Aunt Agga Issue #134


Q I’m in a relationship with a man 18 years younger than me. He treats me well, but my family disapproves of us. We’re both single and I’m getting older, so it’s nice to be a relationship. My parents feel so strongly that we are not suited that they’ve started calling us names. The problem is that he’s not highly educated nor carry a highly paid job. They worry that I will have to support him in future. Should I obey my parents and dump him? I think I’m in love with him.

AYour parents have good reason to be worried for you my dear. I would like to be one of those hip aunties and say… “hey it’s the 21st century” but I too have seen such relationships degrade into woeful messes. There are some serious issues here that make it challenging for your relationship to last. Money is a BIG one. If you’re a successful working woman, making lots of money and don’t mind supporting him, this is entirely your choice, but do go into it with eyes open. You won’t like this arrangement in the next 10 years or so but again, it’s entirely your prerogative! But if you are currently financially supported by your parents, then it’s not fair for you to date someone who might potentially end up depending on them for their upkeep in future. The other thing is that women are usually more mature then men – so when you date someone so much younger than you, sooner than later, you will get really turned off by his immaturity. This might seem charming and endearing now, but trust me when things get tough, you may find that your little man does not have the maturity, experience nor the resources to stay strong for you. Your parents are right. Stop now before you get in too deep – or complicated… i.e. if you get pregnant!


Q What do you do when you have the fireplace in the wrong corner? I have 3 fireplaces in the East and 2 in the West. What cures can I use?

AWow this is the first I’ve heard of so many fire places in one corner! The East is a wood sector representing the Eldest Son and general health, and having 3 fire places there can seriously weaken the luck of your eldest son and also the general wellbeing of everyone in the home. The West is a metal location representing the youngest daughter, and also descendants luck. Fire destroys metal, so again, the 2 fire places here will be detrimental to your children’s luck, and especially your youngest daughter! The obvious solution is to close them all down and move them. Or at least cut it down to one fire place which is already a lot. In the meantime, I would place a few urns of water in the East to counter the excessive fire energy there. In the west, an urn of water, plus add crystals to strengthen the West corner.


QI am a Snake (51 years) lady. I have an office room with a door facing East. All available sitting direction is either E, SE, NE, S which are all not good direction for me based on my Kua number 7. Somehow I am able to choose SW2 for my sitting direction, but have faced many obstacles and problems in the office recently. What is wrong?

AMy dear, I’m not surprised you’re having difficulties. Although the SW direction is very auspicious for you, this year the SW is not a good facing direction for anyone because the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is there. You say you are facing Southwest-2, but this direction is very near to the Grand Duke Jupiter (SW3) and thus you may be inadvertently facing the Grand Duke! My advice is that you try to sit facing Southeast 3 as this is the Snake direction. Make sure that you use a marker pen to draw a line in front of you, making sure it faces SE3. I advise you to wear the OM pendant this year to avoid any mishaps. After this year is over you can switch back to facing Southwest.


QWe have a store room located in the South East sector of the home. I understand this is the location of the Eldest daughter and also the location of wealth. We have an only daughter in her teens. How can we enhance her education luck and our wealth luck for the home? Money never seems to stay and is going out fast.

AHaving a store room here does not help your daughter’s personal growth but there is a small silver lining here. If you can completely demolish the store room, that would be ideal. But if that is not possible, then you can use the store room here to create “hidden wealth”. First, activate the Southeast sector of all the other rooms in the house (except the bedrooms) with water energy. Place an aquarium bubbling with water and lots of plants in these locations. In the Store room, install a small cabinet with a lock. Inside the cabinet place ingots, money from different currencies and all your old wallets, filed with money. You can also place money collected from wealthy people here. Place a “Chinese lock coin” inside this little “wealth cabinet” and lock it up. This will help you retain wealth. For your daughter, let her sit facing her good directions and activate her personal growth location (based on her Kua number) with plants and place a crystal point with wisdom mantras on her desk. It will help her concentrate and have better luck with exams.



QDo the good days for cutting hair calendar also applies to shaving, waxing, etc?

AGenerally, the dates given in the original source text are mainly observed for cutting hair (from the crown). but in practice many people also observe the same dates for shaving facial hair and cutting nails.


QIs it alright if the kitchen is located in the centre of the house? I saw it in a proposed house plan that I’m looking to buy.

AI’m really glad you asked this question! Unfortunately kitchen in the centre of the house is not good news. I would not live in such a house. The centre of the house represents “family” – it is the “heart” of the house. Having a kitchen, bathroom or a spiral staircase here can really cause harm to your family’s closeness and happiness. Please do not buy this house.


QWe are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary! Is it unlucky to wear a white wedding gown with veil (uncovered)?

AHappy Anniversary from all of us! But definitely you should NOT dress up in your wedding gown or wear a veil. This is an anniversary, not a new wedding! Being married 20 years is a real achievement – celebrate as a prosperous married couple – with stunning evening gowns, lots of guests, champagne and so forth. You can renew your vows if you so wish – but it is not a good idea to recreate a “new” wedding. That gives the impression that your previous 20 years were “over”. In certain very rare situations, a “re-wedding” is advised for couples who got married on a very inauspicious date or have certain “double marriage” stars in their charts. Unless you are one of these couples, better to avoid the white bridal gown with the veil for your 20th!