Aunt Agga Issue #117


Q I am a Snake and my Kua is 7. What is the best facing direction for me, career and health wise? The front door of my office faces southeast, while the back one is in the north.

A You are a west group person so all West Group directions are good for you. Unfortunately both your office directions are not good for you so you must try to sit facing your good directions at your desk if you want your career to do well. Best direction for your career is your sheng chi which is the Northwest (based on your kua number 7). Best direction for health is Northeast. As you are a Snake, the third subsector of SE direction – Southeast 3 – also brings you good luck – but Southeast 1 and 2 are your 6 Killings direction. Surround your desk with auspicious things so that you benefit from good fortune while working.


Q I am a dragon and my secret friend is the Rooster. I would like to place a Rooster statue in west wall centre in my living room and bedroom but I also learned that the Rooster is my peach blossom friend. As I am married, would placing the Rooster cause third parties to enter my life if I place it in my bedroom?

A Don’t worry – it is perfectly safe for you to place the Rooster in your bedroom! In fact the Rooster is famous for overcoming infidelity! For married couples, activating the peach blossom makes you more likable to others and also preserves your marriage from degenerating! So don’t worry – it is perfectly fine to place the Rooster in the West corner of your bedroom.


Q I have a Fuk Luk Sau and last month your magazine recommended I place it in the West location. This is my bedroom. Can I place the Fuk Lok Sau in my bedroom?

A I would recommend placing it in the West location of your public areas like the living room, dining room or study room rather than in the bedroom. However if you live in a studio apartment then you can of course place it in the West corner of your studio. Generally images of worldly deities and Buddhas are not suitable to be placed inside your bedrooms.


Q I’ve just got married with my husband 9 months ago and we are quarrelling almost everyday without good reason. He is a Rabbit and I am a Snake. He doesn’t listen to me or care about my feelings. We dated for 6 years before marrying. He was too shy to introduce me as his wife at the beginning of our marriage. I love my husband and I don’t want to lose him. Recently we argued and he broke the elephant statue which we have in our room. Please help.

A You need the help of our Red Tara Amulet Pendant. In our next Extravaganza, Lillian will be talking about this issue and how wives can get more romance from their husbands. Please get Red Tara’s pendant and wear it. You can also chant her mantra OM TARE TAM SOHA. Your husband will start to become much nicer to you! Also use RED colour bed sheets as this will help resolve a lot of your quarrels. Replace the elephant in your room as soon as possible and place lots of crystals in the SW corner of your bedroom to strengthen your personal luck.


Q I am 43 years old and unable to meet any one for marriage. Years ago I had a boyfriend but our relationship didn’t work out. The SW corner of my flat has a rubbish chute and the entire SW corner is in the balcony. My sister who lives here is 38 – she also cannot meet anyone. Is this due to my SW and rubbish chute? Should I find a new apartment?

A My dear, yes you are right. Your sister and you are single because your SW is outside in the balcony and you have a rubbish chute there too! This is causing all your romantic opportunities to be go straight into the rubbish bin! And also, when your SW is outside the apartment, marriage luck is missing. We are releasing Lillian’s new book on LOVE this coming year – it has more than 100 tips on using feng shui to activate romance luck! My advice is that you find a new place to live which does not have this problem and apply some of the tips in her new book!


Q My main door is in the southeast sector. Next year 2015 should I put a gold or silver coloured carpet to counter effect the illness star? Centre has quarrel star so I put red or pink table cloth and apples?


A Yes the Southeast has the illness star. It’s important that you get the Garuda Wulou for your Entrance to control the illness star. Also this year we have made beautiful bright red and gold carpets with the Eight Auspicious Signs and the 7 Royal Emblems. These are the best remedies for the #3 star as not only will it overcome the quarrelsome vibes, it will bring ministers and important people to help you navigate through the year.


Q Recently we discovered a snake in our home. We don’t know if it was venomous or not but my family freaked out when we saw it! It was about 50-60 inches long. Is this an auspicious sign or not?.

A Usually when you encounter a snake in your home it is a sign that a Naga Spirit is visiting you, especially if the snake is quite large. Nagas tend to visit houses when there is something precious inside the ground and so there are many who believe that it is a good omen. However, do be aware that naga spirits can also bring disease and sickness, and there have been occasions where people have reported falling very sick after seeing a snake in their home. I recommend you introduce the image of the GARUDA protector bird into your home – we have just made this available in WOFS this coming year as the Naga spirits visit the SE in 2015. The Garuda is a special protector who can control Nagas that cause harm. Just place in the SE of your home.


Q I bought a nine-eyed dzi beads from FS megamall. I am not sure if I should wear it on my left or right hand. I would like to boost my wealth luck. Thank you.

A When wearing Dzi beads or other empowering bracelets, men should generally wear it on the left hand, and women should wear on the right hand. You can also chant Dzambhala’s mantra and blow onto your Dzi beads daily if you wish for greater wealth.


Q When building a new house which is best follow to maximise house luck? Should we use my husband’s Kua number directions?

A If your husband is the breadwinner definitely the house should be oriented to match his Kua numbers. If you are both in the same Kua Group then whatever is lucky for him will be lucky for you. Your entrance should be a good direction for your husband and you should also arrange all your furniture and sleeping directions according to his directions. You should also design the house so that the main entrance is in the centre sector – not the side. This is the most auspicious.