Aunt Agga Issue #111



How do I cure isolation by others? I used to be friendly and likable by others but throughout 2013 until today, everything has just been not right for me. My friends have stopped including me in social gatherings and even when I do attend they are not friendly. Help!


Oh dear…you must be having some conflict stars in your zodiac palace for sure! I recommend that you wear pink and red colours to give yourself a big dose of yang energy and to counter any conflict vibes! I also recommend carrying the Peace and Harmony Amulet, as well as wear the Popularity Scarf. It’s also a good idea to take a bath with water that soaked with lemon grass to get rid of any negative vibes still lingering around you. Don’t worry – friendships go through ups and downs… things will improve once you have transformed your personal aura! Be bold – take the first step and ask them out instead of waiting for them to call you! Make the effort to be fun and friendly! If your friends still persist on boycotting you then my advice is to get some new friends!


QMy daughter who is studying overseas has been allocated a boarding unit where the door of the apartment is at the end a very long corridor. I know this will affect her studies and luck! Please can you suggest any remedies to avoid the strong shar chi? Boarding units are very limited and she can’t request for a new one!


The problem with long corridors is that the chi moves too fast and when it arrives at your main door it’s too strong. What you have to do is force the chi to slow down. First, paste a BIG sign on the door that reads “SLOW DOWN and STOP”. Then place a large screen facing the entrance (inside the apartment) so that the chi is forced to make a turn on both sides before it enters the rest of the unit. It’s also a good idea for her to hang the DOOR BLESSING PLAQUE above the entrance making it auspicious every time she enters her unit.


QRegarding your advice about putting the Amethyst Geode under the bed to keep the husband faithful or bring a husband back – should this be under the woman or the man? In one of your past issues you advised placing under the man to bring a man back, and then in another issue you advised placing under the woman to keep the husband faithful. Which is correct? Should it be on the right or left side of the bed?

AIf the husband has not left then it should be under the woman. If the husband has left the house then place under the man’s side to attract him back. Placing the amethyst under the woman strengthens her energy and power in the home. Placing it under the man’s side attracts him back into the house. According to Taoist feng shui the woman should sleep on the right hand side of the bed (right hand side of her husband). If this is too confusing for you then to be safe, just place it under the woman’s side.


QLast week, a small yellow bird began making a nest at my balcony. I tried to throw the nest away several times but the bird kept returning to make a nest at my balcony. So now I have decided let the bird make the nest. Is this a good or bad sign?


My goodness when a bird comes and makes a nest in your home it is a cause for celebration because this is definitely a good sign! It can mean a new baby, a business expansion or money coming your way! Of course you must not throw the nest away as this creates the negative karma of someone evicting you out of your own house! I’m very glad that you have come to your senses and allowed the nest to stay! It is your good karma that the bird did not give up! Don’t disturb it too much or it will get scared and fly away!


QMy new apartment door faces South and the door is painted black. Is this a problem? If my apartment door faces south then is my bedroom which is in the far left corner considered Southeast?


The South is a fire location and if your door is facing South and located in the South sector of your home, then black is the wrong colour for your door. This is because black symbolises water, and water douses fire – it will cause you to develop a bad reputation and invite gossip and slander! Here I recommend painting your door red or having it as a simple wood varnish. As for the location of your master bedroom, you really need a compass to determine this. Stand in the centre of your apartment with your compass and align the dial so that the needle faces North. Then check where the direction of your bedroom is located.



QI am already blessed with two very lovely and beautiful daughters. But my husband and I very much long for a male child…how can I use feng shui to do this?


There is actually an astrological feng shui chart that tells you the sex of a child depending on the time it is conceived, but in practice this has been quite difficult to follow! But here’s my advice. Invite the White Fertility Tara into your home, offer her a glass of milk each morning and request for a male child. You can also chant Tara’s mantra: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA three times a day (1 mala) and she will help! There is also a powerful Tibetan amulet that increases your chances of having a male child. This has to be custom-made for you so please write to us at with your birthdate and information. Request for the “amulet to have a male child”.


QI’m confused about the sitting and facing direction. Some books say the sitting direction is always the exact opposite for the facing direction? If I am sitting down facing my computer and taking this direction – is this my facing or sitting direction? If my house faces SW, then is that the sitting direction or facing direction?


Yes, the “sitting direction” is always the opposite direction in relation to the facing direction. So since your house faces Southwest, then the facing direction is SW and its sitting direction is Northeast. If a house faces North, then the sitting direction is South and so on. You can think of the “sitting direction” as purely a technical term used in lineage texts to describe the position of a house in relation to where it is facing. In most classical feng shui texts, the formulas are expressed in terms of sitting directions. But in practice, it is the direction that that the house faces that actually determines its luck. So if you are sitting down facing your computer and this direction is Southeast for example, then your facing direction is Southeast – this is not your sitting direction. All of Lillian’s books express good and bad directions as “facing directions” to avoid getting you confused.


QI’m a 1974 Tiger and things have not been very smooth for me ever since the start of year 2014, especially in terms of career. Please can you give me some advice!


My dear according to the feng shui charts of the year, the Tiger is having a pretty challenging year. Firstly you have the dreaded #7 star of betrayal and burglary and you are also sitting on the Yearly Conflict star. Both your left and right are the Conflict and Yin stars, so I’m not surprised you’re suffering! Whenever you have a bad year you can minimised it’s bad effects by weakening the stars. First, you should carry the Anti-Burglary amulet with you throughout the year – this help keep you safe from the Burglary star which can cause robbery, mugging or accidents. It will also help curtail betrayal from others. To reduce conflict with others place the Yin Water Cure in the Northeast part of your home and desk. Finally, for success luck in your career, I recommend lifting your Windhorse by hanging the King Gesar Plaque high up on your wall and chanting his four line prayer. Doing this will help safeguard your career and boost success at the workplace.