Aunt Agga Issue #153


Q I’m a single Fire Rabbit looking for a loving relationship. Can I still wear a diamond ring which I bought myself as a Victory Ring after I won a legal battle? I’m now worried that it could affect my love luck. Thank you.

A If you are a woman, and love is what you are looking for, wearing a “Victory Ring” which reminds you of a time when you were at the height of fighting, when your defences were up and you had to employ every aggressive bone in your body to win, is not ideal. Your instincts are correct in this case. Keep the ring by all means; when you need, it will serve as a reminder that you are strong, and you have it in you to win. But right now, you have already won, so it makes better sense to wear jewellery and enhancers that promote the energies of romance, friendship and love. The Double Happiness worn as gold is best for this. And quick working too! Good luck!


Q I’m wondering where to put a picture of my boyfriend’s father who is no longer living, including the ashes of his dog Sugar. My boyfriend would like these items in the house and I don’t want to encourage him to spread the ashes because they’re in a box with the dog’s name. Is there any place where these would be least negative? Thank you.

A Why don’t you convince your boyfriend to find a respectful spot in the garden to bury the dog’s ashes? No need to spread the ashes; bury the whole box. Tell him it is better to let the dog return to nature than to keep him boxed up indoors. What dog would prefer to be locked inside when he can run free in the great outdoors? As for your boyfriend’s father’s picture, no problem to place anywhere in the home; his picture will bring blessings from the older generation, even if he is no longer with you. The best corner for pictures of ancestors will be the Northwest of the house. See if you can do this and place the picture high up on a shelf if possible.


Q My husband is a dog. His conflict animal is the Dragon. Is it possible to put Phoenix and Dragon images in the Southwest area of my living room? What is the effect of this? Thank you in advance.


A The Dog and Dragon, although astrologically “clashing”, are one of the least harmful of the clashes. Th is is because the Dragon is a celestial animal, and the Dog is an earthly one. So there is nothing wrong for Dog-born people to display Dragons in the home. Also if you study astrology deeper, you will see that when you have the DOG or the DRAGON in your chart, it can also be the basis for creating the EARTH CROSS, which can be very auspicious and powerful. Do this by displaying the Sheep and the Ox as well! You can also use other enhancers for love and marriage luck, such as the Double Happiness imagery, also very potent in ensuring a pairing stays happy and solid as a couple. We know that happiness is such an important part of good feng shui, so we have many different kinds of symbolic imagery for enhancing this dimension of people’s lives.


Q My mala suddenly breaks while chanting Tara mantra but not scattered – 3 beads dropped in my hand. Please advise what to do with the mala.

A The Chinese always believe that when something of value, especially crystals and jade, break, it has “saved” you from harm of some kind. But in the case of a mala suddenly breaking, it is an excellent sign, as it indicates that your prayers are having a positive effect on your life. Be very happy about this and get the beads restrung and keep on your chanting. Spiritual feng shui is powerful and works very effectively.