sanctuaries where we go to, to unwind and feel relaxed, so having good feng shui there should then be OK.


QIs a picture with nine carps with seven of them having red spots on their forehead suitable to be hung on the wall facing the front door? Ever since I put it up, my mother passed away, my daughter failed to secure an academic opportunity, and my brother is on the verge of getting retrenched. Does this have anything to do with the feng shui of my house and what can I do about it?


It is hard for me to make a general statement and say your house feng shui is not right as I have not seen your house. However, please note that a single red dot on the forehead of a carp is the symbol for failure. This comes from the legend of the Dragon Gate. Carps that do not succeed in jumping over the Lung Men or dragon gate are marked for life with a red dot on their forehead so perhaps your painting is bringing you bad luck. I don’t think it can cause a death but sounds like it caused your daughter to be unsuccessful in securing her academic opportunity. Might be a good idea to change the painting?


QI was born in the year of Fire Dragon (1976) and my husband was born in the year of Fire Snake (1977). We are planning to have a baby next year, which is a Rat year, which I heard is a Water Rat. Will there be any conflict between the baby and us because we are born in fire years and the baby in a Water year?


Actually, next year is not the year of the Fire Rat. It is the year of the Earth Rat. The earthly branch of Rat however is water. You are both born in Fire years but the Snake has an earthly branch of Fire while the Dragon’s earthly branch is Earth. However, when looking at compatibilities, there is a whole lot more to look at than just heavenly stems or earthly branches. If you want to engage in element analysis, you have to look at the Paht Chee, all eight characters in the birth chart.

But what I can tell you offhand is that the Rat is extremely compatible with the Dragon, as they are both allies in the Chinese Horoscope, and they belong to the same affinity triangle. The Rat is also compatible with the Snake. So if you are thinking of having a baby in the Rat year, it would be extremely auspicious for both you and your husband. However, it might not be a good idea to conceive in the year of the Boar which is the natural enemy of the Snake. So might be better to conceive in the year of the Rat – then whether your baby is born in a Rat year or an Ox year would be good for either of you.


QI wish to inform you that the Ksiddigarbha that I bought from WOFS really works. Ever since I placed it in the Northwest of my room, I have stopped quarrelling with my dad so often. I am thinking of buying another one for my office. I am a single female Dog born in 1970 and am now living on my own. My problem is I can’t seem to get along with people in general. As such, I encounter difficulty maintaining long term relationships with potential partners, friends and colleagues.

My boss commented that I have a disagreeable look. I was told I am weak metal and would take a long time to succeed in any endeavour. In the past, my boss had promised me that I would most likely be promoted, but in the end I didn’t get that promotion. I also spent a lot of money after failing my driving tests repeatedly. I am now a poor and depressed dog. Am I destined to be a failure in life?

Does practising feng shui involve a lot of money and is it contrary to my religion as a Christian? I am thinking of setting up my own business to take control of my life, destiny and future. Thanking you in advance for helping me!


AOf course you are not destined to fail! Get that completely out of your mind and since feng shui is nothing to do with our religious beliefs, you should also not worry about it hurting you spiritually. Feng shui is not contrary to any religion and learning about feng shui and practising it requires the same amount of money (or less) than indulging in any hobby or learning anything else.

Having answered all your doubts, may I suggest that you try wearing the colour red as this is said to suppress quarrelsome vibrations. Maybe you are being affected by such vibes without you realising, so wearing red should help you suppress it. The Ksiddhigarbha staff and ball are also excellent for suppressing quarrelsome tendencies. They also bring success chi. Perhaps you might like to try smiling a bit more? Sometimes we may not know it but our expressions can look unfriendly even when we are not!


QCan dragons keep dogs as pet?


Of course! Dragons and Dogs are astrological enemies. They are not real enemies and even astrologically Dragons can under certain circumstances be very beneficial for those born in the year of the Dog and vice versa. I know of many people born in the year of the Dragon who have kept dogs all their life with absolutely no bad effects whatsoever. So do enjoy your dogs!!


QCould you please give me some advice on this matter, and tell me what I should do. My husband had an affair that started about a year ago. We were having trouble in our marriage and he met this girl, who he says was very kind and in love with him. To cut a long story short, I still love my husband and have forgiven him for cheating because I knew that I wasn’t very nice to him in the beginning of our marriage and pushed him away. I love him so much and I know that he loves me too, because he has been trying to break it off with this girl so many times, but she still calls and wants him. She is being very stubborn and won’t give up. I want to save my marriage and I want her gone for good, what can I do?? Please advise. Thank you.

AI think you are being extremely sensible in forgiving your husband. In life we all make mistakes and it is so important for us to understand this, especially in a marriage relationship. You have a long life ahead of you. So can I suggest that you HELP your husband now by telling this girl to leave him alone? It is difficult for him to be tough with her as he had an intimate relationship with her, but you can, and you should. Do be nice about it. I know it is hard but also understand the poor girl’s predicament. She probably thinks she is in love with your husband. But you must let her know that he is NOT a free man, that he is already married. If all this does not work, then you will have to change the telephone number. If she persists in disturbing you or your husband, you should make a police report.


QMy Chinese zodiac is Horse. I am now is two months pregnant and will be having a child by next year (Rat year). According to Chinese astrology, the Horse and Rat are not good allies. Therefore, I would like to know whether I will have a bad relationship with my child. How can I overcome it?

AAccording to Chinese astrology, the Rat and the Horse are natural adversaries being directly opposite each other. It is said that close relationships between natural enemies are harder to create and maintain, but next year is the year of the Rat, and the Horse is having a really hard time next year, so perhaps having a birth during 2008 is exactly what you need to overcome the bad luck. Giving birth to a child is a hei see (happiness occasion) and this is the best antidote for an afflicted year. So if I were you I would really rejoice because it looks like your baby will bring luck to you in what would otherwise be a bad year so rejoice!!


QI have never made stupid mistakes in my work. However, ever since I took over as Head of a unit in April this year, I kept making silly mistakes which I know I should not have. Why is this so?

AUsually this happens when you are suffering from some kind of energy affliction caused by the bad annual feng shui stars. It is likely you might be hit by the wu wang (Five Yellow) or maybe the Three Killings. It is hard to say but it might be a good idea for you to go to the WOFS website ( and search for the article on the afflictions for the year 2007 and check if you are being hit by some unpleasant stars. Also look around your (new) office and see if there are any poison arrows damaging your feng shui.


QI’m a single snake born in 1977. Recently I saw an apartment show unit which I like it quite a lot and I found a unit where the position of the apartment suits me as it is sitting South facing North and has a master bedroom in the Southwest. I find the place very spacious and comfortable. However, it is on the 4th floor, and the parking lot is just right below on the 3rd floor. The windows of the master bedroom face a corridor of a connected building and the windows of the living area face the lifts. Friends tell me that a place without a nice view is not good. So now I’m in a dilemma whether I should get the place or not. What are the things that I should consider? Please help. Thanks! 

AI am not keen on the views you describe as they sound like they could be a source of bad energy which could seep into your house. I also think that being directly above the car park is not good either. So on balance I would agree with your friends and look for something with a more pleasant view. What you see visually on a daily basis really does affect your feng shui. So pass on this apartment and look for something else.