Aunt Agga Issue #112



I feel there is a lot of anger and aggression towards me at work and my boss seems to side with them! What should I do? I am a Wood Sheep and this was supposed to be a good year for me!


The Sheep is afflicted by conflict stars this year so I’m not surprised you’re feeling it! I highly recommend that you carry our “Protection Against Anger” amulet that we made specially to dispel conflict this year. You should also wear our Anti-Office Politics Scarf as this protects you from gossip and slander that can destroy your career. To get more support from your boss, hang a picture of a Mountain behind your seat at work if this is possible. This will create an AMAZING amount of support for you from your superiors!


QHow do I determine the compass direction of my front door? Do I stand at the main door or stand in the middle of the house? I’m confused!


It really depends on which formula you are using. If you are using the Kua formula, and trying to work out if the direction of your main door is good or bad for you, then you take the direction at the main door (standing inside facing outwards). So if you are a west group person then if your door faces North, South, East or Southeast then using this door brings you luck. But if you are trying to work out the sectors of an area for flying star or pakua formula then stand in the centre of your house to determine the sectors of the house. For flying star formula – you need to be taking directions of the HOUSE, not the door (although in many cases this is the same). This is a bit too complicated to explain in this column – so I recommend coming to Lillian’s MPC Course to learn more!


QI’m not a wealthy person and have tried to use cheaper feng shui copies of your items. This has not worked for me and in fact things seem to have gotten worse. I would love to own the real thing but I simply can’t afford all the beautiful things WOFS makes! What is your advice?

ANever get the fake stuff or copies of WOFS products because they are made with the intention to steal and so they come with polluted energy. They are so poorly copied that the inscriptions are incomplete, wrong or sold without the right mantras or fillings. If you cannot afford a particular large cure that we make, then my advice is to get smaller key chains as they are cheaper and very easy to use. Of course they won’t be as strong as the larger cures, but they do come with good energy and will help you. This method is called “creating the cause” – this establishes the presence of the cure in your home, which will begin vibrating energies into the universe to manifest the real thing for you in future! You will find your life improving slowly but surely once you use this strategy. When your financial situation improves, come back and get the real thing!


QCan I place a yin water cure under a flight of stairs to cure an affliction there? I am aware that water feature as a wealth enhancer should not be kept under stairs.


Yes you can place a small Yin Water cure under the stairs although I really advise you to cover it up and make that area into a store room. Yes you are right – water features for wealth should not be placed under stairs. Generally speaking areas under the stairs are not good for sleeping, sitting, reading, or placing feng shui enhancers.


QHello! Both my husband and I are Dragons. My son is a Monkey. This year we would like to move countries. We currently live in Romania, but would like to live in the UK. Is this a good move? Any tips and advice on making this move successful?


First work out your Kua number to determine if you are East or West Group. You can calculate this for free on our website If you are West Group then you should fly from Romania to the UK using a route where you enter the UK from the West, Southwest, Northeast or Northwest. If you are East Group, then you should book a flight that flies into the UK from the East, North, South or Southeast. But for this year, don’t fly towards the South as this is where the Grand Duke Jupiter is located. Flying towards the South brings obstacles. Read the Noble Stack of Auspiciousness before boarding the plane (this very powerful sutra is contained inside our Chant a Mantra booklet which you can order for free from our website This makes your journey auspicious and dispels all bad omens.



QMy boyfriend and I broke up and I miss him a lot. I broke it up is because he keeps things to himself and we lack communication. I’m a Snake and he is a Dragon. We are supposed to be compatible but this year has been very difficult for our relationship! Is it too late for us to make up?


The Dragon and Snake are definitely VERY compatible as both signs form the “House of Magic”! Unfortunately this is just a bad year for the both of you as the number 3 star which brings quarrels and anger is located in the Southeast where both the Dragon and Snake zodiac palace is located! So it’s not surprising that your relationship is strained this year. Men are not usually good at communicating their feelings and Dragons in particular can be proud, arrogant creatures who take rejection very poorly! If you are serious about being together then perhaps you should consider giving it another chance. Since it was you who initiated the break-up, you can also be big hearted and make the first move towards reconciliation. If he does not respond positively, then it’s a sign you should move on. You will not be short of choices once you make yourself available again!


QI am a Fire Monkey (Kua 7). My business partner, who is also my daughter, is a Fire Rabbit with Kua 2. We run massage clinic together. She is a massage therapist and I handle all the clerical work. Our clinic faces East and due to space constraints my table faces East. This is my total loss direction! How can I remedy this? Based on our kua numbers are we compatible for business?


Definitely you and your daughter are good for each other from a Kua perspective as together you both form the HOTU combination of GOLD ! No issues there. But I’m very concerned that the clinic direction and administration table is bad for both YOU and your DAUGHTER. East 2 is OK for your daughter because she is a Rabbit but this only applies to East 2. If your clinic faces East 1 or East 3 then it is also bad for her. If you are renting I suggest looking for a new venue. For you I suggest placing the Kalachakra Stupa in front of you where you work – as this will help to minimise the total loss effects. But for long term try to find a place where you can both tap your good directions.


QMy Kua number is 7 and my Nien Yen direction is Northeast but there is a toilet in this location. I have trouble holding on to relationships! Is there a remedy for this?


The best is to close up the toilet. But if you can’t then activate the NE corner of your bedroom and living room with lots of crystals to make up for the loss of this crucial energy. When using crystals to activate for relationships its best that you use crystal balls because of their shape! Round crystal balls radiate energy in all directions and also bring harmony in relationships! The NE corner is also an earth sector that represents knowledge, and when you place crystals here you are also activating for wisdom and good judgement. Try this tip and you will notice a BIG difference in your life! I also recommend wearing the never-ending mystic knot as this brings longevity in relationships!