The Eyes Have It

Eyes are a vital part of us. Fragile and invaluable to our well being, our eyes give us the ability to work and to be creative. Eyes show us the world around us, and tell us how the people around us respond and feel. When we talk to others, we can see what their eyes are saying and whether this is in sync with the words coming forth. From the eyes, we can “see” the character or luck of a person. Moles, marks and shapes of eyes carry more that just good or bad luck meanings. Here we dig into ancient Chinese wisdom in search of the true nature of eyes and what they are also telling us about ourselves.

1. Canthus

This part of the eye indicates a person’s disasters or legal problems. The length or width of it signifies different meanings. For example, a person with a wide canthus will face some minor obstacles in his life. On the other hand, if the canthus is narrow, this person will be more prone to accidents, become a victim of backstabbing and other kinds of misfortune.

2. “Fierce Meat”

The reddish part that appears in the canthus is known as “fierce meat”. If this part is a mild red, it suggests a smart and intelligent person, but the person might have heart disease problems. Exposed “fierce meat” indicates the person is hot tempered. Small “fierce meat” suggests the person is very patient, as well as being good at hiding their feelings from others.


3. Laboring Line

This line only appears in certain people’s eyes. It only appears on a person who has been through many obstacles in his or her life.

4. Red Lines

This is a sign of tiring eyes. If your eyes have these, you probably need a lot of rest or else you might fall sick. Therefore whenever you notice there are red lines on your eyes, it shows it is time for you to take a break.

5. Mole

A mole appearing on the eyes signifies infidelity in love. If the mole appears near the pupil, it means a person will have an affair before marriage. On the other hand, if the mole appears near the end of the eye, the person will have an affair after marriage. Moles that appear on the left eye suggests the person will start the affair. Moles that appear on the right eye suggest that someone will seduce the person to start an affair.

6. Sclera

When the sclera and pupil are clearly divided, it signifies a decisive person who always makes firm and good decisions. A person with a yellowish sclera has awesome peach blossom luck, and probably is a lascivious person. Dark spots on the sclera suggest a sentimental person, while someone with ivory white sclera indicates a selfish person who is good at manipulating others. If the sclera is light blue or green, this suggests an emotional person. Reddish sclera shows this person lacks sleep and has a tendency towards insomnia.

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7. Iris

A black iris represents a nostalgic person who is loving and caring. A dark iris indicates someone who is benevolent to others. Yellowish iris suggests he or she is a sensitive person. Brownish iris indicates a calm person who never hesitates when making decisions. A person with a lighter coloured iris will tend to be naïve.


8. Pupil

The pupil is the center of the eye. The bigger the pupil tends to be, it is said the smarter the person can be. Besides this, it also indicates a good memory. A smaller pupil indicates a stingy and stubborn person.

9. “Red Pulse”

Not everyone has a “red pulse” on his or her eyes. “Red Pulse” is a tiny horizontal line that appears on the sclera. If the “Red Pulse” crosses the pupil till the other side of the sclera, this means the person will meet a life obstacle within the next 100 days. If you notice a “Red Pulse” appearing in a person’s eyes, you should advise them to do more charity, in order to gather more good karma.

10. Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet signify peach blossom luck. Someone with crow’s feet is generally a very attractive person who can speak well. He or she will have lots of friends and people like to hang out with them. Too many crow’s feet before 30s suggest he or she is a lascivious person. While after 40s, this signifies libertine. Women with downward-sloping crow’s feet may suffer from miscarriage. Men with tiny crow’s feet have the luck to marry a rich wife. Upward crow’s feet signify a practical person.

11. Contour Of The Eye

A person with a long upward eye contour (refer to the end of the eye) is likely to marry a good-looking person.

12. Eyelids

Eyelids can divide to single, double and triple eyelids. Single eyelids suggest a rational person, one who never makes a great commotion about anything. Double eyelids, especially deep-set double lids, indicate an emotional person. Triple eyelids, also known as elephant eyes, signify strong peach blossom luck, but such a person could also be unfaithful.

13. Edge Of Canthus

How can we know a rich man by just seeing his eyes? You can try to look at the edge of his canthus; a rich person will have a round, sharp and outward canthus. While parrot beak shaped canthus indicates a person who might face difficulties in saving or earning big money.