Aunt Agga Issue #98



 My husband and I are relocating to the UK to work for a few years and will return to Singapore for the holidays a few times a year. Our house will remain unoccupied while we are away so do we still need to place those yearly feng shui items in the house since it is empty? What should we do to keep an empty house safe?


Congratulations on your new job in the UK! The best of course is to have the feng shui cures in BOTH homes – here in Singapore and also in the UK, especially cures for the main door. If you cannot do this, then at the very least I suggest placing the Anti-Burglary Plaque in your Singapore home. When a home is empty it attracts YIN spirits.. and thus keeping the energy alive is quite important (so that you do not get sick or have accidents when you return to visit). To do this, have a radio left turned on throughout the year in your Singapore home. From time to time have relatives and friends visit your home to open the windows and let fresh air in. When you return for a visit always start by making incense offerings…and putting all the annual feng shui cures in place. This is VITAL to ensure that you are still protected when you visit for the holidays.


QIs using terrazzo for flooring ok? It’s made up of crushed or broken marble, granite, onyx mixed into concrete. I’ve read that this is inauspicious but I know many floors which have this. Please advise.


My dear, I would advise NOT to have this as your floor. These kinds of floors were very popular in the 70s but they are not good feng shui at all. In fact they symbolise and unstable floor. If you are on a budget I suggest you using plain TILES which are better feng shui and if money is not an issue, then marble slabs are excellent! It’s ok to use mosaic tiles to create a motif as a focal point but large tiles are more auspicious than small little tiles. But broken marble chips are visibly chaotic and unstable, so my advice is to avoid this.


QI have the Three Killings in front of my house and it is located In the South. It is fall season here in Idaho, and it is time to plant flower bulbs and other plants. Can I do this planting without disturbing the 3 Killings, or is there a cure I could do to negate the 3 Killings? Thanks for your advice.

AMy dear, if the three Killings is at your main door then you must definitely place the Three Celestial Guardians there facing towards south. This should be done regardless of whether you are planting. Take care not to dig that area, i.e. making large holes at the Three Killings can trigger three types of losses. If you are just making very small tiny holes to plant seedlings then it is ok, but do use a very tiny spade and use your hands to gently plant the seedlings. Avoid large garden equipment that will leave big gaping holes or make loud noises. The best advice is to plant your seedlings inside pots and then position the flower pots at the front of your home instead for this year.


QDear Aunt Agga, I work with a jealous colleague who undermines me. We job share, but she never tells people that I work there too. She wants everything for herself. She takes credit for all the work done. What can I do?


My dear, seems like you are having problems with being recognised for your work. Activate the South palace of recognition by placing a light there – keep this turned on every day. On your office desk invite the Wind Horse to increase your success luck. I recommend wearing the Anti-Office Politics Scarf to work every day from now onwards. This special scarf contains an amulet that protects against those who do not have your best interests at heart. Just do these three things and your situation will improve. Good luck !


QI am confused. Firstly, I know the NE direction is good for education luck right and would like to activate it by placing a crystal on the NE corner of my daughter’s bedroom. However, my daughter’s kua number is 4, and the NE is her total loss direction. Can I still place a crystal on the NE corner?



Yes it is better NOT to place crystal in the NE since this is her Total Loss corner. Suggest you move your daughter to another room but if this is not possible, you can suppress the Total Loss chi by placing a table lamp in the NE. The Total Loss element is METAL, and will be controlled by Fire energy. To activate your daughter’s education luck, hang a picture of Albert Einstein (or a scholar you respect) in the NE corner. Then, on her study desk, place a Crystal Point with the wisdom mantra in the NE corner of the desk. Let her sit facing North, which is her Success direction.


QDear Aunt Agga, I broke into the wealth container of my host family, stole all the money there and spent it all. I’m filled with regret and I would like to make amends for the hurt and damage caused… but it seems like they would not forgive me. What can I do to right this?


Oh dear… I’m very sorry to hear about what you have done… this is definitely quite detrimental to your karma. It will take time and effort to right this wrong. I suggest making efforts to pay them back, and also to chant a mantra that will over time, remove the negative karma created with your family. Please faithfully chant this mantra 108 times each day and dedicate it to the well-being of your host family and for removing this misdeed: OM HANU PHASHA BHARA HEYE SOHA. It is especially good to chant this on November 6th and 13th this year as the good karma is multiplied 100 million times.


QHi Aunt Agga, I need some help in my love life. I have been single for a long time and the men I meet seem to be looking to have fun rather than a long term relationship. I read that the southwest is the marriage corner and my southwest corner is the navy-coloured closet. Has this affected my luck in marriage?


My dear, it sounds like you do not have difficulty meeting men, but keeping them seems to be the problem. Yes I do believe the SW blue closet is “locking up” and “drowning” your marriage prospects. Suggest you paint the closet RED and place the light in front of the closet and keep it turned on daily. Paste the DOUBLE HAPPINESS decal sticker on your closet doors. If a stable relationship is what you’re looking for, wear the Gold Double Happiness Pendant as this activates your Nien Yen luck !