Aunt Agga Issue #121


Q I have had 2 pet turtles for 6 years and now I’m moving to another country. I am planning to give my turtles to my best friend who loves turtles and will take good care of them. Is it bad luck for us to give away these turtles?

A If you can’t take them with you, then the next best thing is to give them to someone who will love and care for them just like you did. But before you do, thank your turtles for bringing you good luck all these years and let them know that they are now in safe hands. It is a good idea to take a lovely photo of them and frame it up. Hang the picture in your North corner of your new home so that the luck brought by your turtles comes with you into your new home.


Q Since the New Year, I’ve been sick month after month. Recently I met with an accident and my car caught on fire! I almost got burnt alive but was lucky to escape just before the flames came into the car! I’m a Fire Snake. Please advise me what I can do as my illness hasn’t improved and my luck seems very bad this year.

A I’m not surprised you’re so ill! The Snake has the #2 illness star in the Southeast sector but the good news is that you do have powerful guardian deities helping you this year! You must weaken the effects of the #2 by using a powerful cure to suppress this. This year we have made the GARUDA bird to control illness in the Southeast. Place the Garuda Bird in the SE together with the Garuda Wu Lou. I advise you to wear the pendant of Tara to stay protected for the rest of the year. You should also carry the Health Amulet keychain throughout the year.


Q How many incense sticks should I burn for offering? I’ve heard that we have to burn three sticks. One stick is usually used for death offering. Is this true? Please clarify.

A Traditionally, the Chinese burn two sticks for death offerings, and one/ three sticks for altar offerings. The three sticks you offer your altar represent the three offerings to the trinity of the Triple Gems (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha).


Q Do I enter my lunar birth date into the 4 pillars calculator? I’m reading Lillian Too’s book on “Secrets of your Birth Chart” but I get different 4 pillar readings from different websites. So I’m very confused.

A My dear, there is no need to be confused. Firstly, you should know that the Four Pillars chart can be derived from two different calendars – the solar and the lunar calendar. Some websites use the lunar calendar, and some use the solar calendar; this is why you will find different readings from different websites. For destiny analysis (fortune telling), you should always use the LUNAR calendar. The Four Pillars Calculator in the WOFS website uses the lunar calendar – so the resulting chart is the correct chart for reading your destiny. Four pillars charts derived from the solar calendar are used for forecasting the outlook of the year in general. Also note that when using the Four Pillars calculator in WOFS, you do not need to convert your birthdate to Chinese time. Just enter your western birthdate and local time of birth, and the calculator will convert your birthdate for you and produce the right chart for your personal reading.


Q I received a very expensive watch as a gift from my boyfriend. I’ve heard that this is not good feng shui. Is it true and if so, what should I do with this watch?

A The Chinese are usually uncomfortable with receiving watches as gifts because watches are similar to clocks. In Chinese the word “clock” is a homonym for “funeral” so clocks are never considered an auspicious gift and are especially frowned upon as gifts for birthdays and weddings. But in modern times, the Chinese word for watch has a different name from “clock”, so many feng shui masters consider it OK to give a watch as a gift. Personally, my opinion is that watches make lovely gifts. If it is a beautiful watch, wear it with pride, but make sure that the batteries are always replaced the moment they go flat.



Q My friend suffers from severe migraines. Her doctor can’t do more than give her pain killers. I visited her and noticed her bed is placed under a large beam! Could this be the reason, and what can she do to change it?

A Of course the beam is causing her headaches! Sleeping directly under a beam is very bad feng shui and can lead to very serious health issues. The best way to cure this is to move her bed away from the line of fire from the beam. This is crucial. As long as she is no longer sleeping directly under the beam, she won’t suffer its ill effects. If this cannot be done, then I suggest hanging ceiling drapes to camouflage the beam. If she can’t see the beam, then the severity is reduced.


Q My best friend has ovarian cancer and a tumour attached to her blood stream. It can’t be operated on due to the risks. She is now undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. I have asked her to chant the mantra of Medicine Buddha and Namgyalma. She is not a believer of Buddhism but she is willing to chant it. Is there a conflict of mind if she is unable to pronounce the mantra correctly? Does she need to seek refuge before she chants, and does she have to end the prayer with “Sahdu Sahdu”?

A I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s state of health. Yes, she can chant the mantras of the Medicine Buddha and Namgyalma even if she is not Buddhist. The Buddhas do not set conditions on helping those who seek their help – your friend does not have to convert into Buddhism to receive help from the Buddhas. Don’t worry too much about the pronunciation for now – as long as she chants with faith, it is enough. It helps to start the prayers with taking refuge in the Triple Gems – and this is very simply done by saying “I take refuge in the Triple Gems” before the start of chanting. At the end of chanting, your friend can dedicate it to her health and everyone who suffers the same health issues as her.


Q I have been seeing the number 22 everywhere! When I look at the clock at various times of the day, at vehicle car plates and when I lift my head, the number 22 flashes in my mind. Also, a butterfly flew into my house around 6:30 pm and today a bird flew into my office. I know these are signs – but can you help me decipher them?

A Definitely these are positive signs that something wonderful is about to come into your life. The number 22 is a very powerful number in numerology – it is called a natural Master Double and it connotes success. The number 22 can also mean romance, marriage and the news of a pregnancy. It is definitely a very good omen when you see the number 22. Seeing a butterfly is also a good sign – but the kind of luck it brings depends on the colour of the butterfly. All colours bring good news except the black butterfly – which usually brings news of death. When a bird enters your office out of the blue, this is a sure sign that a new opportunity is coming!