Aunt Agga Issue #115


Q Where is the best place to keep medicine at home? Some people keep it in the bathroom. Is there a corner or a room that is more appropriated? Does feng shui have any rules on where to keep medicine?

A Most medicines have care instructions printed on their information leaflets so it’s best to follow the advice recommended. If you live in the tropics like me, then I recommend placing them in the fridge or a cool place away from heat and away from the reach of children. It’s not a good idea to keep medicine in the bathroom because the energy of the bathroom is associated with negative energy. If you are ill, you certainly don’t want to be eating medicines that have been exposed to yin energies from the bathroom! Similarly, don’t cook rice with tap water from the toilet or bathroom!


Q I’m a Boar (age 43). I have to do a medical operation on the head but I know it’s not a good year for operation. How about next year? Will it be better?

A Oh dear. Unfortunately I don’t have good news our Fortune and Feng Shui 2015 book for the Boar and both years have negatives. In 2014 you have the five yellow, which makes it dangerous for you to attempt such a major surgery – but in 2015 your personal energies are VERY WEAK. In 2015 your spirit essence, life force and vitality are all low – much lower than 2014 so perhaps you should get your medical done this year. If you do decide to go ahead with the operation then do it this year. Please avoid any BAD DAYS FOR MEDICAL which you can check from the Significant Spiritual Days calendar. You should also chant 1mala of Medicine Buddha’s mantra every day and imagine blue light entering you.


Q I am a Fire Horse and need to sell my business due to family circumstances. How can I speed up the sale?

A You can try this method. Inside a red envelop (or red angpow packet) you can place some metal paper clips, wooden pencils, some soil from the building of your office and then take it to your nearest river with moving water. Throw it into the river with a wish to find a buyer for your business. We have had success using this method to bring a buyer – but be realistic about the price for your business.


Q It is my dream to work for a bank but I’ve applied many times and been refused or ignored. How can I fulfill this dream? Please help me!

A You need to get our PROSPERITY MIRROR and then what you do is to visit the branch/main office of the bank you wish to work for and then shine the mirror onto the bank. This is your way of “capturing the bank”. Then use this mirror to apply cosmetics. In addition to this, activate your North with water, and paste the image of your selected bank behind you when you are working, studying, etc. You should get professional advice from a recruiter on how to craft your resume (CV) and highlight all the qualities that banks will be looking for. Also, start dressing in clothes that make you look like a “bank” person – this will change your persona and you will attract the luck of working in a bank!


Q I’ve got a difficult decision to marry or not to marry my man. I don’t know if he still loves me and will love only me after we are married. He cheated on me once and apologized for the betrayal. Our house will be ready soon, which means we have to marry soon. I’m still not sure if he has truly has changed and will truly love me and never stray again. I’m a Wood Ox and he’s a Fire Rabbit.

A The strength of any marriage is based on trust. Even when two people are married, there is no guarantee they will be faithful so if you already have doubts about his devotion to you from the start, it’s not a good foundation to begin a marriage! Unless you are caught in some kind of desperate situation where your marriage to this man will resolve a family crisis or save your family from ruin, there is no other good reason to compromise yourself. This man already has a history of cheating on you, and this is NEVER a good sign. You are still young – you have lots of options awaiting you. Also the Ox and Rabbit are not the most compatible of signs. Rabbits, especially Fire Rabbits have a natural tendency to “rove” and Ox people cannot take betrayal in any shape or form! Your instincts are telling you to run so perhaps you should listen to your instincts. You will be much happier pairing yourself with someone born in the sign of the Rat, Rooster or Snake.



Q I have a dilemma. I have a good career as a doctor, a good marriage and no issues with money. However I feel stagnant in my career and afraid to move forward to sit for an exam or specialize further. I feel stuck in a rut, too tired and unmotivated to move up the ladder. I know I’m a good doctor with strong potential but I can’t seem to find my mojo. My frustrations are driving me crazy and causing arguments with my spouse at times. I have very few friends and am unable to budge out of my situation. Help!

A You have a good life – don’t take it for granted! You are feeling this way because you are starved of spiritual sustenance. I highly recommend coming to any of our feng shui courses as it will change your life. You should also activate your PERSONAL GROWTH corner with plants as this will give your personal energies a boost!


Q How do I dispose my daughter’s wedding photographs? She has divorced from her husband and I want to get rid of the photos without harming her.

A Unless her ex-husband is giving her a lot of grief or trouble there is no need to dispose them. Just put them in a box and place in storage. I don’t usually suggest disposing photos of couples because there is always the chance they may reconcile in the future. If he has been an abusive husband who is really bad news for her and your family, then you can burn them.


Q We saw a butterfly lay her eggs in one of our plants. They are now hatched and turned into caterpillars. In a few days’ they will turn into butterflies. Is this auspicious and what kind of luck does it bring?

A How lovely. Butterflies signify change and usually when you chance upon a butterfly, it usually indicates a transformation that is about to enter your life. The fact that it has laid eggs on your plant and the eggs have hatched into caterpillars is such a good sign – it indicates a very auspicious new beginning for you. The kind of luck depends on the colour of the butterfly. Almost all colours signify something good, except black butterflies. If the colour of the butterfly is white, it is definitely a sign from the divine; this could mean that you are about to embark on a new spiritual path. Red denotes a happy occasion, yellow – prosperity, green – new growth of career/ business/self. If it is a blue butterfly – WOW – make a wish! It’s the gods granting you a wish!