Aunt Agga Issue #118


Q We have an Aloe Vera plant that has been growing well for 2 years. Recently a single stalk of flowers began growing out from the center just before Christmas! It was initially ivory white in color and now it has bloomed in a light peach or orange color. Please advise whether this is good sign and any special meaning? We have been married for 2 years and praying for a baby!

A Excellent sign! Flowers blooming just before the new year or just after the new year are always auspicious and it generally means that happy news is about to come to you. Perhaps you will conceive this year! If you are really serious about having a baby, pray to the Goddess Tara. She really specialises in this. Her mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA. Chant it 108 times a day and dedicate it to having a child.


Q I’m born an Ox and my wife is a Snake. Since our marriage in 2004, we have money problems. We have changed many houses but money problems are still there. Right now we are staying in a house that has living room in South, bedroom in the west, kitchen in East and 2 bathrooms in Northeast and Southwest. My parent’s bedroom is in North. Please can you advise what we can do to improve things?

A Your luck is being afflicted by the toilet in the Northeast and your wife’s luck is afflicted by the bathroom in the Southwest. The NE is the location of the Ox and the Southwest is the location of the Matriarch! If you are renting I suggest finding a new place where the NW, SW, SE and NE do not have toilets or kitchens. Meanwhile activate the Northeast of your living room by placing plenty of crystals there. Strengthen the Southwest with crystals and light. This will go a long way towards making things much better for the two of you.


Q I am an Ox. What color car would be best for me in 2015? Can you also advise what is the best colour to wear for Chinese New Year Eve?

A For the Ox, a good colour for your car is beige, red or yellow. This is because your intrinsic element is earth, and red produces earth, while beige and yellow activates earth. For Chinese New Year Eve, always wear red! Red is the best colour as it is maximum yang energy!


Q I am a Wood Dragon with Kua 9. I’ve done very well following Lillian and Jennifer Too’s Fortune and Feng Shui books for last 5 years. But our office has just completed a major renovation and my new seat is located in the West, allowing me to face East or Southeast (good for me). I read that West has the Five Yellow and I can’t change my seat. Is facing my good directions enough?

A Don’t fret! If your new seat allows you to sit facing East or Southeast, then this is good news and this is already very auspicious. Your only problem is being in the West location as this year, the West has the Three Killings Star and the Five Yellow. But don’t worry – these two afflictions are very easy to control but you must get the right cures. All you need to do is place the Heart Sutra Pillar and the 3 Celestial Guardian Five Element Cure here in the West. You should also carry the Heart Sutra Pillar amulet key chain with you throughout the year. Wear amulets to ensure you stay safe always.


Q I’m 22 years old but very depressed. I’ve started taking sleeping pills which causes me to sleep all day. I have failed in everything and dropped out of college. Everyone has lost hope in me but deep inside I feel that I’m meant for greatness. Something inside of me doesn’t want to give up and I just try different things. I want to have the power to help people all over the world and my family. Why is it that I’m the only one who feels this and nobody around me thinks I’m going to amount to anything?

A You’ve heard the stories: Walt Disney was bankrupt 7 times before making it. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both dropped out of college but you know how big they’ve made it. But these men eventually succeeded because they followed their instincts and used their passion to take action and make their lives better. You may have an inner greatness inside but if you don’t take action you won’t amount to anything no matter how you feel. My first advice is to stop taking these sleeping pills and start spending your time doing something. Volunteer in a charity; if you really want to help people, start helping and stop whining about what others think of you. Activate the zodiac location of your animal sign and you will feel much better!



Q I have a 2 year old toddler and due to our full time jobs and financial situation, we left him with my in-laws at our hometown since he was an infant. Now we have started taking him home more often, but he doesn’t seem to recognize us as his parents and doesn’t want to stay with me for long periods of time. I’m heart broken. What can I do?

A My dear, this is to be expected. He’s only a toddler and at this age they gravitate towards those who care for them on a daily basis. Don’t expect your son to take to you and your husband overnight as you have both not been around much in his life since he was born! Poor baby he’s probably missing his grandparents desperately! But it is not too late! Now that you have him back, you need to be very patient and spend lots of effort and time to let him bond with you. Don’t expect miracles. It will take at least a year for him to really adjust. The way to win him over is to be as loving and present as much as possible. Activate your Southwest with a lamp to strengthen your matriarchal instincts. Activate the East with water to strengthen your son’s luck. Remember: whatever you do, do not punish your toddler for not being close to you – channel your efforts to loving him and he will love you back.


Q My bathroom is in the Southwest. Needless to say, my relationships have not been great. I got divorced three years ago, and have since been unable to have a stable or harmonious relationship with anyone. Can I keep a salt lamp inside the bathroom to remove the negativity?

A Oh dear. I don’t advise putting lamps or any energizers in your Southwest bathroom. You can hang a windchime in the bathroom to press down on the luck but don’t do anything else. Keep the bathroom closed. If you really want to get married again, you must find a new apartment which does not have this problem or close down the SW toilet. Lillian Too has just released her “More than 100 Ways to Improve Your LOVE LUCK” which has tons of tips on how you can improve your state of romances! I suggest getting this book and applying as many of the tips in the book!


Q I have an aquarium near to the center area of my apartment. The water level of the aquarium is above my eyes. Is this bad for Feng Shui?

A The level of your aquarium is fine but the centre is the wrong place for placing an aquarium. By placing an aquarium here it clashes with the energy of the centre and in 2015 it will cause A LOT of quarrels in your family. You must move it immediately! In 2015 the best place for the aquarium is in the NORTH location as this is where the prosperity star is located. The North also enjoys two Big Auspicious Stars – so placing it here in the North is excellent.