Aunt Agga Issue #54



I have one problem about my bed. From what I have read from Lillian Too’s book, our bed should not ‘float’ in the middle of the room. I have no choice but to sleep with my bed ‘floating’ in the middle of the room because I am sharing a room with my sister. We are now renting a room in Singapore for our studies. That is the place pointing to my Fu Wei direction. What should I do?

Besides, I’ve read that open bookshelves above a headboard (but I don’t have) cause the occupant headaches and insomnia. Concentration is seriously affected.

Plus my room has a window directly facing the door. And I know that all my luck will flies away? Is that so? What should I do? I will move out only when my exam is over, but by then it will be too late. Please help me!


You’re right, it IS a big problem if your bed appears to float in the middle of your room. Can’t you line both your beds (you and your sister’s) with the headboards against a wall? Even if you can’t tap into your Fu Wei (personal growth) direction, it is far better than sleeping in a bed plonked in the middle of a room. Try to at least have one wall supporting you.

Also, your bed should ideally have a headboard. Go invest in a headboard, for this gives symbolic support when you sleep. If you have a floating bed with a headboard, it is not so bad as a floating bed without a headboard. And you should avoid having open shelves around you when you sleep. If you must, dismantle them and instead get yourself a bookcase to keep your books. If you really have no choice, then drape a piece of cloth or canvas to cover the offending bookshelves so they do not hang over you when you are sleeping.

Your window facing your bedroom door is not so bad. If you feel like your luck is gushing in and right out again, then keep your curtains closed. It’s a good thing you have a window on the other side of the door though – this will let the air and Chi circulate, keeping the energy in your room fresh and the oxygen levels high enabling you to study better.

And if you’re worried about your exams, you should think about activating your education sector (the Northeast) with a crystal globe or a Wen Chang pagoda. This will help you achieve success in your studies. If you cannot sleep with your head pointed towards your Fu Wei, try and sit facing your Fu Wei when you study.


QI’m facing this big pillar at my workplace and behind me are rows of open shelves. As this place is my own room and there is absolutely no way to move to another one, and neither am I able to shift myself away from the pillar and open shelves, I’m really desperate. Now I am suspecting that because of all this, I have been falling ill rather frequently since joining this company (I hardly fell sick before I joined them). I will truly appreciate if you could give me some advice. It’s affecting my work performance too.

AIt does sound that your falling sick so frequently is due to bad office feng shui. Is the pillar round or square? If it is round, it is not so bad, but if it is a square pillar, try to make sure you are least do not sit with one of the pointed edges aimed directly at you where you are sitting. The ideal is of course to wrap the pillar with mirror so it “disappears” but not all of us are so lucky to be able to make such big changes to our office space.

Try to keep your open shelves behind you neat, with the books flush with the shelves. It would be even better if you can build doors to cover up the shelves, but if the books are all flush with the edge of the shelves, this can make the edge disappear too.

The first thing to do is to get yourself a health energizer. Get yourself a Wu Lou made of brass and place it on your desk at work. You should also place one next to your bed at home. Next, check the flying stars of the month and see if you are being plagued by the number 2 illness star. If you are sitting or living in a sector with the annual or monthly illness star, or if the main door to your house is afflicted by the illness star, it is no wonder you fall ill all the time. Counter the illness star with a six rod all-metal wind chime or six heavy brass coins. The afflicted sector this year is the Southwest.

If you are a Sheep or a Monkey, you are also likely to fall ill more often this year than your friends born under different animal signs.


Q Please advise the rituals required before renovation commences.

AThe most important thing to remember when you are starting renovations on your house is to ensure that you start on a good date for renovation works, and to pick an auspicious hour. Then make sure the day you pick does not conflict with your animal sign or any of those of your family members. If you pick a day conflicting with a Dragon, say, then also make sure any friends you have who are Dragons are not present during commencement of renovations. You can use the FENG SHUI ALMANAC for picking your dates.

Start your renovations in a good sector. Make sure you do not offend the Grand Duke, and do not disturb the sector with the Five Yellow or the Three Killings. The Grand Duke this year lies in the West-Southwest, the Three Killings is in the South and the Five Yellow occupies the centre grid. If you are planning to renovate your whole house, and have no choice but to do building work in the afflicted sectors, make sure you do not START or END your renovations in an afflicted sector. Committing renovation taboos can lead to members of the family falling sick and other misfortunes to arise, so these rules should not be taken lightly.


QI live at the centre of a group of houses that are at the end of a cul-de-sac. I am afraid that all the bad Chi is coming my way. My driveway is my main way in and out of the house. I cannot put anything in the drive to divert the bad Chi, what should I do? I cannot afford to move, but I have had constant bad luck. Please help me.

ANot all cul-de-sacs are bad. If the road leading up to your house is a winding one, the poison arrow effect of being at the end of a long road is reduced. However, if the road leading up to your house is a long straight one, particularly one that looks like it is directly specifically at your house, then you have reason to be worried.

Try and position your front door to your house such that it does not face the main road. If you cannot, hang some facetted crystal balls above your front door to slow down and dissipate the fast moving Chi before it enters your house. If all else fails, you may like to try using a Pa Kua, but make sure your Pa Kua is merely pointed back towards the road, and not at other houses, as the Pa Kua can do your neighbours harm if hung up facing them.

If you’ve been facing bad luck, and can’t change the fact you live on the end of a cul-de-sac, try enhancing other areas of your feng shui. At least make sure the interior feng shui of your home is good, even if you cannot control the exterior feng shui of your home.


QI would like to know what represents to have two bathrooms in the central grid and if it is bad, please let me know what we can do.

AIf you have good flying stars in your central grid, then it is a real shame to have not one but TWO bathrooms in the centre of your house. However, if you have bad flying stars here, then what your WCs are doing are locking up the bad stars so they do not affect you in a negative way.


This year, the malicious Five Yellow star lies in the centre, so by having your bathrooms in the centre, you will not be so badly affected by this misfortune star which can cause a lot of harm.

If you want to learn more about Flying Star Feng Shui, read Lillian Toos’ Flying Star Feng Shui for Period 8. Armed with this book and a compass, there’s nothing you can’t do when analyzing your own feng shui.


QWe are staying with our in-laws but want to buy our own house. Both my husband and I are working very hard but unable to save much. It’s like end of the month we don’t have anything for us. Please suggest some remedies that I can do in my bedroom because other rooms are occupied by my in-laws and they don’t believe in feng shui.

AYou sound like you desperately need to energize for wealth luck. Even if you have income and money luck, sounds like what you need is a little treasure pot you can build on so you don’t end up spending everything you earn within the month of getting your salary. A great wealth energizer is the wealth vase. Make yourself a wealth vase, and keep it hidden in your bedroom. This is a first step towards building up your wealth. If you get your wealth vase from, each wealth vase kit comes with a VCD showing you how to make your own wealth vase. You can also learn how to make your own wealth vase from FENG SHUI MAGIC.

To get quick income and more of it, there’s nothing more powerful than the nine-eyed Dzi. Worn beaded with quartz crystal beads on your left wrist, the Dzi has been known to create the vibrations and energy needed to attract money and opportunity luck into your life.


QWhen we say ‘North’, does it mean North of the whole house or North of individual rooms?


North can be the North of the whole house, AND of individual rooms. This is known as the big Tai Chi and the small Tai Chi. You can energize the North sector with a water feature and with metal ornaments to build up the positive energy of the sector, but if you cannot energize the North of the whole house (either it is a missing corner or it is not appropriate, being a storeroom or a bedroom), then you can energize the North sector of individual rooms within the house.

A good example is when you want to energize for money and wealth luck with a water feature, but your money sector turns out being right smack where your bedroom is. And you know you can’t energize with water in the bedroom as these lead to losses. So, what you do is find the same sector in the living room of the house and place your water feature there instead.


QMy wife and I are both Dogs. Her Kua number is 6 whereas mine is 9. The problem lies in that we are unsure how to feng shui our house so that both of us have luck in our lives. We have done several things in the bedroom, which have alleviated quarrels between us. But I am afraid that by activating the good directions of one, the other will suffer. Do you have a solution to our dilemma? Thank you in advance.


You are so sweet thinking of your wife first before implementing feng shui changes to bring better luck for yourself. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to compromise her feng shui in order to get your feng shui in good working order. It is usually the husband who is considered the head of the family, thus when picking a front door direction, a bed/sleeping direction, you should follow the husband’s auspicious direction.

If your wife is also a breadwinner for the family, help her to energize her workplace to bring her money and success luck at work, but the mutual home directions should follow the husband’s directions. If she has a home office, make sure the office is located in an East group sector and make sure she faces one of her auspicious directions when she is sitting to work.

Both of you being dogs are loyal, compassionate and generous by nature, and this will get you far where your relationship is concerned. However, because you are both Yang animals, you should ensure your bedroom is not also excessively yang. Choose soothing colours for the bedroom, or this may cause unnecessary barking and growling between two dogs!