Aunt Agga Issue #119


Q What should I do with my singing bowl after I’ve used it for 2014? Do I have to throw it away or can I re-use it. I’m reluctant to throw it away as the sound seems to have improved after using it throughout the year!

A My dear there is no need to throw away your singing bowl! You can definitely keep it as it is a vital tool for cleansing energy! Singing bowls become powerful instruments after using it regularly, and it becomes a sacred tool when you use it together with mantras! You can also use your singing bowl to cleanse spaces that are afflicted with the Five Yellow and illness 2 stars.


Q My father is ill and needs an operation. Could you please advise what I can do to help ensure the operation goes on as smoothly as possible? Can I recite mantras or do any rituals? He is born in the year of the Rabbit.

A I recommend reciting the praises to the 7 Medicine Buddhas and to chant his mantra throughout the operation: TAYATA OM BEKANZAY BEKANZAY MAHA BEKANZAY BEKANZAY RADZA SAMUDGATAY SOHA. You can get the praises to the Medicine Buddha from Chant a Mantra. For choosing a good operation date, please check Lillian Too’s feng shui calendar to ensure that the operation date does not occur on a Rooster day – this is his conflict sign. It should also not fall on a bad day for medical treatment (this is listed in the Significant Spiritual Days calendar on our website). Also check the Vitality Points table. Do not operate in the area where the vitality point is located on that day.


Q My main door faces WEST. What color should I paint the door before the Wood Sheep year arrives? I live by myself. I know that the West has the 5 Yellow in 2015. Should I use the back door facing EAST instead of the front door this year?

A As your door is facing West, then it’s a good idea to paint it white, gold or silver. This simulates the element of metal which strengthens the West. Yes this year the West is afflicted with the 5 Yellow so having it in a metal shade will also help to suppress it. With regards to your question on using the East door, it really depends on what your personal Kua number is. If you are West Group, then it might not be a good idea to use the East door. If you are East group, then yes. Certainly it’s better to use the East door. Regardless of which door you use, I really advise you to place a pair of Heart Sutra Pillars by your entrance to suppress the 5 Yellow. This will really help ensure that you have a smoother year ahead.


Q What feng shui recommendations re good for teenage students who have short attention span and lack concentration in studies? What are items that I should place in his room?

A It’s a good idea to give him a little crystal that he can carry with him when going to school and going homework at home. Check his animal sign location and enhance that by placing the image of his own animal sign there. This will improve his personal luck and strengthen him. I highly recommend getting Lillian Too’s “More than 100 Ways to Improve College Luck” which is packed with great tips on setting up your son’s bedroom in a way that will really boost his education luck! These are really easy tips to follow and they work like magic!


Q I have a vegetable garden located in the WEST part of my house. I read from your Fortune and Feng Shui books that we should not dig the West as this location has the 5 Yellow there. But we have no choice as we regularly eat from the vegetable garden and dig there often. What is your solution?

A I think it’s really best to give your vegetable garden a rest for the year. If you are trimming plants and cutting fruit then the problem is not as severe but digging into the bare ground with your spade and doing heavy replanting in the West garden bed is really NOT advisable this year. There is no real solution to this. If you do not have much choice, plant your vegetable in pots. Do the repotting and replanting elsewhere other than the West location.



Q I’m having a grandson in June this year of the Sheep. In my country it is common to bring something at the first meeting, like a stuffed toy and later on when it is time for the child to be baptized we bring gifts, like money or something memorable. I wonder if I can incorporate some auspicious Feng Shui in these gifts in a way that is not too obvious.

A Congratulations! On first meeting you can definitely bring him an auspicious soft toy of an animal sign that is compatible with your Grandchild! Since he is a Sheep, then give him a Horse, Rabbit or a Boar (or all three) as these are his closest astrological allies. The Horse is his secret friend, and both the Rabbit and Boar are his allies. They will protect him from harm and keep him safe throughout his childhood. And then during the baptizing, I recommend giving your grandchild some GOLD – a gold pendant or bracelet – preferably made into the shape of an ingot or something auspicious in you tradition. Gold is a powerful and meaningful protective gift to give a baby – the practice of giving gold to children is practiced in Eastern and Western traditions all over the world! Gold also channels the energies of the Sun – it brings excellent good fortune to young children!


Q I need your wisdom! A dated a man very briefly over 15 years ago. Recently he has started sending disturbing letters to my home and office, upsetting my husband and me. I’ve contacted the authorities but they can’t do anything until he causes me physical harm. I am hoping it won’t come to that! Do you have any protection cures to help keep my family and me safe?

A Don’t worry. You can protect yourself. Don’t be afraid. Wear protection amulets and place protection amulets in your home as well to keep safe. I recommend that you and your husband wear the amulet pendant of TARA. For you I also recommend wearing the Leopard Protection Shawl wherever you go. Set up a protection parameter in your home. Invite the image of Guru Rinpoche and then paste King Gesar’s protection stickers on all your windows and car windscreens. I also recommend chanting Guru Rinpoche’s mantra OM AH HUNG BENZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG everyday.


Q According to some feng shui experts, that SW direction is not good this year as it is the direction of the Grand Duke Jupiter. I am a Metal Dog and my husband is a Water Rat. Our main door is facing the Southwest. What do I do to ensure I do not get obstacles from the Grand Duke Jupiter?

A Don’t worry. Firstly, the Grand Duke Jupiter is in Southwest 1. If your main door faces Southwest 2 or Southwest 3, then you it is not directly facing the direction of the Grand Duke. However, even if this is the case, it is a good idea to appease the Grand Duke if your door faces SW and this is very easy. All you need to do is place a pair of Pi Yao guardians at your main entrance, and hang the 2015 Tai Sui Plaque above your entrance door. The 2015 Tai Sui plaque contains a very special amulet inscription that appeases the Tai Sui. This way he will not harm you unnecessarily.