Aunt Agga Issue #122


Q I bought a Bejewelled Peach Blossom Rat from WOFS but not sure where to place it. The North (Rat location) part of my house has a built-in cabinet. Do I place it inside the cabinet?

A My dear… If you want the Peach Blossom Rat to work its magic please don’t place your Rat inside the cabinet! Since your North has a cabinet, you can place the Peach Blossom Rat in other North corners of your home. For example, you can place it in the North corner of your bedroom, north corner of your living room or north corner of you dining room. If you really don’t have any North corners, then you can place it in the corner that represents your own animal location. For example, if you are a Rabbit, you can place the Rat in the East.


Q Our two bedrooms have doors that directly face each other. They say this is not good feng shui. We can’t relocate the two doors. What can we do to dispel this bad luck?

A Yes under classical principles of feng shui, this is not considered an inauspicious layout as it will cause occupants of both bedrooms to fight with each other. Since you cannot relocate the doors I suggest hanging a door-curtain over both doors. The door curtain should be embellished with peaceful and harmonious symbols like the mystic knot, the deer and happy flowers.


Q I would like to do the Windhorse ritual. I read that it is great do it during the Chinese New Year but I didn’t. Is it still possible to do this during the spring?

A The Windhorse ritual can be done anytime of the year but you must select a good day. The Windhorse Ritual involves raising the windhorse flag, so pick a day that is good for hanging Prayer Flags. If you do it on a day that is marked “bad for hanging prayer flags” then you will get the opposite result. You can also raise prayer flags on days which are indicated as Karma Multiplying days. All this information is published monthly in the Significant Spiritual Days calendar on the back pages of this magazine.


Q I am a Pig (1959) and my eldest son is an Ox (1985). He has become angry with me all the time and has stopped talking to me. He is also spreading untrue rumours about me. I can’t go to the police as he is my son. I need him to leave me alone. I have given him a great life, good education and moral standards. But he is so angry. What can I do?

A Oh dear. I’m so sorry to hear that. It must be heart-breaking for you to have a son who behaves like this. This year the #3 star causes all of us to become angry. First, place plenty of red carpets in the centre of your home as this will help to suppress the #3 star. Then I suggest carrying one of the amulet medallions that WOFS makes – called the Medallion that Pacifies Anger. You can also chant Tara’s mantra for pacifying hatred from others: OM TARE TUTRARE TURE DAHA PATSA HUM PHAT SOHA The Pig has not had great luck these couple of years but not to worry, as things improve next year onwards. As for the Ox, he is not thinking straight this year as he is direct conflict with the Tai Sui; next year is also not great as he faces the 5 Yellow and will need your support more than ever. So please be patient as things will improve from 2017 onwards.


Q I learned that the NE sector is the Education corner, but my kitchen and common toilet is there. Does this weaken education luck? Can I place a crystal in the kitchen to strengthen Education luck? I also tried to use 8 mansions Kua formula to enhance Fu Wei for education luck. This is in the North sector which is half occupied by the master bedroom and ensuite toilet. What else can I do to enhance the education luck of my kids?

A Yes the Toilet and Kitchen in the NE corner does weaken education luck. However you can enhance this by placing crystals in the NE corner of your kid’s bedroom; do not place it in the kitchen or toilet! For the Kua formula, the best way to use it to let your kids sit facing one of their four good directions based on their own Kua numbers. The best is to tap the Fu Wei (Personal Growth) direction but if this is not possible then try tapping their other four directions.



Q I followed the steps in the Love Mirror Ritual to reconcile with a lost love based on Lilian Too’s latest book. How long do I have to wait for it to work? Should I re-do the ritual in the next full moon? I did it during the 4th April Full Moon, which coincides with the Lunar Eclipse. Does it have any negative effect on the ritual?

A Oh dear. You have done the ritual on a very bad day for love rituals when there is a Lunar Eclipse! The most important energy current for all love rituals is the light of the FULL MOON and on the Lunar Eclipse Day, the full moon is completely COVERED and shadowed. This is very negative for love rituals and the negative effects are multiplied 70 million times! The only way to reverse this is to re-do the ritual on another fullmoon day 7 times or on a full-moon day that coincides with a karma multiplying Buddha Day. Perhaps this is a sign that this person you wish to reconcile with is not for you. I feel that you should consider leaving things the way they are and find someone new.


Q I have just bought a gold painted Double Happiness pendant from a street feng shui vendor but realised when I got home that some parts of the ‘gold’ was not properly painted. There are black spots on the word and I don’t feel like wearing it anymore. What should I do? Is it auspicious to go back to shop to ask for exchange or just dispose it?

A Oh dear. Obviously you have bought this from a cheap feng shui copycat shop otherwise the quality would not be so poor. Don’t wear it as having the gold fall out before you even begin to wear it is a very inauspicious start! I suggest taking it back to the shop to get a new one or just throw it away and get a new one from a reputable feng shui shop. The best is to get solid gold pendants if you are planning to wear it daily. If this is too expensive, then you can get gold-plated pendants, but note that they should be plated with at least 18K gold for it to last longer. Gold-plated pendants will also eventually tarnish if exposed to perfume or sweat for prolonged periods and should be re-plated with gold when the first signs of tarnishing start to show.


Q I am a Dragon born in 1953. I have been very sick for a long time. I’ve a placed lot of cures for health, but am still sick. I have no energy and no vitality. I am diabetic, and the doctors recently diagnosed me with a bleeding stomach ulcer and a small non-cancerous tumour. Please tell me what I can do to improve my health.

A Oh dear. I think that you could be under spirit attack by unhappy naga and yaksha spirits. Here are all the things you can do to improve your health: First, display the image of the Medicine Buddha in your home and wear the Medicine Buddha watch. Hang a Garuda image in your home as the Garuda can suppress harm from Nagas. You should also wear the Long Life Medallion that WOFS makes as this will increase your spirit essence and vitality. Offer incense in your home daily as this will appease all spirits in the home and keep them happy. Finally, I recommend chanting the long mantra of Amitayus; this is inside Chant A Mantra Booklet which you can order from for free.