Aunt Agga Issue #116


Q My remembrance plate from HK with my picture got broken into two pieces but my mom fixed it and display it. Since then I’ve had such a lot of bad luck! Things have gone so bad and I’m getting very sick. Could it be due to this? How can I end the bad luck?

A Definitely this is causing you a lot of bad luck! You should never display photos of any kind where you are split into two. To stop it from doing any more harm, I suggest your wrap this up with black cloth and keep it away. The best is to throw it into the river somewhere or burn it altogether and think that all the bad luck goes with it.


Q I have been married to my wife for 5 years, we have 2 children together. Our first 2 years together were smooth but the last 3 years have been up and down. I’m a Tiger, my wife is a Sheep. I took a “marriage compatibility test” on the Internet and it says our marriage is downhill all the way. Is there a way to make our marriage last?

A Goodness me! Don’t place too much faith in marriage compatibility calculators on the internet. They are very general and you can’t allow something so trivial to weaken something as important as your marriage! The Tiger and Sheep are not allies but they are also not enemies; there must be something in your Paht Chee charts that have drawn you two to each other –so there is hope! All marriages require work – and things do get more stressful when you have young children. This is normal – every couple goes through these things – the strength of a marriage comes when both are committed to rising above your differences. Feng shui helps a great deal. Strengthen marriage luck by placing plenty of crystals in your home – especially in the SW and NW corners of the home. Crystal balls are the best as they can deflect bad chi and radiate good vibes. You should also cleanse your space regularly using incense and Earth singing bowls – these remove hostility vibes between couples.


Q My question is about the Seasonal Affinity (Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon). My son is a Rabbit. My two daughters (twins) are Dragons. Should I place the Tiger to complete the seasonal trinity? Will this be beneficial for them?

A Yes, definitely place the Seasonal Friend – which is the Tiger. This makes them very harmonious during the Spring period – as the Seasonal Trinity brings luck depending on the season it is. Normally I would also advise bringing in the Secret Friend – but in this case, the secret friend of the Dragon which is the Rooster is the enemy of the Rabbit. And the secret friend of the Rabbit, which is the Dog, is the enemy of the Dragon! So avoid the Rooster and the Dog – for them.


Q I am a Tiger born in 1962. I relocated to Canada and things have not been smooth. I had breast cancer and now in remission. I am trying to get a job after having taken some exams and am having trouble finding an Internship. What can I do?

A I’m so sorry to hear about your difficulties. For career help you need to activate our NORTH with a water feature. But for you, you also need a WINDHORSE. I suggest wearing the Windhorse pendant or placing the Windhorse on your desk. Burn incense and pray for help with finding a job and staying healthy. It will help a great deal.


Q Is it ok to donate shoes or give them away for recycling? How about lending others our shoes to wear? Will it cause bad Feng Shui to the owner of the shoes?

A As a general rule of thumb it’s not a great to give or lend shoes to others. Taoist feng shui masters warn that husbands and wives must NOT give shoes to each other as this will cause the other party to “walk away”. Regarding lending of shoes – this is fine if you are lending it to a close family member who is within your immediate family circle – like your mother, daughter or sister – but you must have the mindset that you both “share everything” so that it does not have adverse consequences for both sides. Never lend shoes to friends or extended relatives. If you really want them to benefit from the shoes – you can give it to them as a gift (but make sure that the shoes are in good condition – no holes or broken soles). Shoes for donation are fine – but refrain from donating shoes that are worn out with holes or tears as creates the karma for others to do this to you. These should just be recycled or thrown out.



Q I am moving to 1-bedroom apartment and I need help on the bed placement. There are only 2 options: 1) Under the window. 2) Opposite window – but this means placing the bed against a wall where the other side is the bathroom. Thankfully the actual toilet seat is not sharing same wall. Please advise me on this limited option for bed placement.

A Firstly, please check your KUA number. You should try to sleep with your head pointed towards one of your good directions based on your Kua number. If this means placing the bed against the window – then you must use a heavy headboard and thick, heavy drapes to block out the window when sleeping. If it means putting your bed against the wall that is shared with the bathroom – this is OK if the wall does not have the toilet bowl or sink directly behind where your head is. Nevertheless you must use a strong headboard to create a separation between the bed and the wall if you are going to place your bed against this wall. Again, use heavy drapes to block out the window when sleeping as it’s not good to have your feet pointed towards a big window or a door when sleeping.


Q We renovated our house recently and for some reason we ended up with a blue coloured roof. I heard this is inauspicious – but the blue roof covers only the front portion of the house. We can’t afford to change the roof – any remedies for this?

A Oh dear… blue roof is bad news. Water on top is creates one of the most dangerous trigrams of the I-Ching and it spells danger. I knew a friend who had this done and soon after changing the roof their business went bankrupt. If you cannot change the roof tiles, then the best thing to do is to paint it red. If it’s only a small part of your roof it won’t cost a lot to repaint!


Q Aunt Agga, I’m a Monkey (born 1980) and my fiancé is a Dragon (born 1964). We want to get married soon and would like help in a selecting a good date. He’s a bit anxious about our marriage as this is his second time; his first marriage was a big failure. Help?

A Awww Congratulations on your lovely engagement! Monkey and Dragon have wonderful affinity with each other, so this is indeed a good match. Choosing a good date is vital because the luck of the day must support both of you and give you both a good start. Finding a date is VERY EASY once you have Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Calendar. Inside the calendar we have already listed all good dates with a Marriage icon – and then just check that the date happens during the waxing cycle of the moon. The day you choose must NOT conflict with both your animal signs – for example – do not choose a Dog or Tiger day as these are enemy days for both of you. You should also not get married on 30th day of the lunar moon – as this is VERY BAD for marriage. Good luck with your marriage! Tell your husband that Aunt Agga says “don’t worry so much”!