Aunt Agga Issue #137


Q My boyfriend and I are trying to purchase a new apartment but our realtor is giving us a hard time getting a loan. What can we do?

AI would recommend wearing our Popularity Scarf whenever you are dealing with this real estate person. I would also consider getting a loan offer directly from the bank instead of going through the real estate agent. Real estate agents do not have any real control over the loan process so I’m surprised you have this problem. But if things get too difficult then I suggest changing the realtor you are using, or it could be a sign that the property you wish to buy is not right for you. Generally speaking, if you are house hunting for a new place to live, it’s very helpful to offer incense to the local deities of the place if you are planning to buy it. If the local deities of the apartment/house likes you, the buying process will become much easier!


QYesterday I noticed a dead baby bird on top of my car engine while cleaning my car. I was so shocked, I removed it immediately. On the same day, my mother saw a snake which almost bit her. So she killed it. I’m worried these are bad signs. What does all this mean?

AUsually when you encounter a dead bird or a dead animal out of the blue, it is a sign that something is about to end and new beginning is in the horizon. It could also be a warning of some danger – especially since your mother encountered a snake on the same day that nearly bit her. I never encourage anyone to kill another being -so it’s unfortunate that your mother killed the snake. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea for the both of you to wear some protection amulets over the next month to stay out of danger. Inside Chant a Mantra there is sutra known as the Excellent Stack of Auspiciousness which is very good to recite whenever you encounter any bad omens. It has the power to dispel the omen and dissolve whatever bad imprints the omen portends.


QI have a prayer wheel that I bought from Nepal four years ago. It has been in my car for 3 years and today it broke into pieces. How do I dispose it respectfully?

AHopefully, your prayer wheel came with mantras inside. Some of the ones you buy from Nepal may not have any mantras at all – as the craftsmen only make the wheels but they do not usually fill them up. The mantras inside your wheel (which are probably made from paper) can be placed on your altar (if you have one). You can also place them outdoors and let the elements slowly dissolve the mantras into the ground; it will bless the soil and whatever insects and animals that come into contact with it. The metal prayer wheel casing can be buried, thrown into a river or wrapped up with paper and placed in the bin.


QWhat should be placed in the home for general health for the whole family?

AIt is very good to surround your home with feng shui symbols that bring good health. There are many to choose from and you can start with inviting the God of Longevity into your home. This is the Sau Seng Kong, an old man holding a staff that is tied with a Wu Lou. On his hand he carries a peach of immortality. It is also good to invite the image of the Medicine Buddha and chant his mantras. Medicine Buddha protects your family from falling seriously ill and can also heal those who are already sick. Another wonderful feng shui remedy for illness is the Golden Wu Lou that is embellished with image of the Garuda Bird. This is excellent to be placed in the centre of the home this year as it will absorb illness vibrations brought by the illness star #2.


QMy boyfriend and I are planning to get married. I’m an Earth Horse and he is a Wood Rabbit. When will be the best time for us to get married?

ACongratulations! How lovely when two people fall in love and embark on a new adventure together. Horse and Rabbit are natural soulmates too, as the Rabbit is the peach blossom animal of the Horse! He will love you endlessly. I recommend getting Lillian Too’s Feng Shui calendar if you want to look for a good date. All the good days for getting married are marked with a “marriage icon” making it very easy to find a good day. Special exceptions you should take note are as follows. Do NOT get married on these days: (a) conflict days with you or your boyfriend i.e. don’t get married on a Rat or Rooster day. (b) waning cycle of the moon (c) New moon day (d) Hungry ghost month. The best time for getting married is during Spring or Summer months. Spring benefits the Rabbit, and Summer benefits the Horse.



QMy incense burner with 8 auspicious objects got a cracked line inside, but it is not yet broken. Can I still use it?

AIf the crack is very minor (like a hairline) then it is probably OK to use it. But now would be a good time to buy a second one and keep it handy. Incense burners do get cracks in the centre as the temperature of burning incense does get pretty hot. Sometimes I like to line my incense burner with a small piece of aluminium foil (not too big) to protect it and let it last longer. But once you start seeing large cracks its’ time to use a new incense burner. It is not wise nor polite to offer incense to the Enlightened Ones and the spirits around you using a broken incense burner. You wouldn’t want to take your meal on a broken plate – so the idea here is the same.


QRecently I’ve noticed a rat that keeps showing up in my house. I heard this is a good sign. What does it mean? And what should I do if I want the rat to stop coming?

ARats are associated with the celestial mongoose, a creature connected with the Wealth Buddhas known as Dzambhalas. When you suddenly see a rat coming and going from your house it could be a sign that you’re about to gain a new contract or a large windfall bonus. Please, whatever you do, don’t kill it! Not only is it such bad luck, you incur the horrible karma of taking a life! If you don’t want your house to be infested with rats, keep it clean. You can also burn incense, and offer a small plate of food as a peace offering and request the Rat to leave your house on its own accord. I’ve done this numerous times with cockroaches, rats and all sorts of animals that came to live in my house but outstayed their welcome! As a last resort, you could also set up a humane trap that will not injure the animal. Once you’ve caught your rat, take it far away outside your house and release it.


QI have recurring dreams of Roman Catholic holy items with the image of Mother Mary? I’ve never been a Catholic so this is quite strange to me.

AThis could be a sign that your spirituality is about to blossom! It is very possible that in a past life you were a Roman Catholic and memories from your previous life is now surfacing due to some kind of trigger. Perhaps you watched a movie that had to do with Catholicism or met someone new in your life that came from your previous life. Follow your dreams and explore Catholicism if you wish to know more about your life. Mother Mary is truly a benevolent goddess – we often think of her as the Goddess Tara. But in the end, you should go with whatever feels right for you. I know many Roman Catholics who tell me how close they feel to Tara, the Buddhist Goddess and as a result they embrace both their Catholic and Buddhist faith by exalting both goddesses. You should do what you feel is right for you.