Aunt Agga Issue #136


Q When sleep, I usually roll over to the side, and so my back is facing the Three Killings direction. Is this is bad?

AIt’s not terribly bad nor is it a great position to be in. But the good news is that is very easy to fix. Just place the Three Celestial Guardians cure at the Three Killings direction (where your back is facing) and it will protect you from the Three Killings.


QMy paht chee shows lack of earth which is my “resources”. I heard that this means I lack supporters in my life. While I do have people backing me up, I notice there are few and I have to work hard to be acknowledged. What can I do to strengthen support from others?

AUsually when we lack a specific element we should surround ourselves with more of that element. Traditionally the Chinese incorporate missing elements of the Paht Chee into a person’s name so that the element is activated each time we call the person by his/her name. For example, if you’re missing earth, then the Chinese character that forms your personal name should have the “Mountain” or “earth” character within the name. English names that symbolise earth can also work. For example the name “Terry” is a variation of “terra” which is the latin name for earth. You can also wear a lot of gems and crystals to feature more earth elements into your life. Diamonds and yellow colored gemstones like yellow sapphire or yellow citrine are considered the best stones to wear when you’re short of earth. Wear it as a ring the middle finger as this is the “earth” element finger.


QI have a beautiful blue agate crystal candle holder but have no idea where to place it. Can I place it by my bedside or on the study desk in my bedroom? Which is preferable?

ASince it is made of crystal (earth element) and you can put a candle on it (fire element) then this is a good object to place in Earth sectors like the Northeast, Southwest and Centre. I recommend placing in the Southwest as this location benefits from both fire and earth, as well as a bit of water energy (blue colour). Bedroom or desk? Up to you. No difference either way as long as it is in the correct compass sector.


QMy wife is very highly educated but she has not been able to do well in her career. Her career has been plagued by constant breaks and she is unable to hold on to a job. What is your advice?

AUsually when the woman of the house is unable to be successful in career or any other endeavour, check the following two locations: her zodiac location, and the Matriarch location (Southwest). Zodiac location refers to the location of the animal sign; so for example if she is a Rat, then check the North. If she is an Ox or Tiger, check the Northeast. The entire list of locations can be found in Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Diary. Her personal animal location and Southwest should not have a bathroom, store room or laundry. If these locations have such rooms, then you have to activate these corners in the living room. So activate the Southwest of the living room using Earth energy, and zodiac corner using the element associated with that sector. Also, make sure she is facing her Sheng Chi direction when eating, dining, and working. If she is facing her bad directions or sleeping towards her bad direction, this will cause career problems for her.


QI’m a Rat person and have always wanted to get an ocean wave tattoo. Is this good for me?

AGenerally, the Rat benefits from water energy; thus when you get a tattoo of the water element like a small ocean wave, it should be good for you. But just to be sure, you should really check your Paht Chee to see if water strengthens or weakens your self-element. If you don’t understand what I mean by this, then I highly recommend getting Lillian Too’s “Secrets of your Birth Chart” and learn how to work out which elements are beneficial for you. A word of caution about getting an “ocean wave” – the ocean is a large and unending body of water so be careful that you do not introduce too much water into your life. Make it a small wave, and ensure it is not aggressive; i.e. a tsunami wave would be too much and could “drown” you instead of help you. Something gentle is best.



QThis morning, a yellow butterfly (with black dots) has been “following me”. It was in my garden (which has flowers) and then it flew into my house even though there are no flowers inside the house! I shooed it out the window but it found its way into my house again. I started to walk out of the house and it followed me as I went to my neighbour’s house. What is the meaning of this?

AHaha ! The butterfly desperately trying to communicate with you for sure! When you see a butterfly (out of the blue) it usually means change is coming into your life. Yellow butterflies are very auspicious as they usually connote a change related to finances and money (in a positive way). So Mr. Yellow butterfly was probably trying to catch your attention because you shooed it away! Next time when you see a butterfly please don’t chase it away. If it comes into your home, this is definitely an auspicious sign. It is also likely that the butterfly has some kind of connection with your family or this house. You should follow the butterfly into your home and see where it lands. Perhaps you might find something you lost long ago that is hidden in the location it landed. I’ve heard of someone following a butterfly that landed on one his energy bill. He bought his “account number” at the lotto and won the lottery!


QCan we place a red light in the Northeast part of our balcony, even though is the location of the five yellow?

ADefinitely you SHOULD NOT place a light in the Northeast this year! The Five Yellow is an Earth Star, and when you place fire energy there it will only magnify the power of the five yellow! This year it is very difficult to activate the Northeast (which is an earth sector) because the 5 Yellow is there. Whether you place earth or fire there, both will make the 5 Yellow stronger. Avoid activating this part of the house for the time being. Next year you can place light there if you wish.


QMy daughter is buying a house. The number is #1708 is this auspicious? When is the best month and day to move?

AThere are a few methods for determining whether this house number has affinity with your daughter. One method is to use your daughter’s Kua number. If your Kua number appears in any of the numbers here, then it is good. So for example, if your Kua number is 7 or 8 or 1 then there is affinity with this number. You can also add up the numbers and see if this forms a HOTU combination with your daughter’s kua number. In this case the 1708 adds up to 7 (1+7+0+8); so if your daughter’s kua number is 2 then 2 and 7 create the 2/7 HOTU which is very auspicious. If your daughter’s kua number is 3, then 3+7 creates the Sum of Ten. This is also good.